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  1. You are one of the lucky ones. I just attempted to send 7 different caches and got the same message for each one. "The plug-in was not unlocked successfully"
  2. Yours is the first comment that fits the timing. As for Google Chrome I question if Google would reach into other browsers or individual web site and effect their operation. How do we get Geocachings attention to address this issue?
  3. All right who has had the capacity to change something in the last week? I doubt Garmin would have had any reason to change the plug in. It looks to me as if Geocaching changed something without anticipating the consequences.
  4. The problem is with IE and Google Chrome but not Mac Looks like our posts crossed in time. I am using Fire Fox and it has worked for over a year for this function.
  5. Using Fire Fox and XP. As far as I know nothing has changed with either of them. Since I posted this tread I have successfully loaded 1 cache directly from the cache site with "Send To GPS" So the problem is some form of intermittent. Called Garmin and they have taken the position it is a Geocaching site problem. Not sure I can except that or hundreds would be posting this problem.
  6. Lately I have been having problems sending a new cache to my GPS. Normally I would open a newly posted cache, connect my Oregon 450 to my computer and select Send to GPS. Now I am getting a message "The plug-in was not unlocked successfully" and I can not load the information to the 450. Garmin claims it is not their problem. If I do a pocket query I can load those files to the Garmin. It is just the single caches I am having a problem with Any ideas?
  7. Here's TMI about the Collectible feature. Maybe make a handout, so people don't have to sit through the whole thing. Whether a TB is "Collectible" or not, if you have a question about how a Travel Bug or Geocoin is to be managed, always contact the owner of the Travel Bug or Geocoin first. If you get no response, and if there's no direction on the TB page, you may safely assume that the Trackable item is to be placed into a Geocache promptly, and logged as clearly as possible. With this in mind, here's some info about the “Collectible” feature: Marking a Trackable “Collectible” enables it to be moved to a digital location called a “Collection”. It's a lot like logging the Trackable into a cache, since placing it into a Collection removes it from your Inventory. You may do this so that a Trackable that you always keep at home is not shown on screen when you log cache finds. The “Collection” is designed for Geocoins not in play. It's best used for coins in a binder which is only displayed at Events. Cachers may activate all of the coins in their binder, then display them, so that people may make Discover logs, but the coins are intended to remain with the Owner. Unless there's a special reason why you have made the selection, the only time a Trackable should be marked “Collectible” is when you're actively trying to get it added to a collection. Once it's in the Collection, mark it “Not Collectible”. For ordinary cache-to-cache travel, mark it “Not Collectible”. If you don't need the “Collectible” feature (or if you don't understand it), leave it unselected. If you've already made a selection, select “Not Collectible”. An item marked “Collectible” reduces the menu options available to the TO and the finders. Many car TBs are marked “Collectible” on purpose, because the TB can't be then “Dropped” into a cache. People finding your “Collectible” Trackable in a cache can log “Discover”, but not the usual “Retrieve” log. Groundspeak does change features and selections, so be sure you know what the current features do. ======== Some reasons to place a Trackable into a Collection: - So that people with a lot of personal active owned Geocoins can more easily manage them. Previously, people had to use extra cache pages, to organize lists of coins. - To allow a cacher to hold a Geocoin on loan to them (for example, to complete a set). - To allow a finder to hold a coin indefinitely (for example, a Trackable hiking stick), placed into the finder's Collection. This would be unusual, since it's fine to leave it “Not Collectible”. - By accident or malice. If you don't know what “Collections” or “Collectible” is for, it's safe to not participate. Because once you make it “Collectible” without a plan, it can cause lots of trouble for you, when you need to someday unscramble the settings. ======== If you intend to give your coin away, consider not activating it. Activating, then marking your Trackable “Collectible”, then waiting for the proper logs so you may adopt the coin to the finder (and since you first have to mark it Not Collectible anyway so that they can place it into their Inventory), is more complicated than just leaving it unactivated. And place a note with the unactivated coin, explaining who they may contact and that it's a gift or for trade. If a Trackable is logged into a cacher's Inventory and then marked “Collectible”, a TB or Geocoin can be moved to that cacher's Collection. “Collectible” and “Collections” are for honest cachers only, since the Trackable must be properly logged into a Collection. The Trackable must be put back into play whenever the TO requests. The “Collectible” feature must never be used as justification to steal or kidnap a Trackable. Contact the TO and ask, before keeping it or placing their Trackable into your Collection. Be sure that they wish for you to do so. Misconceptions: - Using the term “Collectible” to justify stealing a Trackable, that it's free to pocket and keep. - Keeping any Trackable while waiting to see how it gets marked, “just in case I can keep it”. - A Trackable Owner marking a TB or coin “Collectible” because “it's a cool one” (using the “Collectible” feature as a rating system for their TBs). I have to say I have attempted to read this post twice and have no idea on earth what it says. There must be a way to explain the differences here but I don't think this is it.
  8. If you teach NOTHING else I would love an explanation of what the reference number is. I think I have educated myself beyond my 2 years hands on experience and cache count but have no idea about that is all about. In general the management of TBs is not the best thought out aspect of geocaching.
  9. You are correct with this information and I will use it in the future rather than scroll through 63 pages of visits. However I still think it would be a significant improvement if a link could be added to the notification a cacher gets when a TB he has handled moves. Hope others agree and press the issue.
  10. I have sticker TBs on my car and on my camping trailer. Other cachers Discover them as I travel and I log them as a Visit when I go to caches. The interesting thing about this type of TB, unlike physical TBs, is they only accrue mileage when You log them as a Visit
  11. Something that I found on a TB I had just grabbed was the request that the TB only be placed in Premium Caches. Now I am sure that request was to ensure the TB would be grabbed by a more experienced cacher and thus might ensure is safety. While I think this is unfair to new comers, depriving them of an introduction to TBs, I think is is a good practice for the more desirable TBs.
  12. I have several dozen TB that I have grabbed, moved and now follow. When I get notice that one of them has been moved again i like to look back and see when and where i had placed it. My current method is to scroll back through it's history till I see my name. I just went back through 63 pages of visits. That seamed a bit much. My question is, and would others find this useful, can the software be modified so one could quickly search for one own history with a given TB? Would you find this useful?
  13. On the cache page, under the "Navigate to geocache" button there is one that says "Found it" Directly to the right, there is an arrow. Hit the arrow and select your option; DNF, NA, NM, Write Note... Thanks that works Acachebox
  14. I am away from my computer and using my I Phone. How can log a Did Note Find with it?
  15. acachebox


    If I have to enter Coords by hand what is the computer connection used for? Sounds like a backup for my 450 or one I will be willing to take in the kayak.
  16. acachebox


    I have been given an E Trex that was bought in 2002. It has never been used. I can not find any model number on it or in the manual. It looks like the computer input is a flat cable with 4 points of contact, no cable included. Id it TOO old to bother with? Any info would be helpful.
  17. Thanks for the help on the waypoint history. I do know how to delete the caches contained in a pocket query and do so as i leave an area of interest. My curiosity is where did that To Many caches notation come from that appeared on the 450 when it was first turned on?
  18. Turned on the 450 the other day and got this message "To many Geocaches". The disc is less than 20% full and i can not reproduce that message. Any idea what that was? A second question. How do I get rid of OLD data for Old coordinates
  19. Thanks for the reply I like the hamster reasoning but the delay appeared on my I Phone while still in the field and on the computer after sever new pages and several refreshes. I think the hamsters have it
  20. I had 821 found caches showing on my home page today before we went out caching. We found 4 caches today but only 2 of them showed up on my home page but yet my statistics showed 825. While I was back at home and trying to figure out what was going on, and about an hour after we had finished caching, the other 2 caches showed up on my home page. Why the delay? Caches, here to for, have always shown up at once when sent in.
  21. Go to the cache, write a Note log for the cache, then before submitting it, underneath the Comment box you should see your TB listed - Select the option 'visit', then submit the cache log. MrsB Thanks Had to do a complete new logging to get to the visit option and then delete the original log
  22. I believe you need to move it to your inventory. It is my TB and it is in my inventory.
  23. I have a TB decal on my car. In the past I have been able to log it as a visit to a given cache. I forgot how. If I attempt to log it the only options are write a note or discover it.
  24. OK your first comment is correct and I can now see how it works. However as to using the I Phone Offline I still get a message that there is a problem connecting to Geocaching when I turn the internet and wifi off. If it won't work under those conditions I can see how it would work in the field when out of range of a tower. If you can explain that it can work beyond the range of a tower please advise.
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