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  1. Webcam (and virtual) caches that are currently in place and working can remain. However, if they have been disabled for too long or the owner is clearly not maintaining them (monitoring the logs for example) then we may archive them. If you (or the reviewers) archive such a cache it cannot be unarchived.

    Read the guidelines here on maintenance of such caches.



    Graculus - Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com

    Resource website for UK and Ireland Geoachers www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk


    Thanks. I can forget about getting them unarchived then. :rolleyes:

  2. According to Haggis Hunters' Bookmark listing: which reflect what I though :D



    For the owners of these caches - You may not know but if you disable your cache for maintenance, you will be able to re-enable it yourself. But if you archive it for any reason at all, you will never be able to re-activate it what so ever. Think carefully before archiving your cache! Ask around if you need it to be adopted, someone may want to, just to keep the icon going.


    That was my understanding when I archived the cache but I wondered if that was still the situation. I can understand if GC wants to move away from webcam caches etc. by stopping new caches of this type but I'm not sure what the problem is with unarchiving old ones.

  3. Can someone advise me on what is the current situation with webcam caches? I've got a couple of webcam caches which I archived due to the webcam being unavailable at the time but where it is now available in at least one of the cases. Is it possible to unarchive such caches?



  4. I suppose the conditions we've had in the last week or so are perhaps another reason to try to avoid the temptation of clearing all your nearest caches, leaving those further away to do. It obviously means that when you can't travel due to rain/snow/flooding or because your car/bike is unserviceable you can't do any caching!

  5. Hi all,


    Just a quick reminder that the Cacher of the Month website is now open for entries for the month of September.


    One new feature of the website this month is the ability to include an avatar on your profile page using the Gravatar service. By associating an image with the email address you use for CotM this will show up on your profile. For a few examples see mine, alistair_uk's, or Minstrelcat's profile pages.


    As always, if anyone has any problems then don't hesitate to contact me. If there are any outstanding problems which I've not yet resolved then please remind me.





  6. Please can you explain to me why on earth this site is agreeing and going along with this unreasonable request?


    The caches in the Park do no one any harm.


    Why on earth has some unnamed person decided that they are an "increased security risk" at this random point?


    If this site continued to list the caches then there is little the "authorities" can do about it. (Maybe remove them - but I would happily replace mine.)


    This is another example in the UK of post 9-11 madness. Where the bonkers threat of "security" is used to control and undermine the live and freedoms of normal people.


    This site should say a polite but firm 'no' to the "authorities" and keep the caches on line.


    It is our taxes that pay for the upkeep of the park.


    Please can this site resist this very silly and random demand?




    <Edited by Moderator to remove inappropriate language>

    • It's not an unreasonable request. It's their land, and if they don't want caches on it, it's up to them.
    • The moderators have to comply with any request made. What's the point of fighting it? All you'll do is make Geocachers look immature and unreasonable and it acheives nothing.
    • Yes, the whole "security" thing is bonkers and I disagree wholeheartedly with that excuse for removing them. But once again - it's their land, and they can do what they want with it. We don't have the right to do what we want there, without permission.

    This looks like throwing toys out the pram to me. All caches are supposed to be placed with permission, and the landowner is free to remove that permission at any time. Yes, it's a shame, but come on - London is full of caches. Why get so angry about this?




    Agree completely and suggest ThePirateKing should delete this unreasonable and inappropriate log. Cache listings are not the right venue to be ranting about this.


    Of course it is deeply disappointing if these caches are going to disappear and whilst we have to respect their decision it is perfectly reasonable to wish discuss it further with them. I very much doubt however, based upon ThePirateKing's comments, that him raising it with Friends of Greenwich Park will do any good and will probably just serve to harm the image of geocachers in general.


    My understanding is that the land is owned by the Crown but it doesn't really matter who owns it, tax payers or not, it doesn't give us a right to place caches.

  7. Right, I've spent a reasonable amount of time today sorting out some of the outstanding issues to clear the backlog which has built up whilst I've been busy with other things. Hopefully now most things have been sorted but if anyone is still having any problems then please let me know. Its better to contact me through the contact form on the website rather than sending an email directly to my personal address since the latter could quickly disappear amongst other emails whilst the former goes into a database which makes it easier to handle and keep track of.


    I'm fairly confident now that I'll be able to handle issues more promptly than has been the case recently and continue to look at ways to improve the site.





  8. I would just like to apologise that at the moment I am a bit busy and as such it has not been possible for me to devote the required amount of time to manage CotM. I've recently left a job, moved house, gone on holiday, and am now preparing to return to study at university. I am confident that things will shortly be settling down and I'll be able to deal with all outstanding issues.





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