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  1. The TB I was attempting to log is in my inventory. I have come to the conclusion that no one has any idea of what if anything the I Phone can do other than simple search and logs. It will not work with Geocaching without internet. You can't log a TB drop with it. Thanks for any attempt at help but we are just spinning wheels here.
  2. As far as the TB goes, simply press the "trackable" button at the bottom of the Groundspeak app and enter its the proper id number. As to the pocket query, if you create one on the web site, you can press the pocket query button on the main page and get a list of the queries you created. You can then list (or map) the resulting caches. Pocket queries can be helpful not only to cache offline but to filter the search in a number of ways so that you can get the caches you want. Since you can load a thousand caches for each query, you can look at a far wider area than the typical search on the app. This allows you to plan routes more effectively or spot the caches that you might be most interested in doing if they are outside the search range of the app. I generally use a different app, geosphere, that allows me to combine different pocket queries, filter the results, map the ones I want to see, and (if I decide it is better to use my handheld) to export a new gpx file that I can load onto my gpsr in the field (additional gadget needed). But even on the Groundspeak app, they offer greater flexibility than the "advanced search" functions (unless you want to do a keyword search for a particular area). When I read your post I though I was making progress. Then I tried the comments. Yes I can open a page and search for a given TB. However once opened I can only write a note. There is not a way to DROP the TB into a given cache. Would that note be save and transmitted once I got back to a network connection? Would that note then cause the TB to be logged into a new cache? I turned the internet and wifi connection OFF on the I Phone and attempted to locate a cache within the area defined by the PQ that is on the I Phone. I get a message "that there was a problem connecting to Geocaching.com" That leaves me to believe the I Phone requires a connection to function and would not work in an area without a connection.
  3. I found what you are referring to Open the geocaching app, at the bottom click on Pocket Queries. This will show you a list of your created queries, click on the one you want. This will show you list or map view, you can interchange. Upper right corner click on the "..." and choose Save to Offline List. You can now access your PQ's from the main screen by selecting "Saved" at the bottom. However it does not explain how the one PQ got on my I Phone nor does it work with that PQ if I attempt to follow the instructions. I get asked to create a New List. I accept the fact that those that have worked there way through this find it odd that others can't do the same. However I have not found any reasonable source of instructions for many areas of the use of the Geocaching app thus I ask questions. I have not found a way to log the grab of a TB from the I Phone and have to wait till I get back to my computer to do so. But don't change the subject to that issue. I am only now interested in a PQ to the I Phone and how to use it once placed on the I Phone.
  4. Since you have me at a disadvantage how about a link to my April posting and i will see if that answers the question.
  5. Well, the iPhone can use it (a Pocket Query) without a data connection. You load it before venturing out of a service area. That is the idea behind using a PQ with a smart phone... for when there is no data service. The GPS chip within the phone does not require cell service to function. Not everyone lives or 'caches in areas that are covered by cell service. OK How did the one PQ that is on my phone get there and how do I load others? An interesting idea but not a useful one if I have no idea how to do it.
  6. Are you saying that a PQ can be loaded to the I Phone? Why and what for since that information is all ready there? My question is why is there any mention of PQs on the I Phone? It means you can still use it even if you don't have a data connection. I am still a little confused. I have a half dozen PQs on my computer. Why and how did just one of the show up on my I Phone? I never loaded it so why just that one. I doubt the I Phone could use it without a data connection since the app requires a connection to load.
  7. Are you saying that a PQ can be loaded to the I Phone? Why and what for since that information is all ready there? My question is why is there any mention of PQs on the I Phone?
  8. On my I Phone on the Gecaching home page there is a heading Pocket Queries. When I open it it shows on of the PQs I have requested and loaded on my Garmin. The I Phone is always complete and up to date so what function does the appearance of PQS have on my I Phone?
  9. There are several New Caches in my home area. If I do a PQ for just those new caches how to see them and only them on my Garmin Do I have to remover the general PQ for that area in order to find the New caches easily?
  10. OK THAT WORKS I removed a PQ and the My Finds files from my Garmin and checked that it was in fact removed. I them loaded a new version of the PQ covering that area. The Finds are gone and the map much clearer in that those that I had found no longer clutter the map. It would be great if Geospeak would explain that PQ are cumulative and suggest removing the old file before loading a newer version to clear archived and other things that clutter this up. I think I now have a handle on it. Remove old first then load newer and never load My Finds to a hand held unit. Thank You
  11. I accept you are trying to help but please don't bring GSAK into this discussion. I do not have that software and it has never been used on my unit. I am only interested in why some caches I found before I bought my Garmin 450 got listed on that unit as found and why those I just found have not.
  12. NO, uploading the "My Finds" GPX will show all those caches as "none found" as long as they are not present in the visits.txt file. They will be in the search and they will behave as all other "non found" caches in any GPX file you have on your Garmin. NO, the logging on the Garmin just creates an entry in the visits.txt file. With this the cache will be shown as "found" on your device and it will not appear in the search anymore. The use in memory is the same as before plus the entry in the visits.txt. So, if you really count bytes, it is more than before you marked it "found" on the device because of the entry in the visits file. Those five caches should be in your "My Finds" GPX file if they are a smilie on the GS map. Check it! Those five caches will be shown as "found" on your Garmin device if there is an entry in the Geocaches_visits.txt file which you created if you logged the cache as found on the Garmin device. If there is no entry in the Geocaches_visits.txt file the caches will be shown as "not found". If you upload your "My Finds" GPX to the Garmin and if you have not marked them as "found" on the Garmin, they will be shown on it as any other cache of any other GPX file as a "Non found" cache. They will be shown in the search list and that's it, because for the Garmin they have "not been found" as long as there is no entry in the visits.txt file. The only way to be marked as "found" on the Garmin device is the entry in the visits.txt file. You can try to enter a new line in your visits.txt file on the Garmin with the type "Found" (see my examples earlier in the thread). After saving it, the caches should be shown as found and they will not be shown in the search list anymore after you restart the device. ATTENTION: Do not forget to save the modified file and do not forget to remove the device with the related options of your operationg systems. Do not just plug out the Garmin because this can lead to corrupted data! If you want to reduce memory usage on your device you have to upload GPX files WITHOUT caches you alread found. You do not have to remove the entries in the visits.txt file as they are just skipped if they do not belong to a cache in the GPX file. I hope it's clearer now. I am sorry. This is getting worse rather than better. I can't determine what "none and non" means and the introduction of a new "visits.txt file is just too much. What and where is that file? All I wanted to know was why some 500 caches that I found before I bought the Garmin now show as found on the Garmin and why the 5 caches I found last week do not. That information, the 500, came from somewhere. Where I don't know. Where ever it came from it is not bringing those last 5 to the Garmin.
  13. OK Let me see if I got this right. I have loaded My Finds on the Garmin to log all caches I found before I bought the Garmin. Doing this is this is using additional memory but does keep those caches from coming up when I do a search. I have to log all future finds directly to the Garmin thus making a smaller use on memory. I think I have to accept the fact that I will never know what happened to the 5 caches I found last week with respect to My Finds.
  14. I opened Project-GC.com but don't see any tab for "find bad logs" Look at the "Profile" drop down menu at the top of the page. You also first need to authenticate Project-GC with geocaching.com - it should be a big blue box at the top of the page. Interesting. I found the Authorizations drop down and it is asking me to ALLOW OTHERS to access my records. What good is that since you clearly have already accessed my records? So much for security. But I will click on allow so I can access my own records.
  15. I opened Project-GC.com but don't see any tab for "find bad logs"
  16. My original reason to use My Finds on the Garmin was to hopefully remove them from the Search function and the map on the Garmin. To the contrary found caches, those I have noted directly on the Garmin, now show up on the map as twice a large as those that I have not found making the map a cluttered mess. I guess my question still is What Is My Finds used for if it won't populate the Garmin with caches I have found.
  17. Interesting point about the Garmin not recognizing the My Finds file. If that is the case what is the purpose of My Finds if it not to populate the GPS the same as other PQ do. Yes the 2 caches that show on the GPS as found I did note directly on the GPS. My reasoning for doing a My Finds PQ was as a short cut to mark the other 5 and make sure all other finds were also noted on the GPS. A second question. How did you find the 5 that were double logged? Yes I had found them, except for the one near Brussels, and want to go in and correct them.
  18. When I look at your profile, it shows that you have found 684 caches (679 distinct). That means there are five caches that you have logged twice. If the caches you found last week are showing up as smilies on the map, then they ARE being counted in your finds. You need to go back and find the 5 caches that you have logged twice (or it could be one cache that you logged 5 times... or any combination thereof). This is not the problem at hand. I found 5 caches last week and those 5 caches show up on my computer map with Smiles. However when I do a My Finds and load that to my Garmin those 5 caches at not noted has having been found when viewing the map on the Garmin. However 2 other caches that were found in the same area and on the same day do show up on the Garmin after running My Finds. It is the difference between the 2 maps that I question. I doubt that I could have coincidentally been missing 5 caches all along. Yes I have double logged caches in the past but generally correct that the same day. Even so why are those 5 found last week not appearing in on my Garmin after loading My Finds?
  19. Yes the PQ is in the ready for download list and I did download and install it on my I Phone. The problem is it is just not including all the caches I have Found. Groundspeak has the information because these caches show as found on the map ans in my cache history.
  20. I ran My Finds Pocket Query and it is not showing caches I logged last week. These caches show up on the map a smiles. What governs which one do show up? My Finds shows 678 and my home page shows 683 which is a good number. The difference is the 5 unlisted caches I found last week in Pa.
  21. OK I created a route and it shows up as a preview here http://www.geocachin...80-c70fccc72923 I Got notice it was ready for download and i added ot to my Garmin. How can I test that it is there? I have search along the route on the map but nothing show up of the 400+ caches that should be there. Preview the query on GC.com then search for one of the cache names listed on your GPS. It took a reload of the file to the Garmin fro them to show up. Thanks acachebox
  22. OK I created a route and it shows up as a preview here http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?pq=df37b77d-8199-4904-8480-c70fccc72923 I Got notice it was ready for download and i added ot to my Garmin. How can I test that it is there? I have search along the route on the map but nothing show up of the 400+ caches that should be there.
  23. I have heard people mention pocket queries for a Route. I will be traveling from NJ to SC along route 301 and 95. Is there a way to cover that area? I have about 80% free space on my Garmin 450.
  24. OK I got a PQ for my area. It defiantly stops at the State Line even though no boundary limit was selected. I think I can deal with that. When a PQ comes in as a zipped file it has a NUMBER. There is no way to reference that number against the name I assigned to the PQ. If there is more than one PQ per day how can I determine what in in a given zipped file and thus assign a name to it that relates to what I asked for?
  25. OK You have defined the problem better than I did but the question still is how do I get rid of MY Finds, that option that is noted below the the list of PQS on the Active PQ page. ? There is no selection to remove it from the PQ. Do I delete the PQ and state from scratch? I would also like to get cache info for caches across the state line. Do I have to request a separate PQ?
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