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  1. I am going to an ever increasing number of caches that list a TB as being in the cache but nothing is there and when I review the logs for that cache no one has logged that the grabbed the TB. I have seen one cache that listed 6 TBs in it but had none when I opened it. Has anyone got an idea as to what is happening?


    I can understand this as a problem in areas where muggles or kids could be watching cachers and then hit the cache afterwards. I can not understand what is happening to caches that are well off the beaten path that are hard to find in their own right.


    I visited a cache today, well hidden in the woods, that had only had 2 visits from the time the TB was dropped until another cacher noted it was gone. Both those cachers had TB experience as noted in their history so I am confused as to what is happening. Any ideas?

  2. When I look for caches near my home location on my PC those caches that i have found are not noted as Found as they are on my I Phone.


    How can I manually mark them as found or can I set "setting" to cause this?


    I would like to see a list of only those caches yet to be found or at least denoted as found when I search

  3. I am sorry files I tried to introduce these 2 to Geocaching but the software to sign up on is for the most part an endless closed loop.


    Afte the better part of the day attempting to sign up we did in fact get both signed in only to find the compass aspect of the program was off by about 25 degrees.


    We used my I Phone to locate a few caches. They then found tha even while signed in they could not log the finds

  4. Correct log for taking a TB from a cache is Retrieve.


    Grab is used if you are handed the TB by a cacher, or find it in a cache that the TB is not listed in -But in that case it's always best (and polite) to give the cacher holding it time to Drop it.


    Thanks for the explanation on grab.


    Are you saying if I had used the word Retrieve or Retrieved in my Field Log from the I Phone that Geocaching would have picked that up and noted it in my history or do I still have to make a separate entry from my computer when I get home?

  5. Is there a way to log the GRAB of a TB with the I Phone. I can log a DROP but don't see a way to log a GRAB. I noted the grab in my message with the I Phone but that did not show up on my computer so I had to log it from the computer. This resulted in 3 entries, a find, a drop, and a grab for this one event.

  6. Since you fail to provide specifics it is difficult to answer. The icons used on the forum pages that list all the topics in a forum can be identified by doing the following:

    place your cursor on the icon

    right click

    select "View Image Info"

    read the entry in the "Associated Text" field.


    Awkward? Sure is. Groundspeak needs to hire someone with a background in Human Interface Design. On the page that lists the forums, you can hover over the icon. Try hovering on the topics page and you get nothing. Sigh...


    Sorry I was not that clear. The icons I am questioning are those that appear through out the Geocaching site. They include a red cross, a TB with a diagonal slash through it, and many others. Now that i want an explanation I can't even find the page that has them. This is without a doubt the toughest site I have ever used with no explanations for those just starting.


    The smiling face and the blue face I have figured out.

  7. Given the problems I have had with recording the Placing of a TB with the computer I have been reluctant to attempt to place a TB with my I Phone. As a result I have not placed any TB while traveling any distance from home. This seams to be counter productive to the nature of a TB.


    Can anyone give me instructions on how to record the Placing of a TB with the I Phone?

  8. Hopefully this won't be too confusing:

    Go to the forums website. At the top right you'll see your geocaching name. Click it and then click on "My Settings". You'll then be brought to "Your Options" page. Click on "Forums". From there click on "Manage Watched Forums". Once there, you can delete any forum from your watch list.

    Hope that helps.


    This is not the area in question.


    I am getting a notifications from EVERY posting to the forum.


    I nay have found it under Notification Options. Notify for every new post. I canceled that and time will tell.

  9. Hello Ceocaching Friends!

    If I'm on the road and send a log entry from my iphone, there is always the date of tomorrow. Every time I have to edit everything at home. I've read that this is the website's fault. Can someone tell me when that changed? I hope I'm right here in the topic. Otherwise, please move. Hope you understand.

    Thanks for answers!


    I found and reported 4 caches from my I Phone yesterday and all appeared on the web site with the correct date.


    On your phone look at Setting, General, Date and Time and make sure Automatically is turned ON. If not your phone may have a Date Time error.

  10. Not sure if I'm understanding exactly what you are looking for, but try this:

    From the page that shows "Last 30 Days" click on "Your Public Profile" to the right, under your avatar

    Then click "Geocaches" tab

    Then click "All Geocache Finds"


    I think that's what you are looking for?


    Yes that works and thanks. However I have never used a site that intentionally or not has maked the navigation of the site so circuitous. This site is almost "governmental"

  11. Just click on your profile. You will see: Your Geocaching Logs This Month (Max 15 Logs Shown)

    Show: Didn't find it, Found it, Needs Archived, Needs Maintenance, Write note, All Logs


    Click on All Logs and you will see them all.


    Thanks this also works. But this page used to display as a normal page. What did they do to change it?

  12. Yes I have been using the app on my phone. My biggest gripe is it does not get rid of past finds and thus they clutter the phone during future searches.


    The premium is looking more interesting as we write.


    On the main screen of the Geocaching App - At the top of the screen hit MENU. Then hit SETTINGS.

    Scroll down and click on MY FINDS

    You'll get 2 choices - 1) Exclude My Finds OR 2)Include My Finds


    My Bad. In my last comment I meant that my finds were not excluded during future searches on my PC. A rear nuisance but I believe that can be done with Premium Service on the PC


    I do have them excluded on the I Phone.

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