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    I put a shout out on FB to see if anyone I knew geocached. Several people responded and one said "theres an app for that" and stated it was way better than a hand held. True, False or personal opinion? Just curious what the app would give us vs. the capabilities of the Magellan.
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    Hello all, Recently in a local newspaper I read about caching and how it was an activity that paired the outdoors with treasure hunting. To be honest, I'm not a huge outdoors fan b/c I reside in an area where there are red ants of which I am deathly allergeric to. That being said I set my heart on my husband and I "suiting up" to take on our new hobby of Geocaching. We purchased our wonderful Magellan, down loaded a few sites and set out for all the finds we would make. Unfortunately, we made none. Did we come close? Absolutely! Twice we found the exact spot but we were in such a public area we really didn't know what we were supposed to do. Should we root through the plants/bushes sitting in front of both locations on bustling roadways? The third time we would have definately found the cache but the location was in a wooded area that we thought could be housing more than caches. So, any thoughts? Is our GPS bound for ebay or are these just the perils of a newbie couple?
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