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  1. That's how it works in the intro and paid versions. Login and you don't have to sign in next time. Are you having trouble with it? Yes it requires me to log in every time I open the app. I have seen others just open the app and be logged in.
  2. Is there a way to automatically open the geocaching app, bypassing the need to sign in with UN and PW, when I select it on my I Phone?
  3. Project GC has a lot of info but does not show the maps I was thinking of. mygeocachingprofile.com is not a good URL so I can't comment on that one.
  4. There is a site that shows all of a members history in detail, down to which county per state one has found caches in. Where is that site?
  5. I tried your first cache and it did not work for me either. Whichever cache I look at - the logs are shifted far to the right. When you say you looked at "your first cache" are you looking at my caches or those of serberus1.
  6. An update. I looked at several of my caches and then looked at caches that appear on the Geocaching.com map. The title X number of logs visited remains on the left margin of the page. The problem is the log comment section of the page is shifted half way to the right. I have logged out several times and the problem is still there. Viewing a page on my I Phone is normal.
  7. I just opened one of my cache pages to read some of the comments left by cachers. The first 1/3 of the page is now blank shifting everything to the right and off the screen. I can not view the whole page now on a single screen.
  8. I am using a Powerex MH C9000 charger. with a charge rate of 300 ma on Eneloop 1900 mah batteries. Yes the GPS had gotten set to Alkaline and have no had any usage time since resetting it. Could that setting, and the use of back light, have caused the short useful life per charge.
  9. When I'm driving in the car, I try to have the unit powered externally. Are you saying the USB cable I use to load the 450 will charge it also?
  10. I realize that the light is the biggest single draw on the batteries but can you go into detail as to how you use the GPS without backlight. Are you leaving the unit ON all the time or switching it o and off as you go?
  11. Thanks The GPS was set for alkaline. Not sure when that got changed but hopefully that is the issue. See how the next set lasts.
  12. Not sure what you mean by autorouting. Are you saying 5-6 hours of the GPS being all that time. If that is the case mine are shot because I get less than 2 hours total time on for the GPS in spurts of 5 to 10 mins on time. Can't use it for 4 or 5 caches without changing batteries.
  13. What do get for a charge life when they are in good shape I assume I can still use my Powerex charge
  14. I have 2 sets of Eneloop Batteries 1900mah that I use in a GARMIN Oregon 450 and not getting much life out of them They are over 2 years old and have been cycled with Refresh and Analyze a few times. Lucky to get a couple of hours after each recharge. Is there something wrong or are they just as advertized? Should I trade them in on Teslas?
  15. I guess my original question should have been "How to contact the web site manager", since my question would require a change to the software and not just suggestions on how to get around it. In the past I had posted other questions on managing TBs from my I phone. Those question could be and were answered here because the functions necessary were already in the software, just not as accessible as on my computer. So is there a way to contact the web manager?
  16. Everyone seams to have a grasp on what CAN BE DONE under the current software. No one has understood the reasoning behind my original question. "Visiting All" and then backing out some TBs, those attached to a car I am not driving that day, is more work. I was looking for a means to reduce work and confusion. The answer is simple if the software was changed to separate my collectables TBs within the My Inventory List. This would make a simple and effect why to manage all TBs without the confusion of having them intermingled in one alphabetical list. Oh yes the "visit all" function would have to be able to be applied to either of the separated lists, not that I could see a reason to ever want to visit all my cars at a given cache when some are not with me.
  17. Let me try again to enplane my original question. The following list is a list of TBs that appears on my/default home page. It has 6 TBs listed alphabetically. The 2 that are highlighted in bold are TBs that will be placed in caches in time. Those not marked in bold are my collectible TBs. Three of them are mounted on my cars. It is those TBs that I would like to be able to mark as visited as I go from cache to cache. The ideal would be to have that list separated into 2 alphabetical list within the list titled MY Inventory. If that were the case one could easily find and use the TBs as either Placed or Visited while at a given cache. Yes a list of 6 items is not a overwhelming obstacle but I often carry more than 2 Placeable TBs and may purchase more collectibles decals. Even the simple change of marking one type in BOLD would be a great improvement. Linking those TBs that are in the hand of the owner would be a source of such information 1,000 finds Royal Flush 1,000 finds Royal Flush R Shack R Shack Soaring Eagle Geocoin Soaring Eagle Geocoin TDI TDI Travler Puzzle Bug Travler Puzzle Bug Viola Viola
  18. I have asked this question on another area of the Forum and was advised to post it here. I am posting a link to the original tread for a complete review of what has taken place so far. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=331326&pid=5499741&st=0entry5499741
  19. Am I missing something here? OK I have separated the 2 types of TBs into 'Trackables Inventory' and 'Trackables Collection'. I thought that was my original request but now find solves nothing. Yes they are separated but now I can't log mileage on those TBs that are in the "Collection" and attached to my vehicles. Am I stuck with the confusion that comes with both types of TBs being listed in "my Inventory" or is there a way to maintain separation and be able to show when a given Collection TB has "visited" a cache?
  20. When I open the Geo web page on my computer or my I Phone and click on my user name it takes me to this page http://www.geocaching.com/my/default.aspx On that page is the listed inventory I noted above. It is from that page that I manage my activities while in the field. It would have bee nice to have the 2 different types of TB separated on that page so I could see what was available for placement and what was available to note as having visited a cache. Now that my vehicle mounted TBs are on another page, just to accomplish separation, they are not available to record a visitation.
  21. Here is the list and i do not see any drop down box in the area of the list. Your Inventory Soaring Eagle Geocoin Soaring Eagle Geocoin THE GLOW CLOUD THE GLOW CLOUD Viola Viola
  22. There are now 5 Tbs in "Trackable Items(Yours)that are my TBs on my cars and or collectable coins. They had been in "My Inventory" on my profile page and I could note them a having "visited" a cache. Now that they have been separated I can not select "Visited". It would be great if both appeared on My Profile page but with some form of separation so as to be more easily managed from that page.
  23. Your points are correct. My Original question was why do the 2 different types of TB have to be listed together in Inventory. The software has addressed a vast number of issues and generally handled them impressively. Why can't the TBs be separated and present on the profile page to facilitate a more effective management. Even if a simple notation were noted by collectibles it would make it much easier to distinguish them apart while in the field. I currently have 3 TB mounted on vehicles and like to log them for mileage while caching.
  24. I had asked how to separate how TBs that I hold to be placed in caches from my own TBs and collectable coins I own appear on my home page. That question was answered but presented another question. When All TBs were listed in my inventory I could note the TB on my car as a visit to a cache I had just found. My TBs no longer are listed with that option. How can I accrue mileage on the TBs mounted on my cars as I cache?
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