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  1. Hi. I'm not aware of any mechanism to get google maps into a GC - but when I upgraded my GC to v2.15 I had a look around and came across this website - http://maps4me.net/ - you have to register ($15 for 1 year) but once you do so you can download an unlimited number of worldwide maps from there. And there's a lot of maps of a lot of areas in there - have a look and see if there's anything suitable for you, you can browse without registering. I've currently got the OSM map of the UK from there loaded into my GC and the amount of detail provided is far superior to the basemap it came with. Still not 100% ideal (not as good as talkytoaster maps on my Garmins) but a massive improvement. Cheers. David.
  2. Hi. I've got a Magellan GC and upgraded it to v2.15. Slight hiccup in the upgrade process meant I got the system but not the new basemap, so I loaded it across from VantagePoint. This gave me the most basic base map I've ever seen - so I purchased the OSM map of the UK from maps4me.net - which gives me a lot more detail. But - on my Garmin Oregon I've got the OSM based highly detailed maps of the UK produced by talkytoaster (the OS50 versions). Lots more information than just the base OSM maps and all open source. Is there any way to convert the open source maps I use on my Garmin (.img format) into a format that the new GC can use (.imi?)? I'm not looking to break any licences or load illegally sourced maps - it's all open source, I'm just looking to change the format to something the GC can use. Cheers.
  3. I've had a GC for a while and have never had any problem loading it - but then I use GSAK! I just get GSAK to download all the pocket queries I have, centre it on the area I'm going and tell it to put 10,000 caches (with photos, logs, waypoints, etc) onto the GC. It's never let me down - and with the new GC firmware (2.15) it only takes about 10 minutes for it to load the GPX file transferred into its internal database (it used to take ages to do this).
  4. I was on v1.7 and I've upgraded to v2.15 - but the install won't finish cleanly. It installs the system, tells me it's not installed - and when I turn on the device it's on v2.15 with no maps! Anyone got any clues as to what to do to resolve this? I've used vantage point to put on the most basic basemap - but it's very basic and has absolutely no detail for where I live (central Scotland) over basic coastlines.
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