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  1. Anyone else have this problem? I was reviewing my profile and noticed that the Headers for two tables are missing. If I change the html code to denote a table data <td> instead of a table header <th>, the table data will display. In the code snippit below, I've change the header row that reads <td bgcolor="#660000"><font color="#FFFFCC">A Goal for 2009</font></td></tr> to display as table data. I've checked this on both Explorer and FireFox with the same results in both places. I'm running a laptop with Vista and 2gb ram. I have another similar issue with the display of the code from FindStat3 GSAK macro, but I'll deal with that later and it is not included in the code below. CODE SNIPPET BEGINS <br/> <table border="10" bgcolor="#FFFFCC" box="" bordercolor= "#660000" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <th bgcolor="#660000"><font color="#FFFFCC">WHO IS BLAIDD-DRWG</font></th></tr> <tr> <td>Mike (Blaidd Drwg) retired from the US Army in 1995 and resides in the countryside north of Cement OK with wife Karen, and our dogs (Pup and Molly). Mike works as an Information Technology Specialist (civil service)for the Army.<br> Karen, the other half of the team, also works for the civil service as the Chief of Plans and Operations for Department of Logistics at Fort Sill.</td></tr></table> <br/> <table border="10" bgcolor="#FFFFCC" box="" bordercolor= "#660000" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td bgcolor="#660000"><font color="#FFFFCC">A Goal for 2009</font></td></tr> <tr> <td>Becoming tired of micro caches, I'd like to try to concentrate on caches rated as regular or large in size. At the start of 2009, my regular size caches sit at 31.5% and large at 0.6% of my total finds. This is compared to 39.5% micros.</td></tr></table> <br> CODE SNIPPET ENDS
  2. Blaidd-Drwg

    My GPS

    I question the real usefulness of this feature. Reason 1. Folks only write about their current GPS, which is most likely going to skew the numbers to the high side. Reason 2. You can only write about your current GPS, not the dogs you've used in the past. Reason 3. Short ratings that say things like 'Greatest GPS out there'. These don't really provide any insight into the capabilities. Reason 4. I just skimmed through the ratings for my GPS. An hour later, I finally got through them all. There's got to be a way to filter.
  3. I think it has something to do with Mapsource version I installed this update and when I try to update a waypoint , I receive a similar error. I sent the error log to Garmin.
  4. I've used several Palms and HP IPAQs, all with Cachemate. All have served me well, but I have to give the nod to the IPAQs for readability in sunlight. Also, transferring your PQ is not an issue for the IPAQ, no matter which OS your computer uses, as it is a straight copy.
  5. Micro or Regular? Regular Traditional or Multi? Traditional Mystery or Earth? Mystery In a group or alone? Group Hiding or Finding? Finding Virtual or Webcam? Virtual Letterbox or Wherigo? Letterbox Favorite GPS? Garmin GPSMap 60CSX Social(event) or not? Event FTF'er or not? Not Podcast listener or not? Listener Out of state or In state? In State "Extreme/Hardcore" or Layed back? Laid back Urban / Rural? Rural
  6. I recommend changing your name to something no one can pronounce. It'll still get copied.
  7. Since geocaching started the day SA was turned off, I believe the intent of the activity is to provide as accurate as possible coordinates for the hide. If close were good enough, this game could have started years before it did. There is no excuse (except mystery caches) for giving coordinates that are intentionally inaccurate.
  8. Within 129 miles of Cococay, there are a total of 50 traditional, virtual and some special caches total in the Bahamas. Cococay is north of Grand Bahama. As for determining which caches are close to your ports, if you're staying in the Bahamas only, load them all. If going on a cruise that stops on other islands, I recently did the Bahamas, VI, and St Maarten. I was able to do three separate queries for each island and still have less than 500 caches total. By loading all the caches for the islands, I was able to take guided land tours on buses and when they stopped, locate any nearby caches. Granted, it wasn't a lot of caches, but there were a few.
  9. I always load maps for countries I'm visiting, and then never look at them unless I'm on a tour bus. My technique for most countries is to just check my GPSr when I stop for one reason or another. This works for me since I'm usually on a guided tour. When I was in Germany, it would have helped if I'd used maps since the roads there weren't in a nice grid like here in Oklahoma.
  10. EasyGPS is the Free product, while ExpertGPS from the same folks offers maps. They currently let you try it for 30 days before purchase.
  11. Jeepfun used a couple of mine on his temporary event cache. We got several unflattering backside views of cachers reaching for the cache. Also, it was at night, so the flash going off, made a few people jump
  12. I follow the compass arrow and trust my keen cacher's sense. That works about 75% of the time. In the 25% that don't work, I get to enjoy a long walk, maybe with some bush wacking. Life is grand and part of the challenge of geocaching is getting to the site. I'm also one of those that thinks parking coordinates should be banned.
  13. Blaidd-Drwg


    From your 'My Account Details' page, click on the newest caches in Oklahoma on the right side of the page. Events will be listed at the top of the page, since if they haven't occurred, they will be in the future.
  14. Another way to do this would be through the use of a Table I've only done the first two, but you should be able to get the idea. Just repeat the entries <tr> <td>number</td><td>cache name</td><td>date</td></tr> for each new row. <table border="10" bgcolor="#FFFFCC" box="" bordercolor= "#660000" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <th colspan="3" bgcolor="#660000"><font color="#FFFFCC">First To Finds</font></th></tr> <tr> <td>1</td><td>The Sword in the Stone</td><td>4-1-08</td> </tr> <tr> <td>2</td><td>Human Nature</td><td>4-2-08</td> </tr> </table>
  15. It will look something like the text below. First To Finds 1. The Sword in the Stone 4-1-08 2. Human Nature 4-2-08 3. Geobiking - Spring Valley 4-2-08 4. Geobiker's Rest 4-3-08 5. Girl's just want to babble 4-14-08 6. Transformers:Ratchet 5-8-08 7. Transformers:Jazz 5-8-08 8. Little Beaver's Big Adventure - a Cool Drink 5-19-08 9. Little Beaver's Big Adventure - Fishing 5-19-08
  16. Try this. Its the way to do a ordered list. <h4>First To Finds</h4> <ol> <li>The Sword in the Stone 4-1-08</li> <li>Human Nature 4-2-08 </li> <li>Geobiking - Spring Valley 4-2-08 </li> <li>Geobiker's Rest 4-3-08 </li> <li>Girl's just want to babble 4-14-08 </li> <li>Transformers:Ratchet 5-8-08 </li> <li>Transformers:Jazz 5-8-08 </li> <li>Little Beaver's Big Adventure - a Cool Drink 5-19-08 </li> <li>Little Beaver's Big Adventure - Fishing 5-19-08</li> </ol>
  17. I have the same RAM mount and have it placed on exactly same spot too. I also use this exact same mount, but I position it a little more left and up. this way the GPSr is not touching the dash. With it standing free of the dash, it is a little easier to pop the GPSr out of the mount. this mount works like it was glued to the windshield. In the year I've had mine, it has only came loose one time on its own. The part that holds the GPSr was a little stiff at first, but has loosened up a little over the year.
  18. <GPS> <Send Waypoints to GPS> <GPS Setup> button GPS Brand = Garmin GPSr is USB = checked Maximum Waypoints =<1000 <OK> <Send>
  19. Hey, I'm one of the finders of this cache - 15 November 2004
  20. I was logging some caches this morning from this weekend. My normal procedure is to find the first cache, enter my log and press submit. Then when my log is displayed, I enter the next GC ID in the field at the bottom of that screen. Today however, I'm getting a screen for inputting a number again. I used a work-around of navigating back to the previous cache and searching for closest to get to the pages I needed. Anyone else experienceing this?
  21. A quick look at my stats reveals that I have 91 caches over 1000 miles from my home coordinates or about 4.54% of my total finds
  22. Furthest cache found: 7949.94 Miles, Centennial Memorial (Dunedin, Otago)(SI, NZ) GCB6C
  23. There obviously seems to be two schools of thought on what events should be like, Games vs Socialization. A lot depends upon the length of time you will be holding your event. The games I mentioned are part of a weekend long event. For purely social events, our local groups hold Saturday luncheons where the entire purpose is socialization. These luncheons normally have a point where everyone stands up and introduces theirselves to the group. Often we have a question for everyone (What is your most memorable cache adventure), or a complete the sentence games (You know your a geocacher...). So the big question is how long will your event last?
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