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  1. The were 2-3 offending pixels blurred on the CNN home page: It is amazing that someone spent their time blurring the photo. When you clicked on the story you were brought to a different picture. I guess this one slipped by the editors. <image removed by moderator>
  2. Has anyone had the opportunity to test the new GPS units from Polaroid? They combine GPS navigation with DVD/CD playback and a large touchscreen for a portable unit (5.6"). They have a USB port and a SD card slot, but I cannot find any mention on the Polaroid website of the ability to upload/download waypoints and/or tracks. I also cannot find any mention of using GPS coordinates instead of street addresses in the navigation. Anyone know? I just called Polaroid and they didn't know either. Part numbers are MGM-2800, MGM-0550, MGX-0560, MGX-0550. I can find very few difference between the part numbers, which may be either cosmetic differences or designators for where the units are being sold. Target currently has them in stock, and apparently Sams Club will begin stocking them soon. The price is comparible to some of the other car units, with the built in DVD player built into the cost. But are they any good?? Thanks, dadJ of Team_J
  3. Bump. It seems that caches are now well into the GCZ's.
  4. To paraphrase one of the motivational posters hanging in the last call center I worked at, Remember that customers are not an interruption of your business - they are the reason for your business.
  5. Hey!! That's the better half of Team sigJ (aka momJ) at Lake Woodlands Resort "Grogansmill", in The Woodlands, TX. The original non-geowyz'd picture is below. dadJ
  6. Why do I think you are talking about me in that last part? Have you met SigJ? I'm small potatos compared to him. Sn gans Hey Snoogans! You calling me strange? What has the world come to? Anyone read the logs on his latest cache in the abandoned bomb shelter? I'm watching you, Snoogans!!
  7. Add the text "&dtype=a" (without the quotes) to the Mapquest URL and the photos will usually come back. That is an old trick the conspiracy theorists found when looking for areas that Mapquest chose to censor (such as Groom Lake, NV, aka Area 51). Regards...
  8. Just happened upon this on the forums: Congratulations on your first 100, Team GUI!! Team sigJ Houston, TX
  9. There is a problem with publishing the text of the MO caches so that non-members can help decide what they are missing. To truly protect a MO cache, it needs to be either a virtual, an offset, a puzzle cache, or a combination-locked cache, and those details must be contained in the text of the cache description. As has been suggested elsewhere, MO status does not completely protect cache coordinates from non-members.
  10. Cruzin', I took a quick look at the site you listed, and found nothing substantial there, except for some SLAPP / anti-SLAPP legal filings. What exactly was the gripe with Fry's in the first place?? Is there a link on the page to the beginning of the fight with Fry's? Because right now, it looks like a copyright -vs- fair use case for the name "Fry's". Confused, dadJ of Team sigJ quote:Originally posted by Cruzin!:"Fry's" is a four-letter word as far as I'm concerned. http://frys.sthomas.net/ -- Pehmva! Random quote: http://sthomas.net/sigimage.php [This message was edited by sigJ on August 14, 2003 at 09:15 AM.]
  11. You cannot make it a puzzle very easily, as the train club has a website, which includes the scheduled hours of operation. quote:Originally posted by flask:i would post it in a heartbeat. be sure to post the open hours. or make figuring out the open hours BE THE PUZZLE. provide enough information so the finder knows it's closed most of the time. the trick is getting there at the right time. it doesn't matter if you get to camp at one or at six. dinner is still at six.
  12. OK Breaktrack, you got me there. By the way, he is recovering nicely. dadJ quote:Originally posted by Breaktrack: That's what it was, we were too close... that's why you dropped him on his head.... (slapping self on forehead...) LOL. http://www.texasgeocaching.com "Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.
  13. Paul, The other question is how far is the depot from the pod? (Yes, I know exactly where the two spots are, I just don't know if they violate the too close rule.) If it is too close, it shouldn't be approved. dadJ
  14. I like your avatar, Team GUI. dadJ of Team sigJ
  15. I got a trash can letter, too. And one complaining about the mildew on my chimney. And one complaining about my (neighbor's) basketball hoop being in the street. Dontcha just love HOA's? (HOA=Home Owners' Association) dadJ
  16. Hello guys. I have to come clean here. It was a joke, done in my favorite photo editor. I posted the image in December, and never heard another word about it. I think you would need to spend a little while in The Woodlands to understand. They have lots of rules, so it is only a matter of time before they ban geocaching. But not yet. I posted a copy of the actual sign this morning (7-7-03). dadJ of Team sigJ [This message was edited by sigJ on July 07, 2003 at 03:09 PM.]
  17. Thanks for the plug, Snoogans. Another one with few finds has some interesting logs - Jean's Rice - GC2407 Here is my log: One if by land, two if by sea. I walked halfway across the Creek and got weak in the knee. Next I checked tax maps to tell private property from not, and set off on foot to log this one without getting shot. Snuck into a park that hasn't been built yet, and traipsed through the woods to the place that was wet. Spooked two on horseback and got questioned a lot. Cause I thought I should be there, and they thought I should not. Arrived at the cache to find some ShortyPens, a doll and car. T/L Nothing, as I forgot trades after walking so far. I opened the book and glanced at the log, and saw it's been a year since the visit from Trog. Went back for my car. If it had been ticketed, I'd be ****ed. Man am I glad to get Jean's Rice off of my list. quote:Originally posted by Snoogans: Check out Deserted Islands by SigJ (GCE8E0) Those logs are interesting and fun. Sngans The greatest labor saving invention of today is tomorrow....
  18. On a certain unnamed cache, I tried the common advice of picking up a stick to poke around the cache area. Good idea if you are not in Texas. The fire ant nest hidden underneath the stick made for many painful surprises. After finding the cache (why stop then?), an emergency trip to the drugstore for some Benedryl (buy generic - save tons!!) allowed the swelling to subside on my hand. dadJ of Team sigJ
  19. Captain Morgan and Family, I think you misread my recent post. Your log to my cache did not indicate any disapproval of my cache requirements. You logged it, it met my requirements, and I kept your log. It was two months after that that you decided to use my cache to build your example that there are too many locationless caches out there. I agree with you that there are too many. Also, I feel that some items for locationless caches are too common, and that others are too rare. No argument there. However when I saw your forum post today for the first time, I felt compelled to respond. The point of my response was to complain that you (as others before you), chose to debate the merits of a specific cache without having the courtesy to include the cache owner in the debate. Instead, you have just made me angry by talking behind my back in a public forum. I would have gladly changed my cache page upon the first complaint that I was being U.S.-centric in my requirements. Log it or don't log it, but move on. Unless it breaks the rules, which mine does not. I felt absolutely no obligation to "do some investigation what's the situation around the globe". My cache description makes it clear that I live in the U.S., and that the experiences I have had led to my cache choice. Despite your objections, the majority of finds on this cache are exactly what I called for in the cache description - quote:When I learned to drive, I quickly came to realize that speed limits in the United States are supposed to be evenly divisible by 5.Once in a while, some local governing board will make an unusual speed limit in order to draw attention to it. The example I have put here is from a corporate campus in Houston, Texas. [Picture of 21MPH Speed limit here.] How many other odd speed limits can you find? Looking at the logs, there is a nice split between U.S. respondents and those from other countries. Have a nice day, dadJ of Team sigJ [This message was edited by sigJ on March 25, 2003 at 02:37 PM.]
  20. I see Captain_Morgan&Family has brought up one of my caches by cross-posting his complaints about it to two topics. (He) doesn't like the fact that I called for a locationless cache asking for unusual speed limits. I'm OK with that. What I am not OK with, is the nonsense which pervades these boards where people debate specific caches without inviting the cache owners to the debate. My response to Captain_Morgan&Family is as follows: This cache was not "recently approved". It was approved 4 months ago. You logged it 2 months before complaining about it on the forum. But I am nitpicking. From now on, if you have a problem with one of my caches, or anyone else's, please have the common decency to email the cache owner before opening up the subject for debate. This cache should not have affected your caching enjoyment one bit. This cache does cause my family much pleasure, however. This game should be fun. It is not a sport, but a game, and pleasure should be derived from it. Too many rules, and all the fun will go away. I see you did log a find on this cache. If it was so bad, why did you waste your time and my time doing so? quote:December 19, 2002 by Captain_Morgan&Family (102 found)N 61° 21.717 E 023° 49.145 You can [delete] or [permanently encrypt] this log entry. 80 km/h is the most common winter speed limit on main roads in Finland. In a summertime it's 100 km/h, and on highways 120 km/h. The photo is taken on the road 130 between Tampere and Valkeakoski, southern Finland. 80 km/h Per Bigeddy's suggestion, I will immediately change the requirement to allow only speeds that do not end in zero. I already eliminated 75, since that is popular in the Western US, and several finds were posted. No big deal. Thank you, Bigeddy, for keeping it all in perspective. As is the case with all caches, if you don't like a cache, don't log your finds. That wasn't hard, was it? dadJ of Team sigJ
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