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  1. I think I have to get rid of those My Finds before I can attempt anything else. Can this be done?
  2. When I created this current PQ I also added MY finds. It looks like it made that portion available right away and the greater PQ has not run yet because I selected Tuesday. Is there a way to get rid of MY Finds as it is completely covering the map? Answer in post #2 And... Don't run the specific My Finds PQ There does not seam to be a way to STOP MY FINDS once selected. That is my question. How do I stop it from running. Do PQs stop at at State line? I am less than 12 miles from Pa but get No Caches in Pa. when requesting a radius of 50 miles. In Post #2 you say THEN select Edit and select Day To Run to get the PQ.. Where is this Edit function? I do not see it when I open the PQ description page.
  3. When I created this current PQ I also added MY finds. It looks like it made that portion available right away and the greater PQ has not run yet because I selected Tuesday. Is there a way to get rid of MY Finds as it is completely covering the map?
  4. Pocket Queries I am trying to set up a pocket queries for a 100 mile radius from my home. If I select any type cache, Ter and Dif equal to or less than 3.5, I get a result of 500. I know there are far more than that in that area. If I add "Owned by Me" the number drops to 3, the number I own. What happened to the other 500? I though PQs could include thousands.
  5. Not sure if I can access areas by name on the Garmin but I have done small PQ for a given area and when in that area and Search for the Nearest they come up. Maybe the same result.
  6. Which file are you renaming? The original or the new one as you load. How do you remove a PQ file from the unit? We even have our owned geocaches in there, named as "Maintenance". Some are really tough to find if you only have to go to them once a year or so (deep in the forest). Great Info You mention your owned caches and that you name that file "Maintenance". That name applies to files that can be seen on your computer. How do you bring up the individual caches on the GPS while out in the field? Or do you make a list before going out?
  7. Which file are you renaming? The original or the new one as you load. How do you remove a PQ file from the unit?
  8. For one thing... if your shortened distance was to the southwest... well, that is PA, not NJ. Am guessing that one of your parameters was for the state of NJ, correct? The short fall was to the north and well within New Jersey Did you exclude caches that "You Have Found"? Not sure on thst point, but a good point A 10-mile radius in a cache-rich environment can be a large number of caches. Did you exceed to the total allotted number (including child waypoints)? The total count on the PQ was under 500 A Bigger Question. If I do a general PQ that reflects more than 500 caches but includes the current caches will it just load over top of the current caches and include them?
  9. I have a Garmin 450. I have loaded several small PQs and have some questions. It looks like the information loaded reflects caches I had found with my I Phone before I got the 450. Is this correct? For some reason it did not load ALL caches in the area I requested even though they were placed long before the PQ. It also did not got out the distance I requested on one direction. I had asked for a 10 mile radius from town and it only gave results out about 3 miles in one direction even though there are many caches in the unlisted area. What are the idiosyncrasies I am missing. Also if I do a much larger PQ over the area already in the 450 what happens?
  10. So how do we get through to the powers that be?
  11. I like to follow TB that I have grabbed and placed. My question is. Is there a way to see when I had a give TB other than working my way back through the TB history? This becomes a real mission if a cacher has visited many locations and thus increasing the number of events. This might require some software work at Groundspeak but I think it would be an appreciated feature.
  12. Another easy way. Connect your 450 to your computer with USB and use BaseCamp. It will list all of the caches loaded on your 450. In my floundering around I have seen Base Camp but doubt remember where. Please advise as it sounds like a useful tool.
  13. Thanks That does work and showed a cache 116 mile away in the area in question.
  14. Muddled through it. The problem is my computer saved the files directly to the TIF. I would like to be able to save them to a file I can get to more easily. Will have to work on that next time.
  15. Got it. The secreat was how to move the Garmin screen. It requires Pressure to move the map.
  16. How can I confirm that a given PQ has been loaded to my Garmin 450? The PQ is for another state than which I am in now.
  17. You need to select a day for it to run. If you don't select a day you can preview it but it won't generate a download. So, assuming you want it ASAP, select Wednesday under "Days to Generate" (the first box in the PQ set-up). Once you submit it, it should run and generate a download within 15 minutes. I have gotten this notification with an attachment that I opened and extracted the contents to this location noted below. Here are the Pocket Query search results in the formats you requested. 11641077.gpx: GPX is an extended GPS exchange format that can be read by both EasyGPS and ExpertGPS, as well as various other software applications. The latest version of EasyGPS can be downloaded in the Resource section of Geocaching.com under Geocaching Software. You will need the latest version to read this format. C:\Documents and Settings\Howard\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\60PLEI70\11641077 I am lost. This is nothing like i have ever seen before. Can I get my PQ or should i start over? Now when I look at my list of PQ there is a LINE drawn through the one in question.
  18. I have ordered a PQ and can see it as a preview,68 caches, but how do I get it to download to my computer? The PQ shows on my list of PQ but is listed as NEVER GENERATED
  19. On my IPhone I have 2 apps. One takes me directly to navigation site and the second takes me to Geocaching My Profile page. It is this second app that I want to put on my friends I Phone. At present she has an Intro app there that needs to be replaced
  20. I have a Garmin 450. There is a Find Another function that I assume is a search feature. When I type in a cache Name or Code for caches that I know are on the Garmin I get a No Results Found result. This is while I am inside working at my desk. What am I doing wrong?
  21. How do I get. Shortcut to Geocaching .com on my IPhone
  22. How do I get through to Geospeak? I have a friend that has a new phone and does not remember her user name or pass word
  23. OK I can log it into one of my caches close to home, 50 yards, and use that as a base
  24. I placed a TB Decal on my car while at my home I later went to a cache, the same day, but no mileage was accrued to the TB Decal. I was under the impression that only the owner could accrue mileage to a decal but now that is in question
  25. OK So I am charging eneloop 1,900 batteries at 200 ma with a MH-C9,000. Am I OK with this or does the charger or batteries go back?
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