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  1. Bryan Wish I knew you were having problems and I would have been glad to show you my set up at the COG meeting. I will be at Springfling and can provide hands on help then. In the meantime, here's how my IPAQ 3900 series works. I've upgraded my OS from 2002 to 2003. I purchased Cachemate for Pocket PC and loaded it on the PDA. Once loaded, I completed the registration process, paying the $8 and plugging in the code. It's interesting that you have to load Cachemate before you can pay and register it. To get caches loaded all I need to do plug the SD card into my laptop and copy the PQ directly to the card. I then plug the card into the PDA, and start Cachemate. At the bottom of the Cachemate screen is an arrow that points to the right of a document icon. Click on that and then click on Start on the next screen. A listing of the PQs loaded on the SD card will be displayed. Click on the appropriate PQ and it will load into the current database. Good luck Blaidd Drwg
  2. Blaidd-Drwg


    Blaidd-Drwg here. Just north of Cement. Been at this past-time since February 2002. Yes, it's true that there are a lot of cachers in Oklahoma. Just look at the spread of caches across the state and it's obvious that there are a lot of cachers out here. A lot of cachers hang out at geocacheok group in yahoo groups. For all of the new cachers looking through this forum, consider coming to the Springfling event GC18DBQ
  3. I agree with those who tout the Smartwool socks. I wear them for all of my outdoor activities. The merino wool helps to absorb moisture and keep my feet dry and confortable. Socks are probably the most critical first step in deciding which shoes to buy. Always wear the socks you intend to wear with the shoes when trying on and buying. I actually went so far as to buy sample pairs of multiple sock brands before settling on the Smartwools.
  4. I've been wearing a pair of the MO1200GTs for about 4 months now. They took a few days to break in to a confortable state, but I do like them. I've also got a set of the NB cross country walkers that are goretex lined. These are great for wet city streets.
  5. I kept getting called Mad Dog when my name was Team Madog. So I changed it for another welsh name, Blaidd-Drwg. Of course, now everyone has an excuse to mispronounce my name. Any Doctor Who fans out there.
  6. Over the last 6 years, I left a few different sig items. I started with a plain green bottle opener. I left out several hundred of the wooden nickels and have a large collection of those. I then went to the custom printed carabiners, followed by the Bev Key. I just recently got an order of the Pathtags to celebrate a name change. Sorry about the image size
  7. A few questions to help folks give you an appropriate answer. What Operating System is your Dell running? Does your Dell have a serial connection? What model of Etrex do you have? Do you have the interconnecting cable, and if so, is it USB or serial?
  8. The average Joe Citizen has access to most military bases. You just have to meet the ID requirements as you enter the base. The ID requirements vary with the threat conditions, but the gate guards will let you know what you need. Of course access to the base is only the start. For instance, on Fort Sill, Oklahoma, you must check in with Range Control for a pass to be out and about on the ranges.
  9. Based on the links sprinkled throughout this topic, it appears to me that there are few areas that would prevent someone from going caching. I can create a PQ and receive its output. I can visit a specific cache page, through the Hide&Seek page. I can get to my profile page by going to a cache I've found and then clicking on my name in the entry. Is the website up to snuff? No. Does it stop me from getting out and caching? No. We need to accept the temporary work-arounds and get out there and start caching.
  10. Wow, the OP was having a great night. Like Starbrand, in the close to 6 years I've been at this, I've came across less than 10 cachers. I'd love to meet more out on the hunt. I've sometimes wondered about staking out a recent find, just to meet up with others. Usually it's a good thing I didn't, as I would be the only finder on that day.
  11. I found one about an hour after it was posted. Of course I had to get dressed and drive 15 miles to reach the cache.
  12. I found one about an hour after it was posted. Of course I had to get dressed and drive 15 miles to reach the cache.
  13. I agree with Rattlebars. I use the exact same thing. I keep a 4-pack in the dash of my Xterra just for geocaching.
  14. I really think we need to divide events into two categories. 1- those that last only a few hours, or 2- those that last multiple days. I agree with most of the post here, in that for cat 1 events, socializing is the #1 thing to do. For events in category 2, getting in a little caching is a lot of fun and provides opportunities to cache with a new group. You have to make your own fun.
  15. Here in Oklahoma, the big events have games, such as temporary caches, puzzle games, poker runs, Oklahoma land run dash, murder mystery caches and more. They also have times during the events when everyone gets together to visit. The big events normally start with gathering around a fire on Friday night in one of the state parks, then the games starting Saturday around noon, then gathering for supper, again for breakfast, and a final gathering around noon on Sunday. Our monthly events are gatherings primarily to meet and greet. I've also attended on event in London that was a meet and greet in a pub. Being a big fan of liquid adult beverages, I really enjoyed the event in London and my favorite part of the big events is the visit around the campfire.
  16. Stonegate Devil is one of my favorites, even though TPTB didn't use my picture when it was recently used in the GC webpage.
  17. I don't know if Oklahoma has a county find cache. I know of several folks who have completed the Delorme Challenge cache and would probably claim a county cache if it were there. I've had a wonderful time just doing the counties that I have, even though a few of them are the wimpy 1 find types. ( I do have 3 of those dark read ones though!)
  18. As I've said many times in my logs: AMMO CANS RULE!
  19. During my visit to Germany in May, I spent a final day in Munich. I was able to locate this cache while walking around the market area looking for the Hofbrau Haus. The only other cache I was able to locate during my time there was in the Ansbach area. It's kind of out of your way. Enjoy your travels.
  20. I'd like to see a fee-for-service schedule of items we could get. For instance, if you want more than 500 caches in a PQ, you pay a $5 dollar fee. These extra fees could be on top of an elevated premium rate. The service I'd like to see and would pay a one time fee for is the ability to change my name.
  21. I recently bought a Compaq 3950 on Ebay along with an upgrade of the stock 2002 OS to 2003. It seems to run Cachemate without any problems. I still need to give it a field trial, but I like the look. I've been using a Palm T5 for a couple of years without any major troubles. Sometimes it's hard to read in direct sunlight.
  22. My cache mobile. A 2007 Xterra SE with 4wd. Goes anywhere I need to go
  23. Talk about keeping your Mojo up. Congrats Snoogans. Now back to the topic at hand
  24. I've cached in a lot of places, and what I've found is that a geocache in New Zealand, looks like a cache in Alaska, looks like a geocache in Ireland, looks like a geocache in Oklahoma. The thrill has always been in the hunt. Finding a cache away from my home area is always unique because of the location, while caches near home are often memorable due to the fact I get to cache with friends and love ones.
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