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  1. Control O while on Geocaching .com opens My Pictures on my computer. t As for Greasemonkey I have had done nothing to my knowledge when this happened. It just happened while i was on the Geocaching site.
  2. While on my computer at Geocaching.com/my/default page the display changed from a full width of the screen display to a foreshortened width with much smaller font size. I don't find any setting that would cause that. If I open these pages under Play, Trackable, Geo Tour, Pocket Query, and Field notes, the same display is presented. If I open these pages under Play, Hide a geocache, View map, Trackable promotions, they display in normal manor on the computer screen.
  3. Thanks All is resolved. Mostly my faults
  4. I have solved the question about "The Lower Cemetery" The question still remains as to why my attendance at the Film Festival does not show in my list of recent activities but does show on the caches log page.
  5. I Attended "The International Film Festival" GC6TAHZ last week. My log appears on the cache site but it does not show in my last 30 days activity. Another question. How are the finds of an Unknown Caches like "SPG Lower Cemetery"GC5Z0KO defined as found on the map? Any thoughts?
  6. A click on your name opens your profile which contains the link "See the forum posts for this user." Thanks
  7. Rather than just posting a link some explanation as to how you found my past post would have been helpful. I realized I had asked this before. That is the reason d=for the title. I am a significant poster, 6500+, on another forum that has a very poor search function and we advise members to use Google to search within the forum as the results are much better than the forum search function.
  8. It looks like I have the Classic app. The second site I am interested in is my profile. If the Classic is no longer available I have to find a different way to set up my friends Phone. If I load the new app is there a way to get the profile page to display on the phone?
  9. I have to ask. I have 2 icons on my I Phone. One open as Geocaching.com and open to my profile page. The other opens to Find Nearby Geocaches. I assume the Finding Nearby Geocaches is the app and if that is correct how do I get an icon for my profile page on the i phone?
  10. Try search for a Multi instead. After you hit Start, you will see "MORE" above three dots. Choose it and you can create or manage Waypoints... that you can use for any purposes not necessarily related to a given Multi. I can see the 3 dots but there is nothing noted in that area of the page
  11. I have this same question of just loading coordinates into my I Phone. I am not dealing with a mystery cache and the examples listed above do not seam to be available on my phone.
  12. And of course the TB you are talking about is not the one that trowel32 dropped in the cache, because that one is clearly not unactivated. https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=6fd5f16b-a5fb-448e-8a8a-fd94d7a4ed72 I read her log several times and never saw the reference to dropping a TB. I am contacting her.
  13. What's the GC code of the cache where you found it? Hopefully it's not https://coord.info/GC6M5D4 Pin Oaks Loop Trail Was it just a set of dog tags, or was there something attached? If there is no previous logs saying "dropped unactivated travel tags", I would not assume that these are a gift or swag. Yes it was Pin Oaks Loop Trail. Curious why you focused on and ask about THAT cache. There was no previous log saying "dropped unactivated TB". looking at the cacher I believe he was just not familiar with TBs and works for the township where the cache is from his user name. B.
  14. I grabbed a TB that was not activated so I can not log it. I have attempted to contact the cacher that I think placed it but have not heard from him. If he does not respond is there a way I can activate it?
  15. I have a Geo T shirt with lots of words used in conjunction with Geocaching. One is TNLN and I have not figured it out yet.
  16. At the moment I can not add a favorite to a cache. I have 53 available but when I attempt to add on to a cache it does not take.
  17. Open Street Maps are free maps that you can download to your phone or GPS. Since the map is stored on your phone, there is no data connection being used to display the map. With a PQ saved on the phone and an offline map like Open Street Maps saved on your phone, it will be fully operational while there is no data connection or if the phone is placed in airplane mode. Thanks that works
  18. I found this explanation and it answered some questions. https://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=280 My current question, since it took so long to download, is I included the option to download "Open Street Map" and question what that meant and would that be useful once in the field?
  19. This is like learning CB language. Maybe if someone wrote a song about some cachers in a Microbus it would all make sense.
  20. Thanks guys that makes me feel real stupid but it is late in the day.
  21. I had asked this question before but am still at a lose.I have a PQ ready to load but at this point I don't even see how to accomplish that. So if you are up for a challenge and can walk me through the use of a PQ on my phone I would be most appreciative.
  22. What does the term MHK mean in respect to caching?
  23. The problem seamed to hinge on the selection of the type of coordinates I entered. There is a selection of 3 types. One would assume that the original type used would be what would appear when you attempt to change them. That was not the case. Once I selected the correct type they were accepted
  24. How do I change coordinates on my cache? The options seam to be clearly noted but have no effect on the listing.
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