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  1. Here you go Only includes live caches.
  2. Go to G:UK and do a search for caches hidden before 26 May 2003. The results.
  3. Hi all, Just a quick note to remind people that the Cacher of the Month website is now accepting results for the month of May. The latest date for submitting your stats is the 15th of June. If you haven't taken part before you can now register on the website. If anyone has any problems please let me know. I shall be away between now and the 15th so may not be able to respond to queries straight away. Regards, Adam
  4. Just think, if we have enough reviewers, they might be published before you even submit them.
  5. It doesn't seem to be a virtual TB/coin. It looks like its a real TB which is a folder (or similar) containing a number of coins. The idea seems to be to allow people who find the TB to log all the coins and get the icons. The question is, where is the TB. It obviously isn't at a virtual cache.
  6. Ahh cool. I'm hoping to kayak across to that one when me and my brother visit the lakes in a few weeks. Looks very interesting. My favourite? Well for the view, it would have to be Round About reminds me of Boot Hill! Tony, the box was a very nice walk.
  7. Nope, skin is the heaviest The question was "What is the heaviest organ in the human body?".
  8. BexyBear got there first. I had to edit my post because of a typo.
  9. Not strictly true, whilst the skin is the heaviest organ, the liver is the heaviest human organ in the body. (Just looked it up).
  10. Learnt about geocaching from a magazine, it might have been Web User, I can't remember.
  11. Hopefully, this thread will be the end of it all. What people need to realise before they post, is that behind each of the nicknames on the forum is a real person. Something that I don't like about the forums, is that the starter of a thread is able to lock it. In recent weeks, we've had topic rumbling on across numerous thread because a user decides that they don't like what they're hearing. Once everyone has had their say, the topic will gradually fall down the list. Also, as Mandy has said, it seems as if people feel required to post to a thread regardless of whether they have something constructive to say. There is nothing wrong with saying something is wrong with a particular topic, that's all part of normal debate, but lets keep it civilised. Then there is the recent concern over a cache in a cave which people had strong opinions on. The problem came when people tried to gauge the opinion of the forum without telling us all the facts. If people have valid concerns about a cache, as in this case, then lets discuss the cache itself as opposed to statements about how cachers should respect their environment which we can expect everyone should agree to. Edit to summarise my opinion on thread locking, it should be up to the moderators to decide when a thread is getting nasty.
  12. If you are meaning the image that has your stats then if you log in and then click on 'Stat bar' under where it says 'Submit results' you can find the HTML you need.
  13. April results are now online. My entry was a bit poor this month but clearly some people have been busy.
  14. April has been a very good month. Broken the record for the number of entries, second time this year. Still time if you haven't entered for April. Entries close at midnight tonight with the results published tomorrow morning. Regarding the CotM stats image, as Deego has said, it is dynamic, so will change itself. My intention is to allow users to customise the image with whatever stats they wish to display but its not a key priority so it'll have to wait until I've got less to be doing.
  15. Its a great project, well done. I've got a few of mine on there and am very pleased that its going well.
  16. Which has now been done. Thanks for letting me know.
  17. Hmm, I'm thinking about this one. Only problem would be if any results are disputed, how can I confirm that caches have been adopted and replaced etc. It wouldn't be a problem to implement it however, if opinion was that this was a good idea. This won't happen this month though.
  18. Well I was going to say earlier that Moote's original post seemed like he was seeking ammunition in some debate and it turns out it's true. Hmm....
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