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  1. How do I get a PQ on my Montana? I have downloaded GSAK but I have no idea how to use it. Is there a good webiste/vlog that explains/shows how to use it? One more thing... I bought the road maps but I can't figure out how to use them.

  2. I have a Wherigo cartridge that the owner sent me a link to (its an alternative version the main one posted). Its not searchable on the Wherigo app so I can't seem to bring it up on my iPhone. However I did just get a Garmin Montana but don't know how to use it yet. (Also just downloaded GSAK but again no idea how to use it yet). I'm wondering if someone can step by step explain to me how to get the cartridge on my phone or my montana.

  3. Hi there. A new multi-state multi was just published near me. It's a collaborative effort, where multiple cachers from many states help each other out to find successive stages. The first stage is in Ohio, but stage five is in South Dakota. I need two cachers to help out with this stage, one for me and one for my caching partner. Send me a message if you're interested and we'll get this chain going. We'll also need members from North Carolina, Texas, and Washington. Let me know if you'd like to help!



    I'm heading to Sioux Falls in a few weeks and then moving to the houston area :D I may able to help in two areas! Also if I can't directly I have friends (cachers in both those areas!). Msg me if you still need some help.

  4. I tried to do a search that would compare the Montana to the 62S but I can't seem to find one. I'm wondering (besides size and price) what the differences are in them, what do you like or hate about them?

    Thanks in advance for the answers! And if there is another topic discussing this please feel free to just copy the link for me :D

  5. I'm heading to Dubai for a little visa run from Q8. I should have 2 full days there (with husband, 2 small kids). I have to stick to public transportation but I was hoping for some suggestions of Caches to grab while there...anything interesting?! I'm hoping for more than just some micros. Thanks in advance.

    Also its our first time there...so besides geocaching i'm up for suggestions of things to do/see.

  6. I would love to get my hands on some GPS units and play with them before buying one. I don't need to buy it from the store that has it (since I probably can find cheaper online)...but whats a good store that would have the most common GPS units (62s, Montana, Oregon,etc).

    Thanks in advance!

  7. I have noticed many people take notes of their finds. I have seen things from a GPS trail (you can see where they walked/drove on a map), pictures of the cache itself, pictures of the location, etc. I'm wondering what are the most common notes people take? Also where/how can I do one of those trail maps...I find them very fascinating! Especially the drunk bee walk at the end :D

  8. Oh I'm glad I read this! I have been one of those people who grab and dip. I live in one country for a couple months so what I do when I find a trackable is keep it and visit locations with it during my stay and then when I leave one country I drop them off in the next country. I usually am good at letting the owner know/asking them if its ok that i will keep it for a month (I notify them if it would be longer) but to drop it off in another country (usually pretty far). But rarely do I get a reply!

    So since I tell the owner this, and rarely hear back, should I be holding on to them for a big move, and visiting on the way....or should I just pick it up and then drop it off on the next one?

  9. I live in hotels all year long (have been for 5yrs now). We travel for hubby's work. Most of them are high end (JW marriot dubai was my fav!)...anyway...this could be done...they don't clean THAT well. :D


    Are you going to place some on your next travels?



    Not something I would be interested in doing. But then I have already got all 21 non-military caches in kuwait and all 1 of the non-military challenges...I'm here for a couple more months, I may get bored enough to start! LOL

  10. I'm planning a roadtrip from Chicagoland to Louiville area and I read somewhere that someone made a PQ with caches on their roadtrip. Besides staring at the map for hours and picking what I want/don't want...is there a way to search for caches on a path and put them in a PQ? Thanks in advance for you help. (iphone GPS if you need to know.... I MAY have my new 62s by then but not sure).

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