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  1. Ahh yes, thanks, text output in GSAK doesn't do what i'm after. I shall have a look at writing a macro to do the work.
  2. Inspired by the geotoad program feature to allow you to view cache details on your iPod, I've being having a little play around with my iPod nano. It can store up to 1000 text 'notes' each of a maximum file size of 4KB. This seems plenty to have details of caches as individal text files. This is how it would look: Does anyone know of any programs that take a GPX file and convert it into a set of text files for each cache like this? I want to avoid reinventing the wheel if it has been done before.
  3. Ahh yes, all good points, I presumed Moote was meaning Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. I don't think i've seen any Li-Ion batteries in the AA etc format, as you say, mostly in bespoke shapes and sizes.
  4. Firstly, regarding the signature, whilst I agree with what Moote is saying about Lithium batteries, I think it might be stiring things slightly. Making such announcements in your sig line makes it harder for people to respond with their opinions. About the post prefixing, as NickPick has said, if you're careful how you say things bearing in mind that readers don't have the benefit of knowing the tone in which you said it, you shouldn't have any problems. Smilies help with this to an extent.
  5. That is very good news, the Motorway Mayhem bookmark list i'm maintaining has been edging ever closer to the previous limit.
  6. I guess this is the one you are talking about.
  7. I would be interested to hear what people think to Alibags suggestion, I think this might be a wise move. Count ALL TBs/Geocoins but at a reduced points score So maybe have 5 points for a TB/geocoin logged and 10 points for a TB/geocoin activated. In this case ignoring whether or not they are to go into the wild or passed around at events. I don't think we should start debating past months.
  8. Kitty Hawk: I'm afraid I can't find any record for your entry for Feb. When results are submitted, they are emailed to be me and go into the database. I can't find either. You can check that you results have gone in by looking on your profile page. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Others: I'm not sure I want to take the drastic step of removing trackables from the comp altogether. It does seem to continue to cause problems though. In the rules, it says 'travel bugs' includes geocoins since thats what coins are supposed to be. I think I'll work to clarify the rules then do a mass emailing to all users to clear up any confusion. Please let me know your opinions on the debate.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments, I'm enjoying working on it. I'll be making it so you can sort by other columns and so it will actually show your position for different sorts. Regarding logging in, yes I'm sure I can maintain the sessions for longer, I'll create a 'remember me' type choice.
  10. Is there some software or something to make coin designs like that?
  11. Opps, sorted now, the results you could see were what I had added manually and forget to set to hide. The results (all of them) will be up at about 7.30am.
  12. I'm creeping up to my first 100, should get there within the next couple of months. So if I estimate mid May, it will have taken me about 10 months, which I'll be happy with as I don't have my own transport, I cache by public transport. I'm hoping to be able to find over 150 in the next year so fingers crossed I'll be at around 250 by next May. I guess I won't be alone in my aim to try and tick off all my local caches. I started caching whilst away from home so came back to a clean sheet which I've made a decent impact on. Edit to say that i'm not really concerned about the numbers apart from that I enjoy caching so the more finds the better but not really at the expensive of enjoying each find.
  13. Last day to get in results for Feb is today. Results will be available tomorrow morning.
  14. This has been a very good month for CotM, over 100 entries, the most ever. Theres still time to get your entry for Feb in if you wish, closing date is the end of tomorrow. Anyone has any problems, please let me know.
  15. I sent them out on the 10th. Edit to say, they were sent out via the webserver so AOL users who didn't get the registration emails that were sent out the same way might not have got a reminder. If this is a problem, I will send them out from my email account instead.
  16. 3 days left to get your results in for Feb. A few more entries and we'll be past the 100 mark!
  17. You even quoted the guidelines as saying Notwithstanding the above, Groundspeak reserves the right to include limited commercial content in this Forum, in its sole discretion. Did you actually read them before you selected paste?
  18. Right, I've sorted out sending reminders, they should have gone out to all users with an account enabled who haven't submitted results for this month. If you don't wish to get future reminders, theres an option when you log in to turn them off.
  19. Set four PQs earlier, they all say they ran but one didn't come through. I'll have to wait and see if it turns up. Don't understand why there'd be a problem with one out of the four.
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