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  1. On 5/27/2021 at 1:45 PM, TeamRabbitRun said:


    Hey, keep in mind that DNFs are not actionable by themselves and don't imply that there's anything wrong. They only mean that THAT cacher on THAT visit didn't hold it in his or her hand: nothing more.


    If I get DNFs on one of my caches, i DO NOT go check on it. Sure, to be reasonable, if I get a string of them I might stop by and if all is well, file a reassuring OM log, but don't consider a CO a 'bad cacher' because someone couldn't find their cache.



    Yes I agree and should have clarified meaning multiple DNFs as I highlighted what you said. for the most part mine are quite easy and geared towards families out so if I get a DNF or especially a couple I will go check it out.



  2. Bad cachers to me are COs that ignore NM requests and let caches go months or years with DNFs, as far as finders go then people that log a find that truly didn't find it, just recently saw one where the cache was gone but after a few DNFs someone said they found it with a quick log, nothing else and turns out the CO said it wasn't there...LOL.  That's a bad cacher.  


    Good cachers log DNFs and NM requests and if they have the means will happily replace a bad or missing log, O-ring, pencil etc and keep up on any caches they own.  


    Just my $0.02 worth.  :antenna:

  3. It is interesting, I began in 2005 after a divorce and started dating again and we got into it for a couple of years and then kind of spotty here and there without every paying.  Now with my 11 daughter we wanted to really get back into it so paid for a premium membership after just a few days of trying back as a basic member, so they got me!  I don't see a lot of ads so I don't mind and it isn't expensive.  My problem with now is some of the COs, and I talked about this on another thread, and some don't think there is a difference nowadays but I beg to differ.  I don't remember seeing caches go months or even over a year with multiple DNFs or NM Requests, I mean I am not saying they have to be dealt with even within a month but a note saying you got and will get to it or just simply disable it to keep others from going out on a cache that isn't even there, yes I know people can look at the logs and choose not to go but some people just put them in a query or list and go.  To me that is the biggest difference I see now vs back in the day.

  4. So this is not a cache container but is the first part of a multi-cache that I thought was pretty cool.  It is kind of a like a telescope with cross hairs that directs you to a tree where your next find is (the cache container).  I thought this was pretty clever and just some PVC with cross hairs made into it and then mounted to a fallen tree.  



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  5. On 5/10/2021 at 1:27 PM, K13 said:

    In the "New Normal" days "due to COVID-19" much leeway is given to players in this hobby, especially cache owners who may not be able to get out to repair a cache. You have zero knowledge if that CO has communicated with a Reviewer, nor of any situation of the CO that may even include their demise from the disease.


    Without the life changes brought to the world over the last year-plus, I would agree with you. But now, just Lighten up. Go find other caches. 

    If caches were something that needed to be checked on in crowds or indoors I might agree with you, but really using Covid here is pretty much just an excuse.  If you are going to be a CO then take care of your caches and I am not saying you have 48 hours to get it right but come on a year of DNFs, NM requests, and you don't even have to go outside to disable it.  My guess is more people have been getting outdoors caching and just hiking or taking walks in parks with Covid, so nope I am not buying it.  

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  6. 41 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    I hope you made the appropriate log, which WILL get the Reviewer's attention.

    Well if it is more than a year since anyone found it and there are several DNFs I don't even bother looking for it and ignore that cache.  

  7. Have a new one and my guess it has probably been mentioned here several times, but COs that just totally abandon their caches without disabling them.  In the past two weeks I have come across 2 that have DNFs logged for more than a year, at least one or more NM requests and nothing.  I get that it might take you a little while to get to get to it, but if it is more than a year since anyone has found it, has several DNFs (and you know there are probably a lot more that people just didn't log because they don't want to log DNFs) and nothing at all from the CO then I think reviewers need to disable them.  I posted this as a question to reviewers and found out they can but they are just so overwhelmed they can't possibly go through all the caches in their respective areas.  Come on COs, at least post a note saying you will get to it and when or disable the cache, that way someone else could hide a cache in the same area if they want to as well.  You're taking up space, making a waste of time for people who have to go through logs to see if the cache is even viable and then delete it from their list of caches for the day.  OK that was my rant for the day!  :angry:

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  8. So I was attempting to submit a hide today and got told the location was unavailable because of another cache in the area, I thought it was more than 528ft but it wasn't.  So my question is if I make this part of a multi-cache can a secondary or final part of the multi-cache have to follow the same rule for closeness to other caches in the area?  I really like this location and perfect for telling the history of this little area where it will be so just trying to figure out a way of doing it.  



  9. I have the 66s and I love the accuracy compared to my much older Magellans (Triton and Explorers) have had it a little over a month now and found our last 25 caches with it and love it.  I haven't even used some of the features yet.  My absolute favorite thing is wirelessly loading up my cache list without any cables, aps or anything else, just hook to a wifi and tell it to sync live caches and bam done!  I am someone who started out with an old 2005 Garmin eTrex hand putting in all coordinates (no smart phone then) and taking a clipboard with loaded up caches for the day,  since getting back into this a couple months ago I am thrilled with this new technology that makes geocaching so much more fun.  I did use my phone a couple times but honest not very accurate, but I do use the app for logging only and saves much on battery life for the phone.  Way TMI but basically trying to say the 66s is the bomb!  

  10. 1 hour ago, humboldt flier said:

    HOWEVER, I initially read the title wrong >>>>>> first impression was more like " how do you justify multiple GPS'rs".  LOL, LOL ... 

    LOL, that could be a long topic!!  

  11. I have the 66s and this is the first new GPS I have had in years the newest being a more than decade old Magellan Triton 400.  Love the large screen, the wireless upload of caches, and I have had less than a month so I am sure there are new things about it I will find out.  The accuracy and speed of this GPS is absolutely amazing to me, and I don't have to walk out of the woods or on to the trail and back towards the cache to get a better pinpoint like I did with the others, so I can highly recommend the 66 series.  Can't comment much on the Montana since I have never used a touch screen GPS but it seems to be how we all use our phones now so I would expect it to have some pretty good Pros too.  

  12. For me it could be the view from the area, or as some others have said creativity.  Found one last week that was a pvc pipe with another larger pvc pipe and the there was a screw at one end of the pipe and the inner pipe had like a maze cut into that had to be twisted and turned for it to come past the screw and sometimes you could pick the wrong route and have to put the pipe back in farther and start again at another point, but once the inner pipe came out far enough there was a bison tube, that obviously earned a favorite point from me.  Another one was a whole sign post in a park that looked like a deer crossing sign but was really the whole cache itself with a cut-out in the post.  Things like that do it for me.  

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  13. Just curious what you guys might use for holding your GPSs for traveling around.  Do you just keep them in your back pack or do you have a hard case?  I have screen protectors on Garmin 66s and Etrex 10 so we typically just have them in the bag with other stuff, but have been thinking about getting a case like this Pelican to hold both GPSs and we might get a third for my wife, she typically uses her phone while my daughter and I use our GPSs.  This particular one looks like it would hold all three if we were traveling somewhere and protect better than in the bag.  I have seen the single Garmin case advertised but most of the reviews say it is very loose in there and for the price not really highly recommended.  


    Pelican Case

  14. 10 hours ago, cerberus1 said:


    The best multis I've done had dog tags for stages, with the coordinates to the next stage on each  

    First I have heard of this and really like this idea (have only done 2 Multi-Caches).  Being a woodworker I could see possibly laser engraving some wooden coins to be places in specific areas for the next coordinates.  These discussions bring on some ideas for sure.  

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  15. 5 hours ago, cerberus1 said:


    Why do you have a different name for the forums ?



    Well the name here reflects when my wife and I opened the account back in 2005, well now we have an 11 year and she realized our name doesn't include her so we changed it to include her.  I thought it changed it everywhere but for some reason not on the forums but I will see if I can change that to make it match our new geocaching name as well.  We didn't want to start a whole new account and loose our logged caches.  

  16. We just activated our first travel bug and we were hoping to put it in a travel bug hotel or somewhere where we know it will travel, like maybe off a rest area on a major highway or something similar.  Are there ways to narrow searches specifically for travel bug hotels and any tips on how to know a good cache where travel bugs are taken for real travel and not just to be taken for swag or not get moved?  



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  17. 16 hours ago, kunarion said:


    I've been upgrading "Garmin Oregon" for years.  But when I cache with someone who has a Garmin GPSMAP (such as the good ol' "cx"), I'm still wandering around when they've found the cache.  GPSMAP, even the flagship 66s, has a "quad helix" antenna.  Many other devices have a flat antenna soldered to a circuit board.  It makes no difference, for Geocaching.  You know, except that the guy with the GPSMAP finds it first.  :huh:


    Just a couple weeks ago purchased a GPSMAP 66s and wow!  Now I haven't had a new GPS since my Magellan Triton 400 years ago and I am beyond impressed with the 66s and I don't know half of what it does yet but I can tell you the accuracy and the picking up signals even under heavy canopies is amazing!  No more walking out of the woods and back in trying to stay on the heading.  My wife uses her phone and she is typically about 20ft off.  Just got my youngest a Garmin Etrex 10 and it is very accurate as well, haven't noticed any problems or differences between the two in accuracy but we have only used the Etrex on 2 cache trips.  

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  18. I am not sure why this irks me so much but I hate micros or nanos in the woods.  I mean come on, if I had to hike a trail to get to it then it shouldn't be any smaller than small size size cache and regular with a real logbook is better.  They are great for urban or neighborhood hides, but take some time to make a good cache if it is going off the beaten path into the woods, unless it is something right off a worn or paved pathway.  You are already digging around the forest floor, decaying logs, etc you don't need to be searching for a micro under the leaves and soil, probably going to get kicked around and moved by other cachers anyway and not put back where it was.  Just my $.02 :grin:

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  19. On 4/14/2021 at 3:27 AM, colleda said:

    As a CO, if there's a problem with one of my caches, that requires action of some sort by me, I prefer a NM rather than WN or just a message and nothing else.

    Good to note, I actually went back with a NM on the particular one in mind and from now will continue with the NMs.  Just yesterday I ran into one that didn't have many DNFs, only 1, but in this corner lot type of field with no structures there now a new fence put up so it is obvious the owner is not wanting people on the land so I used an NM and a private note with pictures of the fence.  

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  20. 56 minutes ago, frostengel said:


    So will you tell me that unmaintained caches didn't exist in 2005 when you started your caching carreer? I think that's a long time problem and I don't think it has gotten any better or worse over the last years.

    I am sure there were, I think they were just dealt with a little quicker possibly as was mine at the time, and it could be just perspective, and admittedly mine being a little skewed since I was basically away from the hobby for sometime, since there are many more COs now so possibly all relative to that population, which in turn makes it harder to control as well.  

    1 hour ago, frostengel said:


    Nowadays a cache which has been archived by the reviewer can't be unarchived anymore. The rules are more strict there but that's the reason why it takes a little longer

    I did not know this and that makes sense that it would take longer nowadays to deal with and be more fair.   I suppose if a CO was unintentionally archived he/she could make a new cache for the same area depending on the circumstances.  


    We are getting ready to set a few caches of our own again and part of why I posted this was to see why the caches I mentioned (not by name of course, but for emphasis one of these caches I am mentioning was set out by a Girl Scout troop which you would think would be all about teaching responsibility) are allowed to just rot out there duping some some cachers that may fail to check logs before going out (which could also be said is their own fault).  So this is a lesson to me to keep my caches within a distance that I can easily maintain and check on from time to time and disable if needed.  



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  21. 43 minutes ago, frostengel said:


    PS: Your own cache has been archived due to you not maintaining it properly: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCQEKH_pipers-glen

    (I don't think so. The NA log was too early in this case and you didn't have enough time taking care for the cache. But considering your post you might name yourself irresponsible because of that?!)



    Just to be clear, if you read the logs on the cache of mine you noted my cache was found on December 10th, 2006 and then on December 16th a cacher noted construction in the area where the cache is and that it might not be there, and then on December 22nd it was noted by another cacher that it definitely was not there.  This was around the holidays when we are not typically in town, then on December 28th (six days later) a "responsible" reviewer archived it.  This all happened within a little over a week, which is exactly the opposite of what I am saying with my post.  Mine was quickly archived, before I even had time to physically check on it and you can tell from another cache that I disabled and archived it myself after 3 DNF's and went to physically check on it and found it had been muggled and that took a few weeks from the first DNF.  Also this is 2006, before we, well before I was carrying around a laptop everywhere, before smart phones, perfectly acceptable in my opinion to have not seen this for a couple weeks around the holidays.  So to respond to your question would I name myself irresponsible, no because I wasn't able to check on a cache for a couple of weeks I would not say that is irresponsible nor that I was not maintaining it properly, I work and travel at the holidays so my cache is not at all an example of what I am talking about.  I think my point and more so my question is fairly obvious and my cache is a good example of how "it used to be", if you couldn't check on your cache it was archived, within days.  I would like to see maybe some time limits with DNFs with no finds, maybe 6 months to a year and at least 3 DNFs as last posts then an automatic archive, and obviously a note or two to the CO. I am not set on those time frames, but if they were being reviewed as mine was I would see a substantial percentage of these left to rot caches out there now archived because of irresponsible COs.  

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  22. 1 hour ago, cerberus1 said:


    Curious... The couple you've found lately, did you log a NM on any of them?  I see some have a red wrench (didn't click on them).   :)

    It's not usually a Reviewer's or HQ's position to search around to get caches archived. Some do it to help out.

    We're supposed to do that with DNF, NM, and eventually maybe NA logs. 

     - That's not happening much lately (folks don't wanna get involved...), and we had to have the Cache Health Score because of it...

    Our action logs on caches that are "missing" a long time, or become a science project with all the mold, get the process going.

    Numerous DNF and no action from the CO, could have a NM added to it.  A couple NMs and no action gets an NA.

    Actually on the ones I have looked at we were in the planning stages of our geocaching day and noticed on a few that we had put into our list that there were several DNFs and last finds were several months prior, or more than a year.  We did have a log where we didn't find one and we must have missed the logs on this one because when we went to log we noticed several DNFs as well and I did log a DNF as well as send a kind note to the owner saying this cache needs some maintenance or to be archived.  I will have use the NMs more on ones like that maybe instead of the note?  I just felt it was nicer to be private about it.  




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