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    What you are missing is downloading the maps and PQ ahead of time so you don't need cell service when you get there. The direction/distance arrow and compass screen rely on the GPS satellites and do not require or use cellular service. When we hike/cache the boonies like that, we put our cell phones in airplane mode to save battery, since there's no cell service anyway. If you don't download the maps ahead of time, you can still use the compass screen. You just won't have a map display.


    I had downloaded 2 PQ of the Smokies before we went there. When i opened the GPS and attempted to use them I was getting a no service notification.


    Your comment about turning to Airplane may be the answer as the phone would just automaticaly look for service. i will try a local PQ and turn off the service to see what happens.


    Did you save the PQ as an offline list?


    I've got the Android version but I suspect that it's similar

    - tap the three horizontal bars to show the menus

    - tap My Lists

    any pocket queries you created on the web site should show up

    - tap on the circle with three dots in in an then tap "Download offline data"


    Once that is done you'll see a green circle with box inside which indicates that the offline list has been created


    Then just tap the name of the list (pocket query) to see the list of caches.


    Select one of the caches and then tap the "Start" button. Without cell phone service or a wifi connection the app will not be able to download map tiles in real time but you can still navigate to the cache using the compass screen, even if the phone is in airplane mode.


    I used the process I described a week ago or so both in Mexico and in Cuba to find a couple of caches.


    I am sorry but is your description "Did you save the PQ as an offline list?" referring to on a computer or on the phone?

  3. I had originally ask this question anticipating I would be in an area with limited or no cell phone service. We were in the Smoky Mountains and yes no cell phone service. While I could open the PQ it was useless without cell coverage. I had assumed it would have worked off the satellite as far as directions to GZ. What am I missing here?

  4. My pocket queries show up on my I Phone. When I select it takes me directly to that area and displays. However it includes caches, multis, that I have not asked for in the PQ. What is the advantage of a PQ if it goes beyond my request?


    Post reviewer Note That is where the confusion comes in. There is no selection so named in the Select Type of Log drop down. I used the "Write Note" selection but question if that was correct and if it got to the reviewer


    Look at the Help Center article I linked to:




    Are you seeing that "Post a Reviewer Note", option #2, under "Log Your Visit"?


    Are you talking about an unpublished cache?




    Now it is getting interesting. Now there is a "Post Reviewers Note" as the forth option in the :Log Your Visit" drop down list. That option was not there before.

    Yes I am talking about an unpublished cache. The reviewer had asked for additional info on the container. I posted a "Write Note" but questioned if that would have been seen by the reviewer.


    Click the "Log your visit" green button. It will take you to the "Post a New Log" page. You will see a "Select Type of Log" drop menu. In the drop menu, choose "Post Reviewer Note".


    I hope that helps.


    Post reviewer Note That is where the confusion comes in. There is no selection so named in the Select Type of Log drop down. I used the "Write Note" selection but question if that was correct and if it got to the reviewer.

  7. I got a note from the reviewer that addition info was necessary on a cache I submitted. He requested I leave that info in a "Note to Reviewer". The only option I can find is in the "Log Your Visit" section on the cache page. Are they one in the same?

  8. That's the website, not an app.

    Are you referring to the bookmark icons we've helped you put on the homepage of your iPhone in the past? If so, you're simply logging into the website, not an app. Calling it an app just confuses things. If this is what you're talking about, you should be able to select the drop-down for multiple trackables in your inventory before submitting the log. If you want to visit all of them, you can click the small "All Visited" link underneath the list of trackables and it will automatically set all the drop-downs to "Visited".


    If you're actually using an app and not the website, we'll need to know more about exactly which app, because they all work differently.


    The app I have is Geocaching Classic by Groundspeak inc. That app opens to geocaching.com/my/default.aspx. Now that said the page I use to search for caches is most likely a bookmark from that web site.


    Once I have found a cache and log it there is an option to visit the TBs that are in my inventory. However there is no means of selection ALL or defining a group of those TBs with that page. Even if the option to select ALL was available, and it is not, that would not work as several of my own TBs are included in that list and should not be included in the list that did in fact visit.

  9. Sorry to say, the app previously known as intro app, now the "new" and only official app, looks nice on the surface, but is missing everything that made the old payed app good......


    But they said we could keep our Doctor.

    Does the old paid app have a drop dead date?

  10. Got an e mail that the Geocaching baby has grown up. Is this just that a new version of intro or is it meant to up grade the classic app? The write up is as clear as mud.


    Then they ask me to take a survey of things I like about it before I even download it. What am i missing here?


    This leads me to the page you noted but once there the page has no response.


    i have never been to the project-gc pages before so that it not where I had seen favorites listed in a ranked format. i am sure it had to be through the Geocaching.com site.


    If you still want to see Project-GC's favorite list feature, you would need to go to the link and then authenticate.


    Did that and it leads to a dead in site.



    There is no response once I get to this site. I am signed at that point

  12. Most, if not all of the geocaching apps for the phone will support downloading PQ's to the phone app for offline use. The phone apps will allow you to view the caches and waypoints on Google or Apple maps on your phone. With the Groundspeak Geocaching app, you run a PQ as usual on the web site. When it's ready for download, it will show up in the phone app and you can download it directly to your phone. And then display the caches on the map.


    Although I do 99.99% of my navigation with a Garmin 64s, I consider having a phone app a necessity as well. They really complement each other.


    Yes I can view caches via Google Earth on my phone but my question is how do I limit the caches I see to those in the PQ? That would exclude those caches I am not interested in and hopefully display a larger area of caches than the Geocache search function does.

  13. For those that don't use Bing, it's certainly easy enough to load an entire PQ into Google Earth (the app) and review all of the access information that way, too, and there, the coordinates are NOT 'fuzzed'. Alignment is good enough here that if the coordinates are good, you know which tree to search.


    You have brought up an interesting point.


    Would you explain in a bit more detail how i can get my PQ information onto my I phone and then connected to Google earth.I use PQs on my Garmin450 so the generation knowledge is there.


    While my original question was with respect to the computer this would be a advantage while in the field.

  14. Also, the Google Earth Viewer fuzzs the location. It is best only for getting an idea of what is in the area. From the GS page regarding the viewer.


    "Please Note: The coordinates used in Google Earth are only an approximation and can be up to 100 ft from the actual location. The Geocaching Google Earth feature is a tool for viewing geocaches in a general location. Do not use the coordinates in Google Earth for finding or placing geocaches."




    Yes I accept that point. My reason for viewing on Google earth is to see parking access and general terrain features and plot a route. It just would have been a lot easier to be able to clear those caches i have already found from the screen.

  15. My question pertains to Google Earth on my computer. When I open GE there is an option in "places" that allows one to see geocaches directly in GE. It shows ALL. My question, is there a way to manage that display to correlate it to caches I have not yet found. This would greatly reduce the clutter on the map.


    I do not use GSAK and have not been able to master it in the past when I did attempt to use it.

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