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  1. I have a TB decal on the back of my trailer and in the past i have been able to note where I have taken it. I do not find a way to log such a visit now. Any ideas?
  2. Icons and information are now working on PC
  3. No icons on PC but they do show on my I Phone.
  4. If you saw my reply above that describes what I get when I search within the site you might understand why i asked the question. Yes I agree it should be very simple. One should not have to resort to using Google to find different pages within a f=given web page. If this does in fact come up weekly maybe it is time to address it. As for caches verses searching within the site. Caches are set with some level of Logic that allows one to figure them out. I have not seen the Logic of the site yet.
  5. Searching the Help Center is one way. I just tried searching for "notifications" there, and the first two results are for "Instant Notifications" and "Updating Instant Notifications". Google is also good for finding that kind of information. Using your search term below in Google gave me the Instant Notification page as the top result. If you mean you just want to know how to get to that page, it's linked in the right-hand menu bar on your profile page. I'm curious, where are you typing this? None of the search functions on this site use auto-fill. The Help Center. I just tried it again, typed the word "notification" and it filled in "of new cashes" and this is the result I got Search: notification and of and new and caches (0)
  6. " Yes and Thanks for the link but. How is one supposed to find it on their own. When I type in "Notification of a new cache" the page fills in what I am typing, leading one to believe it will have an answer and then comes back with Zero finds. Found my answer for now. Even if I wanted to get back to your suggestion by searching in the Forum that can't be done. That is why I say this site needs HELP
  7. I am sorry, but if I knew where the Instant Notification Page was I would not have had to ask the question.
  8. How do I change the distance of new caches I will get notification of? I have never been involved with a website that was so difficult to use.
  9. Read what I've bolded. You can use your wifes geocahcing account, your, mine, anyone's. It's just like facebook. Log out and back in. You still have not said what you mean by following a cache... Without a data(phone) connection an Ipad would not be very useful(as you can only view what you saved) And you can't navigate to a geocache with the website-you need an App on your device(Phone Ipad whatever) or a GPSr to navigate to a cache. By follow I meant keep track of what we have done, what caches we have found, bug placed or visited. The same access i have on my computer not to be used in the field. We are using an I Phone and a Garmin 450 for that. I did not realize that it is the user ID that cost that once owned I, or she, could sign in on any device. I have just placed my first cache that's what brought this up, the following
  10. I'm on my ipad right now. I use the browser to access geocaching.com. You can also use the geocaching iPhone app on your ipad. Thanks that worked out fine.
  11. I don't see an app in the Apple Store for the I Pad. I am using Geocaching.com on my computer and would like the same on the I Pad if possible to reduce confusion. The other question is since this is my wife's I Pad will I have to subscribe as a new user an new membership? She would like to follow history on the I Pad rather than the computer because I Hog it.
  12. Is there a way to follow my caches on my I Pad? I do not see an app listed for the I Pad directly. Now to carry the question a bit further the I Pad is not on my Apple account. It will be on my wife's I Pad and that I Pad does not have a phone connection just wifi.
  13. I made a mistake in my original post. I want to upload a PQ to my Garmin Oregon 450. However I attempted to follow the above instructions to load a PQ to my IPhone and could not find any PQ notation on the page so failed at that point. Once I get notification via e mail that I have a PQ it is from that point I need help. What do I do with the file to prepare it for uploading and how do I upload it.
  14. I have created a PQ but have no idea of how to upload it to my IPhone.
  15. How do I view a cache on a Google satellite map? I can do it on my I Phone but want a larger view on my computer.
  16. This cache "Six Mile Run Orange Trail 3-points" appear as an icon on the Geocaching map but there is no way to open the description.
  17. When can I expect New Caches to appear on my I Phone. I asked this question a week ago and was told the problem was fixed. I will ask it again because it is still broke. Is there a way to search for my posting history?
  18. I really appreciate your tutorial on Pocket Queries but I have hit an impasse. I can follow you to #3 but can not follow this section. You will need to unzip the file. Go to the .zip file, right click on it and select Extract all. Windows should be able to do this. If you have problems unzipping it then there are free programs that can be used to unzip the file such as ZipGenius. If I right click on the file I get several options to manage the LINK. I do not see the Documents Library. How do I open it? I have one of the files with a GPX extension on my desk top. When I left click on it I get a Geomate Loader drop down box and am stopped there.
  19. OK I have received a pocket Query and have located the file. I have no idea nor are there any instruction as to what to do now to get it on my GPS. When I click on it in the Pocket Queries ready for download it open a Geomate Loader drop down box and that is it. What is next?
  20. I have closed the page I created the Query with in my computer so where do I look for this Bold Print. Yes if the e mail comes in that is not necessary but if it doesn't?
  21. I have created and previewed a pocket query but can not figure out how to receive it. It is less than 500 caches so it should come in via e mail but what is the time delay?
  22. I saw them on 2 different cars. I have figured out how to get to the log page for them but can not figure out how to credit them with millage as others have done when they logged them.
  23. I have found 2 TB decals but can not figure out how to log them. I search by the TB number and the results come back no such item.
  24. It seams I thank Groundspeak to soon for correcting this problem. Of the 11 caches published for the D&R Canal today in New Jersey only 9 were available on my I Phone while I was in the field at 12 noon. If I searched for the missing 2 by name, off another cachers GPS, they would come up as a result of the search and then appear on the map if I searched on the map.
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