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  1. Congrats!!!!!! We haven't seen your name in awhile, we were pretty much following behind you all last summer, pretty close too cause we hit 600 Friday :o Maybe we'll meet up at one of the new ones this summer.

  2. I loved finding my first coin and just figured I had to put it in another cache, so I did. I've since found coins that have tags attached asking that you keep the coin moving. I've also placed a few coins that I mark up (carve my initials into) to make them less desirable for people to keep, so far that has worked. I always try to purchase more then one coin so I can keep one and share them.

  3. Not sure if it takes the fun out of finding geocoins but I try to mark mine up so that they are not of value to the people that choose to steal them and sell them; like coins that are engraved with M and W are not for keeps they are for trade. I no longer buy from ebay because our coins have been stolen or taken out of our caches. There are some coins out there that I would really like, is there any way to set up a get together just to trade coins?

  4. We just got back from a caching trip and we had the best time, caching all the way. Went from drove from Pa to TN. Thought N. Carolina had the best caches, everyone has their favorites. We did a few other things along the way, the Aquarium, the Zoo but our main goal was to hit as many caches as we could. We got alot of different ideas for hides and ideas for themes. We plan on organizing our next vacation around caching as well. Every hotel we stayed at had free internet access so we logged our finds every night. Gas prices got lower and then high again by the time we reached Atlanta. We used our Palm to find some great resturants and hit alot of areas that we would never have hit if we were not geocaching. Having print outs (which was sort of a pain and a waste of money but....) did help keep track of things and I plan on doing it again. The few other cachers that we have met along the way pointed out caches to do, if they were memorable enough for them to remember we felt we should try to do them. Reading the different logs sort of gives you an idea of the areas you are going to and maybe areas you want to stay away from if your just visiting. Good luck.

  5. No problem it's the least I can do for all the caches you guys have hidden let me know any details you want involved.

    His birthday is on the 12th and he is very flexable with his work so anywhere in the general Langhorne area is great. He will have to hunt on his own so a safe area, where little harm will come to him :ph34r: This is a wonderful thing you are doing for us (me, him) and I'd kiss you if I could!! Hope we don't have any snow. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  6. Is there anyone in the Langhorne area that could plant a cache for the "m" part of m and w? When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said a cache for every year, but I don't think there are that many cachers in the area :anibad: Got "m" a GPS for his last birthday (sort of for the next four) and will be away this year on the big day. Thought it would be great if someone could plant a birthday cache on 4/12. Anyone up for the challenge?

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