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  1. I agree. TPTB must be messing with you. I've used Firefox since early betas and have never experienced any problems like you reference.
  2. I use a T5 with Vista and the new Palm Beta desktop. Even though it is stated that the T5 is not supported by the Beta, it works. I can transfer both programs and data files successfully. So, if you want to be 100% certain of the PDA to purchase, go with the listing provided for the Palm Desktop Beta. But be advised that there could be PDAs with better features that could work. Good luck
  3. The above quote comes from another entry in this forum that has been closed. This entry points out a cache that contains 4 RJTB in an archived micro. I don't know what can be done to influence folks like this, that their behavior is outside of the intent, or at least the intent of most cachers who participate in the Jeep TB movement.
  4. I try to at least address the status of the cache. And at times, I even tell some quick story. So what is the general consensus on the length of a log. My average log is 49 words, with a longest log of 654 words, and a shortest of 4. I've been guilty of cutting and pasting the same log for multiple caches, especially now that, like most cachers, I tend to find 20+ caches in a day. They tend to blur. Special caches (non micros ususally) tend to get additional, or special comments.
  5. Well, since in my area there are no great hiders, I'll point out those in the state whose caches I've enjoyed. In southern Oklahoma, Mgoose reins supreme. In the OKC area, there are several caches who consistently hide challenging hides. Darkmoon, Calamity Kane, Nightcrawler., and two loose feet are just a few that come to mind. There are a lot of other folks in the OKC area that have great hides and I'm sorry I can't name them all. In western Oklahoma, I've enjoyed caches hidden by TresOkies++. I know I've only named a few of the many consistently great cachers in Oklahoma, but should you come this way, you won't be disappointed.
  6. I've lost enough ink pens or left them in caches accidentally to stock 2/3 of the caches in Oklahoma. I also managed to leave a swag bag full of wooden coins at a cache one time. Those are the permanently lost items. I've had to make the hike back into many a cache to recover sunglasses, which I often take off under trees and then tend to hang them on a convenient branch.
  7. I think most people who steal coins are smart enough not to bring them to events. Not true. We have had Jeep TBs disappear from caches in the area, only to show up at an event in another state and discovered by others. There is only one local cacher who frequents the event in the other state. Coincidence? Maybe, but Nah.... Slimeball ---- probably Amazingly, they leave the purloined TBs in the event cache so that they don't get nailed recovering them.
  8. I really like using GSAK to do what you're looking for. With a file that contains the caches you're interested in, run the Cache Raid Macro from the GSAK website. It will arranged the cache in an order that goes from the closest cache to the next closest cache.
  9. I've done it, so that I can use GSAK to calculate the page for the Oklahoma Challenge.
  10. It's been rough keeping up with all the finds ,but I've found all 16 of the caches within 10 miles of my home coords. Here's a list that shows my breakdown by distance. <10 miles, 16 caches, 0.92 % 10 - 20 miles, 41 caches, 2.36 % 20 - 30 miles, 72 caches, 4.15 % 30 - 40 miles, 234 caches, 13.4 % 40 - 50 miles, 498 caches, 28.7 % 50 - 100 miles, 446 caches,25.7 % 100 - 200 miles, 181 caches, 10.4 % 200 - 500 miles, 109 caches, 6.28 % 500 - 1000 miles, 59 caches, 3.40 % > 1000 miles, 78 caches, 4.49 %
  11. Here's a couple that I'm still putting out. I also have Bev Keys that I put out in really special caches.
  12. The world would be a great place if everyone shared this view. You bring up a good point though. I'd imagine the people who think "everyone must find caches exactly how I do, or they didn't find them" ...are the very same people who have similar views on imposing their views in life, religion, and politics over everyone else. Probably not so much a geocaching issue as a general personality trait of some people. There have been a lot of what I perceive as valid points, and a few invalid arguments in this long and distinguished thread. I really liked the quote above, even though I'm not sure I agree with it 100%. First, I'm of the opinion that if I don't sign my name in the log, then it isn't a find. Soggy logs, may be completely unreadable, but I can normally point out some part of my name in them. I like the early entry on page one that read that the poster hoped and thought that most folks are of high moral character and only claim finds on caches that they find. I tend to agree. For those few who pad their numbers, I believe the community is quick to chastise them, and they are rapidly removed as a source of valid local input. As for the quote above, unfortunately without having some firm rules, we will see a creep towards anarchy. I often wonder if the founding fathers of the US would appreciate where we are today, and whether we are having our rights trampled on by one branch of the government or another. However, I do agree that false find logs hurt others. But how does one prove it was a false log. Caches go missing all the time, and although the person before me logged a find, that's no guarantee that I'll find the cache also. I guess I could make the argument that if I do a long hike, only to find a cache is missing and the person before me logged a find (even if the cache was missing then), then I had the enjoyment of the hike and the experiences it involved. Would I log a DNF? You Bet.
  13. As there are no hard and fast rules on this topic, you'll have to let your conscience be your guide. Personally, I wouldn't log it. Only one log for a GC#. My local area has a monthly meeting that I attend most months. This reoccurring event always uses the same cache page. About a year and a half ago, the decision was made by the organizers that if it was held in a different location, then a multiple logging by a cacher would be allowed. Even though the meeting was being held at different locations, I still abide by my personal rule of one GC#, one smilie. All other attendances are logged as notes. I often look at websites like ItsNotAboutTheNumbers and one of the things I look at are the number of finds vs the number of unique caches. Again, these are my views of the world and the way I play the game.
  14. I like my Xterra. For carrying a kayak, I believe the roof rack would work, plus there is the wetlocker that is at the front of the rack for carrying wet gear. As for reaching the top for loading, there are numerous spots that you can stand on to reach items on top. No matter what vehicle you go with, I'd definitely go with 4wd. My wife would swear that her 2000 CRV, which is Front Wheel Drive, with on demand 4wd is the way to go, but as noted in an earlier post, the new models just wouldn't fit the intended use. I'm a really big fan of SUVs because of the ease of getting in and out, along with the view of the road.
  15. Trying once again to post a picture of something besides a jeep.
  16. I really think more credit should be given to final posters in any given forum. I've probably killed more topics, due to my precise analysis of the issues, than most posters.
  17. In the beginning, I would set and read every cache page several times. Then about 3 years ago I went paperless and pretty much stopped reading the pages before going on the hunt. Now days, I will read the cache pages on my PDA if and only if I'm stumped. Sometimes if I'm not driving the cache mobile I'll read the cache description while making the approach. But mostly, cache pages and past logs are only read when I'm stumped. I realize a lot of folks put a lot of effort in their pages, and I often I will look at them when I'm logging, but often I just can't enjoy the long narratives that have little to do with the cache.
  18. Of the 1710 caches I've found, which excludes event and locationless caches (14), 405 have been archived or about 23.7%
  19. Filled in the survey to the best of my ability. Sorry to say, I don't always write everything I mean.
  20. So, when I view this post, I see IPB image instead of the picture. What's up?
  21. So, when I view this post, I see IPB image instead of the picture. What's up?
  22. As for ways to manage your stats, look at GSAK v7 and the macro that can be used with it based on a PQ of your finds. In a selfless plug, just look at my cache page if you're interested in stats
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