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  1. i agree with you..... This thread SHOULD be closed!
  2. .....and what would be wrong with that? IMO that would be cool.
  3. hopefully that 51 leg multi that was dicussed in another thread will be one of these 'killed at the db.' Nothing against multis or that cacher, but that just seemed pretty uninspired, as they asked where they could get 51 micro containers for free in a different thread.
  4. interesting, how about any case mods?
  5. I got a garmin legend on ebay and I was wondering if there are any hacks or mods people have done. I know there must be, I've seen modded roomba vaccums! I know there's a hack to skip the start up screen but what else have people done?
  6. I can't remember the names, but they're described as: ......every jeep tb ever! Move them along people.
  7. careful with that 'collecting' word......
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