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  1. Nearly 9am in Seattle, 5pm in the UK, not good this timezone lark is it? Any estimate as to when the adoption form will be working please? Thanks, adambro
  2. Ahh right, just looked at their address. I didn't realise they were on the west coast. Might be a longer wait then.
  3. Just had an adoption request sent to me. I'm getting the same problem. If its going to be sorted on Monday (today), I guess I won't have to wait long. It'll be evening in the US by now won't it. (Requested to adopt GCHTNF You can see the pub from here) Regards, adambro
  4. I guess what needs to happen is that the ambiguity of the guidelines needs to be corrected. I don't think its fair to see a cache that you have to pay to visit listed when the guidelines suggest its against the GC.com listing rules. adambro
  5. I've just typed up a water damaged log book for the cache I'm looking to adopt. The old owner has agreed but doesn't seem to have filled in the adoption form yet. It does seem that the same names keep coming up in logbooks! adambro
  6. This question really does come up often doesn't it? Only yesterday it was me asking it. Didn't know about the geocacheuk.com way of finding them though. Thanks Kitty Hawk. adambro
  7. Started caching in July 2005, found 23. Cache on my own, without my own transport, and only during the week. Got two webcam caches and hope to adopt a traditional very soon. Got my own traditional to hide soon having just got landowner permission. adambro
  8. Cheers, just found the map method. Turned up the info I wanted. adambro
  9. Hi there, Is there any way to find out about archived caches? I came across one while looking at someone profile that I was interested in but wonder if its possible to do a PQ for them or something? adambro
  10. Darn. Another cache I've come within spitting distance of and not know it. Visited Aira Force earlier this year! Learnt the lesson now, carry the GPS whereever you go! adambro
  11. Hi there, I'm likely to be adopting a new cache in the near future and wondered whether it would be okay to change the name. It looks like the current name might become invalid and I'd also like people to consider it as a fresh start. This would leave it with the same waypoint meaning past visitors wouldn't be able to log it again. Anyone got any suggestions about this? I could archieve the current cache then submit it for approval again and get a new waypoint but anyone who has found it before might choose not to find it again even with a new name or new name and waypoint. adambro
  12. I'm sorry if i misinterpreted your post. I wasn't trying to imply that you were going to place a cache just for stats. I was meaning that if whoever places it, is not able to maintain it, what reason would there be for them placing it in the first place. adambro
  13. I'm not sure what the point of placing a cache you can't maintain is. Surely it should be placed by someone who can maintain it. It just seems like a way of getting more hides in your stats. However, you could be meaning placing a cache and then getting someone else to 'own' it. I wouldn't see a problem with that, say if you had come up with a good idea for one. adambro
  14. I'm in contact with the previous owner and Lactodorum about adopting it. adambro
  15. Read about geocaching in a magazine. Signed up for an account. Then went in search of my first, a micro. Found it. Two days later I found another four. In just over a week I'd had nine finds. I tend to cache alone, using public transport, during the week so that limits what caches I hunt. adambro
  16. Hi there, For anyone who has visited the "You can see the pub from here!" cache near Holmfirth, I've typed up the contents of the old logbook. You can see it here. Found the cache yesterday with the contents ruined by water. I've dried out the log enough to be able to read, and replaced it, along with a new container. Happy to say all the logs online have a log in the book. It appears the owner is no longer geocaching, hence the lack of maintenance. Regards, adambro
  17. I've only been asked what i've been upto once. I haven't been caching long though. The question was what are you looking for, came from a guy who had just been searching in the trees himself. Not quite sure why he asked me that though because all he'd seen me do was approach the carpark with my camera, take some photos, then walk round the carpark to see how to get out. I replied "Nothing", but soon realised that he could be another cacher. However, watching the logs for that cache suggests he's been seen again. Its a weird world out there... adambro
  18. Sounds like a great idea. Went past some on my way to find the Longwood Sing cache. Unfortunately, they were padlocked shut.
  19. I declare that this is a test.
  20. I'm currently putting together my first cache and trying to decide what to put in it. Went into town the other day to try to get some ideas but wasn't able to. What kind of things did you pick up? adambro
  21. Sounds sensible to me. I didn't know whether it was possible to put a cache to one side before publishing it. Mention planning permission and everyone backs away...
  22. I'm still waiting to find those in a cache. I'm amazed at how fast the replies have come. Erm, I wasn't really expected a problem getting my cache listed but I thought the idea might benefit some. I'll take a look in the local pound shops for some items. I won't fill it too much so as to allow space for other trades and TBs. Regarding FTF rewards, I was thinking about putting a gift voucher in for the finder to use as they wish. Any suggestions on what a FTF certificate would look like? Thanks, adambro
  23. Hello! I've just obtained permission from a landowner to place my first cache. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what to put in it (1 litre). Also, whilst I was negotiating for permission it occurred to me that I could go through the whole process, place the cache, the not be able to get it approved for listing on gc. Could there not be a way to get an outline proposal for a cache to be approved before starting try to get landowner consent, then apply for it to be listed once it is placed and more details are known. Similar to obtaining planning permission for building works. I guess reviewers workload might be a problem. Regards, adambro
  24. Thats a great service you are offering, I have just tried it now and it works perfectly. Called it from a UK mobile number. It should make it easier to log webcam caches now. Thanks again El Achimo.
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