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  1. 5 days left. Reminders sent out today.
  2. I have the feeling the comments were said rather tongue in cheek.
  3. Hi all, Just a quick note to remind people that the Cacher of the Month website is now accepting results for the month of April. The latest date for submitting your stats is the 15th of May. If you haven't taken part before you can now register on the website. If anyone has any problems please let me know. Regards, Adam
  4. I have to agree. I don't like how the person who starts the topic can say something controversial and lock the thread, then no one else can contribute their opinions.
  5. Agree with the comments by Alibags.
  6. Reminders go out a few days before the deadline of the 15th. Adam
  7. Coming soon... Edit: Having just done a google, there are actually quite a number of results for 'Cheesecake of the month'.
  8. Well it should really be written CotM. It stands for Cacher of the Month. See the link in my signature for more details.
  9. Profile for User: Gary & Jane Occupation: Software Engineer and Chocolate Biscuit Eater ...and I'm sure it said bourbon tester a minute ago.
  10. Can confirm this very useful service is working. Just set it up again for the Leeds webcam cache which hasn't been working for a while. Called the number now to test it and got an email with the webcam image within seconds. The URL needs to be of the image from the webcam. Likely to have a .jpg extension or similar.
  11. Here you go: Why TB numbers shouldn't be public.
  12. March results are now online! Thanks for entering. wizard: Yup. matt+mongoose: Probably best if we don't start that again. Lets leave it be please. Regarding the rules, as this is likely to come up again, I intend to keep them as they are for now. For any future rule changes, I will consult all participants and conduct a poll.
  13. Thanks for entering. The deadline of entries is drawing near. Need to be in by the end of today.
  14. Last few days to get your entries in for March. The website has been going a bit slow this evening, if you're having trouble, either email me your results or try again later.
  15. Another vote for Google Maps (or Google Earth). It will accept coords in just about any format.
  16. If what you mean is if a similar activity to geocaching starts up and places 'caches' in good spots then I don't see the problem. Since it is a different activity they won't be a requirement on our part to make sure there isn't one of these other caches within 0.1 miles. It seems like you are suggesting we should mark every half decent piece of land with a cache just in case some others start placing. This clearly is quite irresponsible and land owners will eventually find out about it and be annoyed that they're weren't approached for permission just because some other group wouldn't bother. As has been said, there isn't really any public land as such in the UK, its owned by someone so what you need to do is make a good effort to find out the owner and seek their permission. However, there are situations where there really isn't a individual to ask so it just needs your judgement as to whether it would be appropriate.
  17. What I've done a few times is start writing the log entry then get distracted by something and start drying the cache out or similar. Then I've hidden it back where it was and walked away only to realise I never did sign my name and had to go and get it again. I'm just hoping that I've remembered whenever I've done this.
  18. I did that last year when I was going to do a multi in a Durham park (GCPFJG) and needed some photos with me but didn't have any ink for my printer. I needed to get on the next bus and was desperately trying to think of a way of getting the images when I thought of using my digital camera, worked fine.
  19. Thanks for the info Clyde, I've used the VCF export in GPSBabel and I am impressed by the results. So I've now got a few hundred cache pages on my iPod, very neat. Moote seems to be missing the point, I've got an iPod nano, I don't have a PDA.
  20. Yes but I have an iPod and don't have a PDA.
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