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  1. Just a quick reminder that today is the last chance to get entries for March in. Regards, Adam
  2. Ahh! So it was you Wendy, I saw a photo of you somewhere and did think "is that Dorsetgal"? Turns out it was. I was in London all day chasing the torch through the city seeing it at seven locations. Unfortunately I missed you two, whereabouts did you carry it? My photos from the day can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/gp/66246955@N00/3kB077. Congratulations on your efforts, it must have been very memorable, especially with the controversy surrounding the event which I encountered throughout the route.
  3. I sent you an email on April 5th with details of your password, did you not receive this? Your entry seems to have disappeared without a trace and for this I can only apologise. I can confirm your entry for this month is fine though. Looking at the logs for you, it is clear that you did at least try to submit results for February and so if you wish to send these details by email then I'll be happy to add them. Regards, Adam
  4. The Cacher of the Month website is open for entries for the month of March and will be until the end of the 15th. Any problems let me know. Apologies for some delays last month. I've been doing some behind the scenes work and this caused some disruption. I've reduced the risk of emails from the website from going missing and also improved my ability to deal with any issues brought to my attention. Regards, Adam
  5. The results for January 2008 are now available on the Cacher of the Month website. Congratulations go to The Ox & Monkey who took the top spot with 2380 points. I hope everyone has enjoyed geocaching so far this year. Well done to everyone for getting out caching despite the cold.
  6. Today is the final day to get entries in for the month of January. Results will be published tomorrow. Regards, Adam
  7. Still a few days left to get entries in. Anyone with password or other problems don't hesitate to let me know and I'll sort it out as quickly as possible. Regards, Adam
  8. I'll look at testing the website with NoScript in the near future so hopefully resolve any issues. Also, Team Skully, could you provide some more details about what browser etc you use an what exactly the problem you encounter is. I am going to be rewriting some of the underlying code to make the log in system more robust so will feed into that any problems I can learn about. In the meantime, anyone who has problems is encouraged to let me know about them and can email their results to me via the contact form if they can't log in. Regards. Adam
  9. No that won't be necessary since all data was transferred. Actually, by the time entries opened this month you would have being using the new site anyway but mustn't have noticed. This hopefully suggests that my work in redirecting from the old to the new URL have been successful. Pretty much all links to the old URL should still work, even links to profile pages and will simply take you to the new site.
  10. Website open for January 2008 entries The Cacher of the Month website is now open for entries for January 2008. Please note the new website URL. If anyone has any trouble with the newly moved website then please contact me. I have made a number of mostly behind the scenes improvements to the site following the move. Regards, Adam
  11. If something I find in a cache isn't dripping wet then I'm happy, I don't really do swaps anyway so my key concern is whether the log book is soaked or not. I'd say go for it. Whilst I wouldn't be impressed if I found some political party leaflet or similar attempt at promotion or whatever, I think this is fine.
  12. Cacher of the Month has a new home at www.cotm.org.uk. Hopefully everything has gone smoothly with the move but of course the real test will be this next months entries. Any links to the old site should still work as they'll all be redirected to the same page at cotm.org.uk although I would ask that any links are updated to reflect the change. This is the first stage in a whole series of update to the site. Whilst much of these will be behind the scenes they will all contribute towards improving the experience of users. If anyone notices any issues as a result of the move then please let me know. Regards, Adam Please note: I'm aware of a few issues that have arisen as a result of the move and will be working to find any more and resolve them and would ask that if anyone notices any problems that they let me know. Thanks.
  13. Today is the last day for December 2007 entries. Regards, Adam
  14. This is a reminder that results from December 2007 for Cacher of the Month are due in by the end of tomorrow (Tuesday 15th). This will complete the year and the final results for 2007 will be available once these results have been published. Further to my previous thread in which I suggested I might not be able to continue with the website, I am pleased to announce that it is safe for the foreseeable future. I am making arrangements to transfer the site to a different server which will allow me more control and enable me to accept some of the offers of help I have received. The new website will be at www.cotm.org.uk. Whilst most of the changes will be behind the scenes, a significant change to effect users will be new email addresses to contact me via. Rather than going into my normal inbox, emails will go into a system an be assigned a ticket number which will make it easier for me to track outstanding issues and will make it possible for me to allow others to help out as appropriate. As I'm sure everyone can appreciate, running Cacher of the Month takes a significant amount of time and effort but the new server I'm moving to also is not particularly cheap. As the site moves over to the new server, I will invite donations via PayPal (paypal (at) cotm.org.uk) from anyone willing to contribute, however small, to the costs of hosting the site. I will, I'm afraid, not be awarding extra points to those that do. I will be happy though, to name those who've done so on the website unless people wish to remain anonymous for whatever reason. I am also considering producing a Cacher of the Month geocoin as a way to raise funds and also to promote the site further and would be interesting in hearing any advice from anyone experienced in this process. Also, any expressions of interest in such a coin would be welcome to allow me to gauge potential interest. Regards, Adam
  15. I'm thinking I'll be able to continue for the time being now having considered the options available to me. I've upgraded my web hosting to facilitate improving the website with a view to reducing the time required. This change will make it possible to accept some of the offers of help which I've received.
  16. I am currently considering what options are available to continue with the site. I've had offers of help and this may make the continuation more feasible. I'm concious that having to restart the site again would be very undesirable. I will continue work on the site for the time being as I work on reducing the time it costs me to maintain. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to devise a solution that will keep the site going whilst addressing the concerns I have.
  17. With the New Year comes an opportunity to step back and review where I am and where I want to be. I have a number of demands on my time and I've come to the conclusion that these have, especially in recent months, prevent me from looking after Cacher of the Month as well as I'd like. Therefore, I am afraid I must make December 2007 the last month for which I will accept results for CotM. This comes exactly two years after I took the baton from Deego who had similar time issues. Whilst I've worked to minimise the time it takes to organise and to improve the website, it still requires regular attention. I'm now at the point where to reduce this much further would require a significant lump of time to continue the development of the website. Whilst disappointed, I feel happy that my work has seen CotM continued from December 2005 when it might have otherwise finished. Average participation has increased to just over the 100 mark per month from around an average of 80 when I took over. I will ensure that any issues raised are resolved for December and any other months. Like Deego, I would be happy to discuss helping someone take this over but they have to be no doubts that with typically over 100 entries a month this is no simple undertaking. I can provide a copy of the results database but of course would not be happy to release the names/email addresses etc of users so any new site would require users to re-register such details. However, saying that, I'm open to ideas and so won't rule too much out at this stage but am concious that I've been entrusted with somewhat private details which I'll be careful.
  18. I must apologise, I've not been away but I've been pretty busy recently. I'm on a year out from uni doing a full time job living away from home, but with still some uni work to do. I intend to sort out the October statistics over this weekend and also to spend some time over Christmas making some behind the scenes improvements to ensure I can continue to provide my usually more speedy response to queries. The work I did when I took over CotM means that I don't have too much work on a monthly basis but I need to continue to update and improved the code which was originally written quite quickly due to the aim of preventing an interruption during the changeover. I appreciate people will be keen to see the October stats and so I'll sort this over the weekend and I'm sorry about the delay. Any emails I've received might not have been answered yet but any queries will be dealt with as time permits. On this basis, I encourage people to continue to participate as I hope for normal service to resume in the new year. If anyone has any problems submitting results and are not able to do so before the deadline then results can emailed to me. If I have emails about problems which by not dealing with them I've prevented someone from getting their results in then I'll contact them and invite them to email them to me.
  19. It is of course that time of the month again, time to get any results in for Cacher of the Month. See the website at http://www.aebrookes.co.uk/cotm/ for details. Any problems, please let me know. Regards, Adam
  20. Just a quick note to remind cachers that the Cacher of the Month website is open for entries for the month of June. Any problems, don't hesitate to contact me. Regards, Adam
  21. Today is the final day for entries for Cacher of the Month for May. Any problems please let me know. Apologies for the late reminders, the website will close midnight tonight as usual but I'll probably accept entries via email tomorrow as well and delay the results until the 17th. Regards, Adam
  22. Deadline is the end of today. Results to be published tomorrow. I've hopefully sorted out all the email queries but please let me know if you have any problems.
  23. Deadline for results is the end of the 15th. I've got a few emails I need to sort out but will try to have it all done by the 16th when the results will be published.
  24. Just a quick reminder that the Cacher of the Month website is open for entries for April 2007. Once again I must apologise that other commitments this month mean it will be likely that any emails I receive will get a slow response but I'll work to ensure that everything is sorted by the deadline. Any problems just let me know. Regards. Adam
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