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  1. As one of those cachers that have been around awhile with a low hide/find ratio, I can only offer my reasons. Whether others choose to accept them or not, is their call. First off, I believe some folks get as much enjoyment from hiding as they do finding. I happen to be one of those who gets more joy in the finds. There are some in my area who have 100+ hides, so obviously they enjoy the hide aspect of the game. That being said, I am very active in the state groups and help in several events, either running games, or overseeing the event. I don't get hide credit for most of these actions,but this is just one way I give back to the sport, as opposed to hiding caches. I like to think my few hides are quality hides as opposed to simple P&Gs, but again that is very subjective. And Yeah, what Criminal said.
  2. Buy multiple pairs. I buy 7 pairs at a time, and they last a couple of years per pair
  3. Palm Tungsten T5. I've used this for the last two year, carrying it in a Palm hard case. No problems, and I'm very pleased with it. My only issue, which isn't the PDA's problem is that Windows Vista does not support the hotsync operation. Palm is suppose to publish an update later this summer. Till then, I'm forced to use a backup computer that is running XP.
  4. Campmor has Smartwools on sale for $11+ for the medium weight hikers. These are my choice and I wear them any time I'm wearing my Danner Radical 452 GTX Hiker. Past shoes have always included a Goretex liner. Staring at a GPSr leads to many missteps into puddles, plus I never paid much attention to where I was walking anyway. Although my shoes have changed over the years, since starting with the Smartwools, I worn nothing else. I even wear the Smartwool dress socks.
  5. I found a pair of medical forceps, which I'm sure had been used for a non-medical purpose. Every since I sound them, I've carried them and when I have trouble extracting a micro log, they're always in my caching vest.
  6. I've put out over a 1000 wooden coins with my Team Madog dragon on them. Recently, I've put out a couple of hundred carabiners with my team name printed on them. Finally, I've just recently started putting out Bev Keys with my team name and a stylized Welsh dragon on them.
  7. Definitely a find, whether it's migrated, or was just placed poorly. If you found the container, signed the log, it's a find no matter what. (assuming it is not a moving cache, a pocket cache, a cache moved intentionally from it's original spot in support of an event, etc...) Cheers
  8. Like Night Stalker, 57 Chevy, and JC Geo, I have an Xterra 07 SE. I've only had it off road once in the 2 months that I've owned it, but I love it. As RK said in his post, there are a lot of options to look at. I'm considering strongly, the option of skidplates or at a minimum the lightweight plates provide by Nissan. I'd go to YouTubes and look at some of the MOAB videos. If you think you're going to be doing some of this stuff, tougher is better, but for most caching I doublt you'll be doing much of this. Cheers
  9. Also, if you use an auxillary power supply, the back light will stay on, and the midnight blue will work fine.
  10. I don't know about conflicts, but my SanDisk works just fine. . I just noticed that this is the brand that came with my 60CSx. I upgraded to a 512mb disk.
  11. Or as my Daddy always said, A pints a pound, the world around.
  12. Of course you have to have user_data2 displayed. It isn't by default.
  13. I guess if TPTB were upset about the use of the Keenpeople Tool, then they would ask them to remove it. Also it would appear from reading the T&C, that exporting a common file from GSAK for both cachers to use would also be a violation.
  14. I guess I'm a little out of the legal ramifications on the use of PQs. On the Keenpeople site, you must have a password to view the results. This means that only the person who created the combined list can view the results, or someone they have given the name and password to. To create a combined list, all parties must have contributed a PQ, and this would imply to me that they are premium members at GC.com. So we have two or more premium members using a webtool to create a cache list to search for. Where is the legal foul? I have never seen where other folks can see a listing of combined PQs for some obscure reason. The difference I see between INATN and the Keenpeople site is that INATN is using PQ to generate statistics available to the world, while the Keenpeople is merely a tool for individual users to manipulate their own data.
  15. I read profiles all the time for any number of reasons. I think it says some unfavorable things about someone who hasn't bothered to a least provide some information. I realize in these days of identity theft that we have to be careful, but is telling your home town going to give away your bank account. Heck, we even get to use fake names on this website. Here endth the rant.
  16. I haven't tried the 'It's not about the numbers' and GSAK combo method yet. I just read about it last night. I have used a tool provided on the Keenpeople site to do a combo listing for two different cachers. The problem there is that it returns a gpx file where every cache is in the eastern hemisphere. To make the points useful, you have to upload the common gpx file into GSAK and then update the coords by importing one of the original gpx files, making sure to only update and not overwrite the entire file. Either of these techniques is better than doing a manual compare.
  17. Flatlander: 'You ever been lost in the mountains?' Mountainman: 'Lost.....nope, I was a might confused for a week, but never lost.'
  18. Yes, the macro works fine in V7. You need to first be sure you create the directory of the place GSAK will place the files. You do that by changing the line which reads "$gPolygonDir = "C:\polygon\". I changed mine to read $gPolygonDir = "C:\gsak\polygons\". Select 'Save and Run' the macro. Now go to your files and look inside the directory that you said to place the files in. You should see a couple of new files there. One would be 'States'. When you download the zip file, you will first need to unzip it. There should be a folder in it titled the 'State' that you have downloaded. Copy the 'State file to the 'States' directory. Now run the macro. All should work
  19. I selected my name because I don't always cache alone. My wife doesn't have her own caching name, and normally only goes with me and some friends. There was one instance where my wife was visiting a graveyard with her mother and said 'Hey that looks like a good place for a cache.' When she went over to the spot there was actually a cache there. I didn't log it on the account, since in my mind the account only represents those caches that I have visited.
  20. Did it, although I'm on the downhill side of the bell curve. Of course I could say that I'm in the upper per centile area.
  21. Here is a macro for use in GSAK that allows you to filter caches based on counties. Just follow the instructions. I've used it for Oklahoma with great success. I've even managed to manipulate the data files for the counties to allow me to determine the pages from the Delorme maps to determine success for the Oklahoma Delorme Challenge.
  22. I have a travel vest full of stuff. Camera, swag, rubber gloves for oookie spots, pens, replacement logs, compass, spare batteries, and paper map of the area. Probably one of the most critical things are a pair of forseps that I found. They're great for pulling logs out of micros.
  23. Mike and Karen of Team Madog near Queenstown, NZ.
  24. I have to go with the majority. Even before I read the thread, I was saying 'GAGGLE.
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