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  1. Hello everyone! I'm still pretty new at geocoins and I'm not even sure where to start looking for this item so I thought I would ask the experts :). I have a friend who is a MASSIVE twilight series fan and I recently took her geocaching and she loves it. I was really hoping I could get her some Twilight geocoins for christmas, but I don't know where to find them. I did a basic google search and I found pathtags, but I like the geocoins more! Can anyone point me in the right direction and prevent me from having to get the pathtags instead :(

    Thanks in advance!


  2. This sounds like a great bit of software to have....but I have a mac and I can't figure out on the website how to get in on my computer (without adding a basecamp). Is it mac friendly or am I out of luck? Any recommendations for Mac friend software like it?


    GSAK is strictly Windows. Basecamp seems to be an option. There are some discussions from time to time on the GSAK boards about running GSAK on a mac. I'm sure a search will produce several hits.

    hmmm I may just cave finally and get Basecamp just for this! LOL

  3. This sounds like a great bit of software to have....but I have a mac and I can't figure out on the website how to get in on my computer (without adding a basecamp). Is it mac friendly or am I out of luck? Any recommendations for Mac friend software like it?


  4. Hello everyone! Newbie here looking for some more help. I have only used an iPhone for my geocaching. I have a cache I would like to go for this weekend, problem is the location isn't really on a street grid. I had a fellow Geocacher send me a few files that they think will help me. Problem is I have no idea how to use a .mps/.gdb/.gpx file...or really I don't even know what they are. So my first question is what are they? And second question is how can I use them on my iPhone to help me find this cache. (All my iphone activity will be offline!).

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    PS quick question...once you place a cache and then register it..how long till it shows up online?

  5. Why?.... I'm using Geocaching as a technique to home-school and we don't have a coin yet! This would be a great way to help teach my child not only about geocaching and all the amazing things that in itself entail. But it would nice to do little history assignments on the places the coin visits! I would make its goal to travel to places with historical value and then teach that to my kids. I'm kind of excited just thinking about the lesson plans! :D

  6. Hello all! I'm TheRoadWife (muggles call me Angela) and am "new" to geocaching. Our homebase is in IL, USA (will be Texas in the next year). We travel for my husbands work and in the last few months have gotten 5 countries already! I have about #86 finds right now. JUST got our first 6 trackables (4 bugs, one personal traveler to count our miles and one keychain that others can "discover" me!)

    I was introduced to this wonderful game by a friend of mine whos kids love doing it and she uses it as part of her homeschooling/boy scouts troop stuff. I originally started for my kids but then I realized *I* was hooked! My son likes it also but still pretty young to know anything but "geocaching hike time". :D Its funny because now when ever he finds anything outside he calls it his cache <3 He got a treasure chest for his birthday to put his swag in! I'm in love with the iPhone app because we can be in between doing things and just need to blow off some kid steam and I can search in the area and go!

    We have found a couple of coins and moved them on their way. I didn't know people collected them till I got on this forum. I would love to start a collection.I'm hoping for a 100 cache finds coin by end of the year!

    Is there a place you can get personal WOOD coins made to use for dropping off at each cache you find? And are there kid specific coin collections? Looking forward to getting to know you all!

  7. With the official Geocaching app you can upload your PQs via Wi-Fi and use them offline. As for offline maps with a smartphone thats always an issue. You may want to invest in a decent hand held GPSr. You'll get better durability and much longer battery life.

    The 62S is already on my x-mas list! :D

    Thanks everyone I will give these a try.

  8. How can I get offline maps on to my iPhone for geocaching? (kuwait specifically since I'm traveling there). I will have data/phone turned off but I will use the phones GPS system..just need some maps.

    Also any geocaching apps work offline? I currently make PQ on my Groundspeak app but only seem to get topo maps for those.

  9. Hello everyone... i'm theroadwife and we are going to be in Kuwait for several more weeks (if not a couple months). thinking of taking a vacation to Dubai at the end of the job. I'm about 85 caches to date, SO CLOSE to my 100 goal for the year-but since Kuwait doesn't have that many non-military ones I don't think I'm going to make it! :(

  10. Couple questions I have...


    How do I make a bookmark list?


    Is there a way to remove/block or at least search OUT caches that are placed on military bases (or need special access?). I'm in kuwait right now and of the countries 92 caches all most all are on bases, and I can take the time to read each one because its not that many, but in the future I would like a way to remove those from my search if possible.


    Is there a way to download maps (google street, etc) onto my iphone 4 to use when off line (I need more than topo for some!)?

  11. I have been using my iPhone and I have some issues with its accuracy, plus I feel i'm ready (or at least willing) to try harder caches. If you could pick your dream GPS (or have it) which one is it (money not an issue)? I know this is something I'm going to enjoy for a long time and my kids like it also. I don't like to buy beginners things because it seems I just want the cooler toy in a few weeks and then get it. So this time I'm skipping the newbie one and I want the expert/bells and whistles one....so which one is that!? :)

  12. I'm going to be moving with my family for a few months to Taiwan (south-west area, but we want to see the country). I was wondering if we have any active Taiwan members here to point us at some cool caches/sites/etc?! :) PM me!

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