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  1. Thank You One more vote for a better system.
  2. Is there a way to arrange ones Souvenirs? By date, by type, by state, or any other system? They just seam to appear in the list with no system.
  3. I just looked at My geocaching profile .com How and when is that updated as I just found several caches in a new county that do not show on this site. Also my total cache count is quite low compared to my home page count.
  4. I just love comments that mention an option but give no directions as to how to access that option.
  5. You cannot get rid of the message center itself. To get rid of the messages, try double-clicking the most recent conversations. That works for me. Double clicking has not effect. Where on the message are you clicking?
  6. The new message center says I have 2 messages but none are there. How can i get rid of it and them?
  7. Thanks This worked, I got it moved.
  8. Yes, use this. How do I ask her to adopt the TB? I opened up on her site and entered the TB code but it says she has not been ASKED.
  9. OK here we go. I placed a TB on a friends motor home for her. I did this while camping and thus working on my I Phone. I signed in on my site and them thought I went to her site to activate the TB. When completed it had the ownership of the TB under my inventory. Is there a way to transfer ownership to her. Also once done how do I establish a zero point for her to accrue mileage o the TB? This is the TB. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=5100067
  10. My first (and only) TB was taken from a PMO cache in which I dropped it. It goes to show, you never know! Yes but I can cut out ignorance of the game from the equation but not stupidity.
  11. Google "Debbie does decals" Oddly enough they do decals. But the point is they can do travel bug decals, with any number, so you can get a new one made. I hope for Debbie's sake she is not in Dallas Thanks
  12. You don't need the actual tag in order to continue to use the TB tracking number. You can put the number on another object--print it, engrave it, whatever, and it can continue to live and travel. Good Answer Thanks
  13. I have to archive one of my travel bugs but can't see how. Unlike all those TB that are stolen mine just blew off the back of my truck.
  14. The last 3 posts seam to have explained my question. The TB had not been place since Feb and thus I had lost contact with it. When I looked for it yesterday I was taken back at the 12 pages of activity and lack of notification. That caused me to attempt to but it on my watchlist. Thanks for the help
  15. No. I had not looked at that page but have now. It is typical Apple I tells you that their product can do something but never gives instruction on how to do it.
  16. Yes I have looked and I have asked Apple Care but Apple has transferred Apple Care to a third party answering service that only Googles my question. They have no knowledge of Apple products. I was hopping an I Phone user might.I know it could be done with rev. 7 but can't get an answer if so with 8.3
  17. I have a travel but out there but most not have ever asked to track it. I don't get notifications of it's moves. Is there a way now to put it on my watch-list?
  18. google Safari 6/7 (Mavericks): Automatically fill in passwords, credit cards, and more https://support.apple.com/kb/PH17178?locale=en_US Apple Support Communities How can I force Safari to Autofill? https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6510809?start=0&tstart=0 Looks like some progress. Those links address auto fill in Safari on a Mac. I have looked on the I Phone and in Safari, general, password autofill is an option. However there is no clear path as how to ADD a new UN and PW. I contacted Apple Care and they had no idea on how to do it. If any of you know how to add a new UN and PW please advise. B.
  19. Yes it appears I am opening the web site in safari. Now then I guess the question is can safari automatically apply user name and password like many other browsers can?
  20. I have an I Phone with the Gepcaching app and an icon to the Geocaching web site. When I open the web site it asks me to sign in every time. This seams like a waste of time and unnecessary function since I have seen others that can go directly to the site. Yes there is a box on the page used to sign in that that says "keep me signed in" that box has not effect. I have removed the icon and reloaded it to no avail.
  21. That box is there nut has No Effect. I think the problem revolves around the I Phone upgrade to 8.3. I was advised NEVER to do the 8 upgrade but Apple said that 8.3 was OK. It is not. There are a number of problems since the upgrade.
  22. Have asked to have this tread moved to the Website section.
  23. I'm not completely sure where you're having issues now. I thought it was the app that you were getting logged out of, but then you mention settings while logging into the website. Can you confirm whether it's the full, paid, official Geocaching app that you're getting logged out of, or is it the website? The Web Site.
  24. Have you tried the Magic Fix? That is, delete and re-install the App. I haven't been auto-logged-out on any of the Apps in a while. Looked at setting and auto fill use set for the Geocaching site. Removed that setting. Removing desttop icon and resetting it. Opened and logged in but still does not auto fill. I am beginning to think the problem is 8.3 version of the i Phone since this is just one of many problems that have cropped up since the upgrade.
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