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  1. I don't seem to be able to keep my mojo up as long as I use to . If caching with friends, I don't have any trouble, but if I'm by myself I only seem to be happy for no more than 10 caches in a day. If I'm doing caches that take a long time to get to, such as a multi-mile caches, then I'm usually loosing it after about 6 hours. Of course all this talk of loosing one's mojo, could be brought on by a day of caching. Unfortunately, I'm housebound due to the ongoing icestorm in the Oklahoma area.
  2. Although it has never been specifically prohibited in Oklahoma to my knowledge, it seems (IMO) to be seen as a method of inflating ones smilie total. Most folks claim only a find on the event, and not on the multiple caches involved in the event. I can't think of any instances where cachers claim hides on the 40 or so caches that are hidden for each of our state wide events. I've seen it done in other states, but I personally would never approve of it.
  3. Romper Stomper, Bomper, Boo, Tell me, Tell me true. I see mike, joe, carrol, ann, debbie. All the social skills I need to know I learned on Romper Room. (They didn't have kindergarden in those days)
  4. It's nice to see that the distribution of the group represents a bell shape curve
  5. Back in the days of old when I started, I was puzzled by the same delima. I chose to add the word 'Team' to the front of my account name. Often I cache with friends, wife or introduce a muggle to the pastime. I always log (DNF or Found) for caches I was present when they were searched for.
  6. I will grab a sig item in a heartbeat if I don't already have one like it. Normally, in all caches that will hold items, I leave one of my sig items.
  7. As an Oklahoman, I'm glad to hear that the perception is that OKlahoma caches have lots of tradeable swag. I agree with other posters though, in that it depends if you are looking at regular caches, either in an urban area or rural. I personally seldon trade. I usually leave one of my sig items. I have three different sig items: Wooden coins, personallized carabiners, or Bev Keys. Today I did trade a sig carabiner for a Loonie
  8. I miss WebScouter Edited Darn, I wasn't fast enough
  9. At events, I've found caches as large as 8'x8'x6', but then these are temporary and probably not survive in the wild. The largest regular cache I found was a large trashcan (30 gallon) placed by the curve in a rural area. It seemed weird looking in trashcans for a cache, just hoping I wouldn't be greeted with that rotting garbage smell.
  10. A common use in my area is during weekend long cache events. Here you will have many different groups running around in the woods. The FRS radios are great for making general announcements, and also provide a 'Call a Friend' network that will often have someone in range. I replaced the speaker in an FRS radio with two LEDs. When someone keyed a radio on the same frequency, the LEDs would blink along with their voices. I used this as a night cache and had folks sing into their FRS radio, while looking for the blinking LEDs. It was a lot of fun watching and listening to folks in the woods singing loudly. Unfortunately, the battery life isn't long enough to use this as a permanent cache. This setup proved that most FRS radios are interchangeable, if tuned to the same base frequency.
  11. My furthest was Centennial Memorial in Dunedin NZ. Granted this was a vacation, but I cache on all my vacations and consider it just one more reason for where I choose to go. Based on this type of caching, almost 5% of my finds are over 1000 miles from home.
  12. I managed to find three there about a year ago. It amazed me that I could take a bus tour all over Ireland and seldom stop nearer than 3 miles to a cache.. I used Mapsource European Metroguide maps in my Garmin GPSMap 60CSX. Ditto on what others are saying regarding the adult beverages. I really enjoyed the Smithwicks. I tried Guiness at the brewery and a couple of other locations, but I preferred the Smithwicks. I also tried Jameson at the distillery, but I'm not a big whiskey drinker.
  13. The credit should really go to Liqnumaqua, who wrote the GSAK macro. It's really fairly easy to use. All you have to do is purchase a premium membership in GC.com, get a PQ with all of your finds. Purchase GSAK version 7, load the PQ into GSAK. Go to the GSAK forums for macros and download the FindStatGen3 macro. Run the macro and paste the resulting HTML into your GC profile. After you've worked through it the first time, it doesn't take much time to repeat the process. Enjoy.
  14. Check out my profile. The stats there are generated through a GSAK macro. As previously mentioned, you need a PQ of your finds, along with GSAK to generate these results.
  15. Shopping (often for outdoor items for use in caching) Fun time with friends (going as a group or to events) Dining. (It's hard to do a day of caching without a good meal being involved) Travel (OK, so I usually add caching into travel, but they do go together well)
  16. I tend to go with Gore Tex parkas. About 10 years ago, I bought a TNF Mountain Light. I'm still using it, and except for the velcro on the cuffs needing to be sewn back on, it has held up well. It sheds rain well and breathes well. It does tend to loose some of it's beading capability after several wearings, and needs to be treated with a water repellant. I use NikWax for this with good results. Like others have said though, I don't think the current version stands up to use as well as the older model. My latest purchase was an Arc' Teryx Beta. I've yet to put it through it's paces, but I have great hopes. I have found that Pac-lite products don't work for me. I have a Cabela's Paclite that doesn't seem to let any moisture out. I've also used the Precip with good results in very light rain, and cooler temps, but it seems to allow moisture in around the neck. Again, it might be moisture coming from me. My bottom line recommendation is to go with a Gore-Tex jacket or parka, based on your personal likes.
  17. Did they mark the card as FTF. Since they put the card on the second page, perhaps they were present when the hider placed the cache and were waiting for a true FTF to place their logs.
  18. Here's where I bought mine. The service was very quick and they seem to carry all of the different options. I also, went with the solid.
  19. No, only locking does, but it also prevents real logging. Do you have any idea why a TB should be marked as missing, when it was intentionally placed in an archived cache by the owner of the cache who is also the current holder of the bug?
  20. Does marking a TB as missing prevent it from being Discovered?
  21. Just curious, but how is that different? Reasonable doubt that you were within proximity of said coins so that you could have recorded the tracking number yourself should you have been so inclined. OK, so how about the discovers of this RJTB Reasonable doulbt?? Eartha is already handling that issue. I'm unaware of how Eartha is handling the issue. In the cache I referenced earlier, the RJTBs have been marked as missing. My opinion is that they're not missing, but just removed from the game and placed out of reach of cachers. But back on topic, the issue is cachers logging 'Discovered' on items they've never seen or touched. I have seen TBs logged as discovered, as the OP noted, that have been reported missing.
  22. Just curious, but how is that different? Reasonable doubt that you were within proximity of said coins so that you could have recorded the tracking number yourself should you have been so inclined. OK, so how about the discovers of this RJTB Reasonable doulbt??
  23. I would have to disagree with this. Although the contest may be over, cachers can still find the JTBs and gain a unique icon on their cache page.
  24. There will always be a small group of cachers who get their enjoyment by having icons on their cache page. These folks will claim discoveries on TBs that they have never seen for reasons only known to theirselves. Will they be disgusted when a hoarder shares their stash, No. They will see it as an opportunity to increase their icon counts. These sub-groups of cachers are not alone in displaying behavior deemed inappropriate by most of society. Daily in the news, we hear of groups who are arrested for various types of behavior which has been deemed as 'against the law'. The difference with TB hoarders is that there is no law. Although I would like to see a law that forces the movement of TBs, I don't really want that law because once we start pushing laws, then we loose many of our other freedoms. It's a gradual slide, but once started, it's downhill all the ways. Here's a question for Eartha. As the moderator who is watching this part of the forums, perhaps you can answer when does contacting a cacher through GC mail become harrassment? One message, two? Or do you have to have a copy of the original email, verified that it hasn't been tampered with, and the content of the message in your or some other monitor's opinion, could be considered as harrassment by a majority of folks?
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