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  1. I've got a stash of a couple hundred favorite points. When they first came out, I went back through my finds and favorited several caches. I can't ever see me giving a favorite point to a 35mm stuck in a tree or in a lamppost. My criteria is that the cache be interesting like many of the virtuals, or the container is an ammo can. I believe both of these types of caches take us back to the beginnings of this pastime. To address the OP question regarding the use of favorite points to filter a cache trip on, I don't do that since not everyone shares my viewpoints.
  2. What a great idea. Of course the difficulty will be in the execution, especially marking the existing PTs.
  3. Oklahoma has two long running events. SpringFling started in 2002 with GC4B5B and has been repeated as GCCEF4, GCJA10, GCMQX2, GCV0CZ, GC1908BD, GC18DBQ, GC1H9X5, GC21Q7C, GC2HBQW, GC39W48 and finally in 2013 GC3WYY4. There have been various names for each of the springflings held in April/May through this years. FallFest has been running since 2004 with GCJT7Y, again under various names.
  4. When I go caching with friends, it's usually a foot race. On a more serious note, when I get within 50-100 feet I start looking for likely hiding spots. For instance, is there only one tree in the area? One lamp post in a parking lot? I continue on to the likely spot at a much slower pace and give my GPSr time to catch up. This technique helps to avoid overshooting ground zero. Of course on some days, it means I stopped 30 feet shy of the cache. Add that to variances among hider/finder accuracy and it's all part of the game.
  5. I have a Montana 600. Using the geocaching profile, it's darn near perfect. I haven't had any problems with it. I don't care for the auto-rotation of the screen, so I've locked it into landscape mode. The paperless functionality is easier to use than my 62S.
  6. Yesterday, I logged three virtual/earthcaches which required email messages to the cache owners. I normally leave the box requesting a copy of the message checked. When I submitted the emails, I received the confirmation screen for all three messages, but only received the copy of the message for one. A few hours later, I resent the information for the two that I had not received emails on. This time I got a copy of one message, but not the other. Is this a known issue?
  7. I award favorite points for most Ammo Can caches as they require a little more thought in hiding than lamppost caches. Many virtuals get favorites for the interesting spots they take me to. The third and final category are caches that involve pleasant walks in the woods. In all cases, I don't feel like I have to avoid others or risk having to explain my actions.
  8. Another Okie here. Since I drive 40 miles each way to work and back, driving that far for a cache is nothing. A typical caching day consist of close to 150 miles of driving. The furthest I've driven with the only intent is to find a cache is 323 miles each way. Of course I combined it with other local caches. Of course when traveling I take the opportunity to locate some of the local caches' I have 59 finds over 2500 miles from home. As for rural caches, I prefer them. I always feel a lot more comfortable walking in the woods than I do doing skirt lifters in a parking lot.
  9. Before placing any TB, I believe you should check it's goal. And before taking one overseas, I'd contact the owner to see if they object.
  10. Some of the items I've used over the years. I really like the Bev Keys best because they always seem to be needed. I suspect most cachers prefer the Pathtags though.
  11. When the Load screen opens after identifying your PQ, insure that you have selected the 'add' radio button and unchecked the 'Warning, this will delete old data. checkbox. This will combine the new PQ or data with the existing data. I also recommend going to gsak.net and taking gsak 101, 201 and 301.
  12. For me my logs normally say it all. AMMO CANS RULE! Nothing is better than a pile of sticks covering an ammo can in the woods. Plenty of room for swag and TBs. And no soggy logs.
  13. As a 60CSX user for years, I would suggest that trying to load too much data on the GPSr, just isn't worth the trouble. A nice cheap PDA running Cachemate or some other program will give you a copy of the cache data, hint and recent logs when you inport your PQ data.
  14. I have only logged caches that were present and that I signed the log book. There have been several instances where the cache was missing, but the owner said to go ahead and claim the find. I just don't feel this is right.
  15. Loving what DukeyDuke did, I modified it slightly to fit things I could find. I used regular hardware instead of the kid proof items. The ammo can is one I found that is slightly larger than a normal can. It is the same width and length, but the height is 11 inches tall. Construction is basically similar to DukeyDuke's design. I used 1/4" dowels for hinges. The final area of the cache is about 4x3.25x4. As for the combination to the first lock, since I'm first using this for an upcoming event, I written it on the container. For placement in the wild, it could be handled where folks have to have the cache page where the combo is given, or a multi where numbers are gained, or a mystery to force folks to figure it out that way. This will be hidden using the classic parallel stick cammo.
  16. There are two new series o GPSrs on the garmn site. I really like the looks of the 62 series
  17. This feature does already exist! If a cache hasn't been found for half a year (i don't know the exact time period), you receive a reviewer note, and if it isn't found e.g. for three months after that message, the listing becomes archived. Oh, and about the original idea of this topic: I think that isn't a good idea. Caches should be in place as long as possible. Mezgrman I believe that's a reviewer function and not a system feature. There are caches that are remote and might only be found once a year.
  18. Same here. I'm trying to look at the newest caches in my state and get the Server Error message
  19. Expanding a little on my previous post. If you use GSAK on your PC, you will be able to export a file for use in Cachemate. This file is then loaded using the Palm Sync program.
  20. I used Cachemate on my Palm. GSAK is for use on your PC for manipulating your PQ, while cachemate is for viewing on your PDA
  21. Just remember to only use other datums other than WGS-84 when you need to plot coordnates on a paper map. Coordinates shown on GC.com use WGS-84. Changing your Datum on your GPS will cause you to be looking in a different location. For instance, using NAD-27 will put you off the WGS84 location by about 175ft
  22. I cached under the name Team Madog (pronounced Maw Doc) for years. People were constantly referring to me as Mad Dog. I would then explain that Madog was a welshman who had discovered America, long before Columbus. Finally tiring of people mispronouncing my caching name, I changed it to Blaidd Drwg. Anyone who watches Dr Who, may recognize it as the name of a reoccurring organization. Blaidd Drwg (pronounced Blaith Druge) means Bad Wolf, also in Welsh. Nobody can pronounce it either, but at least there's a reason for it now.
  23. If you're trying to make since of the numbers, here's my clift note version. The 10T denotes one of the grid zones of the earth that are 6 degrees longitude wide. The letter tells you where in general you are in relationship to the equator. The Easting number identified by the E of 549724 tells you where you are in relation to a line drawn in the middle of the grid zone slice. This center line is alway 500000, so your point is east of that line by 49724 meters. The northing portion N 5280156 for the northern hemisphere is the number of meters north of the equator. As mentioned in the wiki link, there are issues with crossing gridzones
  24. Amazing, the number that signed up in the year before me. My number is 42036
  25. Am I the only person who has had problems with Table Headers <th></th> since the update? I had two tables defined in my profile that worked fine until now. If I leave the table header tags in, the table cells content is not displayed. Changing it to table data and it displays.
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