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  1. LOL, the geocaching forums are starting to sound like that Will Ferrell SNL skit where he plays President Bush. Ok, so micros and house caches are now a part of the Axis of Evil.
  2. I haven't seen any of these, but I think the sport is better of away from houses.
  3. Yea, how about a Lock & Lock plastic container? Those work great. I've seen them at supermarkets, WalMart and Target and plus, they're usually right next to the Gladware. Their lids are built just like an ammo box, in that there is a rubber liner around the rim, so to keep it water tight. http://organize-everything.com/lolofostco.html
  4. Usually caches are simply hidden by rocks, sticks, brush, or under logs, rocks, etc. A box with no purpose would just stick out to any average geocacher.
  5. Thanks, I'llk have to keep all this in mind for the future. I don't see too many CITO events too close to me, so I'm thinking that maybe I should have one someday soon myself.
  6. I'm not completely sure, but I believe 9 is my most in a day.
  7. I believe I found a cache made much like the one you plan to make last summer. As I found it last summer, I have no clue how well it opens in the winter, but there wasn't any water.
  8. Neat idea, but won't this take quite a while to create and an even longer to to find?
  9. When I was little, I drew a picture of my dad (BomberJohn) next to a jet plane (because he was in the Air Force) and wrote Bomber above the plane and John above my dad. He became BomberJohn and I called myself BomberJjr because my name is also John (although I'm not actually considered John Jr. because we have different middle names).
  10. Only 2 Regular Cahes, 1 Event (of course), and 1 Reverse Cache (of course also) out of 114, as of today, have been archived and currently none are disabled. Wasn't quite sure if you wanted events and reverses added, but without them its only about 1.8%.
  11. I've seen both a dog cache called Dog Walk and a cat cache called Cat In The Cache (not exactly for cats to find, just had cat toys in it).
  12. You could always play it off that the sticker was not placed there for the cache. You placed it there and now use it for finding the next stage of the cache. LOL, I mean using a sticker that is already on the back of the sign would be no problem. But yea, I'm not sure about that one.
  13. I'm not too far from you, but I haven't seen any geocaching programs up here in New England (Massachusetts).
  14. Gas has been 2.97 for a quite a while up here in Massachusetts, but I still drive. I've pretty much hit all the caches in walking distance anyway.
  15. Do you think they should add a cache rating system to give other cachers an idea of the quality of the cache? I know that could possibly discourage first time hiders if they're rated poorly.
  16. What is it about micros that cachers don't like? I understand that there are many micros out there that become redundant in style, but just because many of them are alike does not mean they should be stereotyped. I have found many great and well hidden micros that have actually stumped me. Don't blame the idea of the micro. The micro has just received a bad image due to lack of orginality and scenary. Personally I love that I can do a mix bag of caches. I do though think that micros have become too common and hidders think that they can just throw them anywhere and make them overly simple. I even think I may be to blame for at least one micro that falls under the category, but I have since learned from it and plan to only plant original, more thought out micros in the future.
  17. A lot of people make their own -- they just print up the info, cut it and laminate it (using either the heat laminating machines, or the simple adhesive laminating sheets you can buy at Staples), and punch a hole in it. Some people use laminated luggage cards that you can buy in the luggage section of walmart. We just print, laminate, & punch our own. (We don't have a machine; we just use the sheets.) This post shows a picture of one of ours (front & back). Yea, I recently found Artichoke Head Tb (a neat TB by the Hermit Crabs). The first thing I noticed was how great the goal card looked. You two did a great job.
  18. I think the worst I've had has only been a bee sting.
  19. "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I've caches to find, and miles to go, before I sleep. Official Cheers lurker." Corp of Discovery, is that your take on Robert Frost? I like it.
  20. My Garmin Legend does the trick just fine. I've been geocaching for a year and half of it was with my dad and his GPS, so I've come to know the Legend and the 60C. His is great for road directions and has a few luxury features, but I have found many caches on my own with my GPS. I have noticed that because his GPS has an external antenna, that it works better with heavy cloud coverage, but thats only a minor flaw. Geocaching is best in the sun anyway.
  21. Yes, I have. I recently introduced my friend (now known as "TheJackal") to geocaching. I have been in the sport since last spring and I had not told him of my hobby that I share with my dad (BomberJohn) b/c I didn't think anyone else would really understand geocaching. One day talking about it with my mom's boyfriend around him, he heard and asked about it. After explaining everything to him, he was very enthusiatic about it and he now goes with me to caches whenever he can.
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