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  1. Going back to the OP, and the following question of why anyone would need more than 5 PQs in a day. Here's why I like the OP idea. About twice a year, I get to take a vacation to a new area. This is often another country. In preparation for doing one of these tours, I will do PQs that cover the entire area. One example, I recently took a tour to New Zealand. By the time I found that crossing the 180 degree longitude caused a problem, and then figured out where to place center points to cover the country, I had a need for more than the 5 PQs per day and the total search took 2 days to complete. Not a big deal, since I start planning 5 months out, but still a slight inconvience. Normally, I use 1 PQ per week to receive updates of local caches, and if I were to go to an increased daily limit, I would severely limit the monthly total caches to a lot less than the 150 normally available. I have a feeling that limiting increased PQs to only a certain day of the week when server load is minimal might be difficult, so that option probably wouldn't work.
  2. Back when I started caching, a day with 7 finds was a biggee. Now a full winter day will see 35 or more caches found. Most days, I'll do around 15 caches by noon and call it quits for the day. My big number days are normally when I'm out with a caching partner.
  3. We've managed to find caches in Canada, Grand Caymans, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, New Zealand, Ireland, and England. We're heading to Germany in May and hope to pick up finds in Italy, Austria and Switzerland also. Amazingly, a cache outside the US, looks vaguely like a cache in the US. We are a global community. The one odd thing I've found caching outside the US, is that the directional arrow points the opposite way when you're south of the equator. (just kidding)
  4. Searching based on the UK, shows the cache posted in the OP as the oldest cache in England. There is one older in Scotland.
  5. Jeremy, Please do not add a Discover to a cache. This will enable those that only want numbers to totally screw up the systems. Theorically everyone in the system could "Discover" every cache out there. Right now there are people that are exchanging list of 100's of tracking numbers on coins just so they can have a zillion icons. With coins there is no way to verify except that the owner know it is not correct since the owner may have the coin locked up in his desk. I agree with txoilgas. I know of some cachers who have horded jeep travel bugs and share them at events. They never logged them as being in their possesion, but it is obvious from their event participation that they have them. I would opt for a display/not display of stats before I'd support the discovered option for caches.
  6. Since I never remember to carry trade goods with me on a hunt (I leave them in the truck), I tend to only take signature items. I always have a pocket full of my own for trading.
  7. My personal website is currently devoted to an upcoming event that I'm serving as the lead coordinator on. I think one of the things I'm most proud of is the use of the Google API to generate the map for the site. I spent several hours learning about CSS and HTML to get to this point. Of course you could always look at my profile page on GC to see several instances of tables.
  8. I find it very troubling that some folks are Jeep hoarders. I have had the unfortunate misfortune to be the last holder of a white jeep and a green jeep. In both cases, they were removed from the caches I placed them in, without the benefit of a log for either the cache or Jeep. The white jeep has never been seen again, while the green jeep showed up at an event, where several folks 'discovered' it. I see the first behavior at a minimum, a mistake by a one-time cacher that didn't know any better to a outright theft by someone who knew better. The taking and holding a jeep, as in the case of the green jeep, IMO rates close to theft. I've never understood the desire to log items, merely for the granting of an icon on my profile page. Although some folks who bring large groups of hoarded collectibles to events for sharing, may be nice folks, my opinion of them as cachers is deminished.
  9. I think this is a great tool. Kudos and many thanks. The graphics are interesting and very useful. Thanks again.
  10. As I stated in my earlier post, I think the dropping of a replacement cache is just wrong. The owner needs to check the cache. If this is one of those caches that are great old hides, then contact some of the better known local leading cachers and ask them to check the cache (preferably one who has found it previously). If they confirm that it is not where they saw it, and they can't relocate it, I still go with SBA!
  11. I've gone through a couple of the mini-mags, and they were cheap and worked fairly well. I have a black diamond headlamp that is great for general navigation from point A to B, but when you get into a cache area, it doesn't put out quite enough light. So for the just completed FallFest event here in Oklahoma, I purchased a Surefire 9P. This is the 3 battery model. The focused beam puts the mini-mags to shame, and the power was unsurpassed. While other cachers in my group were barely able to see the next set of firespots on a night cache, the surefire, lit up not only the next set, but sometimes two or three sets of waypoints. I used the temp on/off button and this really saved on the expensive lithium batteries. I'm definitely sold on the surefires.
  12. Actually in the case of one cache in question an email to the owner last weekend gave a response that 'check with XXX, who says he replaced it with a nano.' I have real heartburn with the owners attitude as quoted above. I would be willing to bet that cacher XXX claimed a find on a cache that he didn't find and therefore placed the nano. If cacher XXX coordinated with the CO, then the CO should be able to tell you what you're looking for, not have you go to cacher XXX for information. There are now potentially two caches in the area. I vote for the SBA, based on owner's non-responsive response.
  13. I agree with El Diablo. Caches should be watertight. Anyway, on almost every episode I've seen of CSI it's raining in Vegas.
  14. Blaidd-Drwg


    There are several questions that come to mind. These are just things to check! 1. What program do you have loaded on your Palm to read the file generated by GSAK? 2. Are you exporting the correct file type. For instance, if you are using Cachemate on the Palm, are you exporting a Cachemate.pdb? 3. How are you getting points into GSAK? Is this a result of downloading a LOC file, or a PQ? I think the answer to these questions will help in resolving your issue.
  15. I bought my Custom Mini-Carabiners here. A search through the web for 'Custom Mini Carabiners' will give you a lot of options.
  16. I've spent a little bit of time hanging from helecopters and over cliffs, while using a swiss seat. I find the small carabiners are great for attaching gear to my caching vest or to my ruck. I've even had them made into a signature item.
  17. One final note on the mount. If you find it falling off, clean your windshield. Mine will sometimes come loose if the windshield gets dirty.
  18. I really like the idea put forth by Buckeyes. Although I log most of my DNFs, I sometimes loose track of them when a month has passed before I can get back to them. Adding them to a bookmark would definitely solve that issue.
  19. I felt somewhat guilty the first few times that I cached with others. Consequently, I added the 'Team' in front of my user name. Although about 2/3 of my finds were solo, I like to let folks know that I don't always do it that way. That being said, I believe that if there are multiple account holders in a cache hunt, then they can all log the find.
  20. Let me reiterate what Team Teuton said regarding recalibration. Another thing to know, at least in my experience, once the batteries get low, the compass becomes more eratic. So if you find it being really eratic, check your batteries and recalibrate.
  21. Depending on your GPSr, you could always change the format of the display and enter the coords as provided. Changing back to your preferred format, will perform the translation. If for some reason you can't change your GPSr, try this site
  22. It must me something intermittent. I just created a PQ using a cache number as a center point, specifying that I only wanted caches that I hadn't found. I asked for 500 caches and got 500.
  23. A couple of possibilities here. Perhaps you accidentally marked that you only wanted caches of a certain type or ones that had Travel Bugs. I know there are enough caches in NW Ohio. I've done PQs for the Ft Wayne area several times. Without some more specific information , like all of the entries for the PQ, I can't be more definitive.
  24. I have to go with hobby, primarily because there is no governing body of rules and enforcers (refs). We recently had a visitation from the local bomb squad sergeant who asked the same question. When the vocal part of the group responded 'Sport', he said that the local parks viewed sports as money generating activities and thus we should be paying fees to use the local parks. So definitely 'HOBBY'
  25. We call those "seed ticks" here in the ozarks. I would rather find 50 regular ticks (dog ticks, deer ticks, whatever you might call them) than a single seed tick. Those things just creep me out. I can barely feel them and they are hard to see unless they are moving. I'm with you. A few wees ago, I hit a couple of caches, but didn't really get into the woods at all. About an hour after I stopped caching, I was driving home and noticed a tiny tick climbing up my dashboard. I tossed it outside, but spent the rest of the ride home itchy and scratchy. Isn't that the case. I went out Monday and found one on me. I spent the better part of the remainder of the day looking for the little crawling critters. I never found any, but I was sure looking.
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