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  1. They are traditional caches but since the area that i was in does not have any puzzles or etc that might or might not be a factor. Thinking about uninstalling the app from the phone and reinstalling it to see if that works.
  2. I know, i have not checked other phones and have only checked the website on a couple of computers but it is consistent with my phone. I am assuming I have a button pushed someplace that I need to unpush. Weird. Ron
  3. Has anybody else noticed that not all of the caches show up when you pull up your Geocaching App? I pulled up an area and several of the caches in there were not showing up. I went to the actual website and checked and they were there, enabled, and not dnf. Shut off the app, tried again and same deal. My app settings are to hide my finds and hide my hides but show the rest of the caches. It happens in both of the areas that I have checked it out in. What am I missing? Has to be a switch or something I have set wrong. Thanks Ron
  4. Thank you for the info. I can't wait to see what happens with it although you can probably guess as to my preferences from the first post. Ron
  5. What was decided about that APE cache that was rediscovered out in Washington State? I live in Duluth MN and am going to take a road trip to find it if they decided to put it back into play. I know there was a poll put up. Any news??? Hope they put it back into play but a trip to Brazil would be fun also so........... Thanks RonGerth
  6. Not sure if this is your issue Not all USB cables are equal. Thanks, I tried that and now I have a screen saying GPSr not recognized. Making progress so will keep looking. Thanks again. Ron
  7. I had an older nuvi that I had to go into by holding down a corner on a screen to get to a screen that would allow me to change a setting to allow me to use it for mass storage to load caches onto. Does anybody know how to get to that screen? I have tried a bunch of different places and struck out. Thanks Ron
  8. I am having troubles with my Oregon 450T while out caching. It is a pretty new deal so I think I messed up a setting that I can't find to undo. I went looking for a cache that I downloaded off GC.com into a PQ through GSAK and onto the Oregon. When I get to the point that I am going to start caching I hit the Geocache button and tell it to find a cache. WHen I select the nearest cache and push the screen to go there I go to this map page with a little blue arrow on it and a pink line. I then have to X out of that screen and then go to the compass button that then takes me to the cache. It used to take me straight to the compass screen when I told it to go there. How do I get rid of that extra series of steps in the middle to go back to going straight to a compass screen with the geocache info on the top? Then tonight I went after a Chirp cache. I chirped it in and got the data from the chirp chip. When I told the unit to go to the chirped info it instead took me to the map with the arrow and the pink line. I then Xed out of that screen and went to the compas screen and it took me to the closest cache which is totally unrelated to the chirp chip. Before when I got a chirp and told it to take me to the chirped place it took me to that compass screen with the chirp data showing. I am not sure what happened. Nobody messes with my gps unit and I did not change anything that I am aware of other than the usual software updates through Garmin. Thank you, Ron
  9. Wow, thank you very much. That thing was loaded with caches, I had no idea I was doing that. I really appreciate your taking time to help me. Ron
  10. Just ran a PQ for an area using two different zip codes with two different PQs and missed a whole bunch of caches in two towns. I checked and had not checked any boxes that would get rid of them so I went to a cache in one of the towns and told the cache to download a gpx file into GSAK with that cache data. It came back and told me that it had ignored the request because I had the cache on an ignore list. I do not have an ignore list, never have had one. I went through GC to find this list and delete it and I can't find one. Any ideas??? Thanks, Ron
  11. Any way to change that green symbol to something else? I have a huge green block with a white heart in the middle of it and it takes up a lot of screen space when I am in an area that is cache dense. I had a 1450T that made them little geocache icons or a little black dot. Thanks Ron
  12. Also when you add a GPX file to the unit it over writes the file before it so you can't add multiple files. You get the data from the last one you load and the others are over written.
  13. I have tried to enter coords that way (create a new waypoint and then edit it) and I keep getting an error message saying the Waypoint Memory if Full. I use GSAK and the macro to load the coords off of my GSAK program and I am loading less than 1000 caches at a time so I don't think it is full like it says. How am I screwing this up? I know that I can enter it that way because I do it with Vista Cx that way. I have also gone into the GPX folder on the unit and deleted the cache and current cache files to make sure that I do not have any carry over. Thanks Ron
  14. RonGerth

    Garmin 550t

    What are the implications for the amount of memory available? I am waffling between a 550 and a 550T and since I own a copy of MapTOPO I was thinking I would get the 550 and load my own topo maps onto it. If the memory difference though is significant I might have to rethink that approach. Thanks Ron
  15. I use the combination of cachemate and a palm TX and had a great run with it. Paperless is all that it is cracked up to be and the combination was easy to use and very very handy until ........................ my old computer died and I switched over to my wife's laptop which runs a 64 bit system, what ever that means, and now I can't get my palm to sync with my computer so cachemate and the palm are on the back burner until I get this figured out. Ron
  16. I do a lot of geocaching and the last time I was out and figured I would run through the area and knock out a few caches with out looking at a map I ran into trouble. WHen I was in the middle of the swamp and wet up to my knees I decided that I would switch over to the topo map on my Colorado and guess what I found out? I was in the middle of a huge swamp........ I learned. I always go to topo when I leave the road now. Used to do lots of caching in Wyoming and the topo was great for finding easy ways up and down hills. Ron
  17. I also use the Vista HCX. When I have reached the general area, I use the compass page to navigate to the cache. I have set the page to show 4 Data Fields and have these set to: Destination Dist To Dest Accuracy Time Of day So there is no need to switch back to the satellite page to check accuracy. At a glance you can add the (Dist To Dest + Accuracy) to get a good idea of how big your search area is. Remember you may need to increase this area to allow for discrepancies between yours and the hiders GPSr. Regards Tarot I don't use time of day for one of my boxes. I use battery life after I hiked into a level 3 cache about 3/4 mile off a trail and when I was about 400 feet my unit died, ran out of batteries. Of course my spares were in the truck a good mile away or better. Lucky for me I had an idea of where the cache was (looking ahead to check route saved me) and was able to get into the area and start searching. Found it but cussed myself all the way back to the truck. Distance to next accuracy battery life elevation if in the mountains what ever it is set to if not RonGerth
  18. A very good thing to do when you are caching in those conditions too is to take a look ahead of you (especially if you are in mountains around here as you don't want to literally walk off a cliff) when you get into the 75 to 100 foot range of coords and see what it is pointing to. Start there with the search. Remember your unit is showing you a center point of a circle. It is not really a plus or minus. It is saying that the unit is 95% sure that you are within a circle with a radius of X number of feet that contains the coordinates that you have punched in. The smaller the number, the tighter the circle. Also as you start searching and spinning around, lowering your unit, stopping starting and etc the unit starts to sort of "freak out" and gets lost. It wants to make sure that it is able to draw that circle so it makes the radius bigger (your number goes up) to be 95% sure that it contains the coordinates. Calibrate it, keep one eye on the gps unit and one on the trail and look for geo-beacons. In heavy trees, tall buildings, canyons and etc your unit is gonna drop off a bit, that is normal. RonGerth
  19. I still use a PDA when I am caching with my Colorado. I like to be able to add things like TB numbers quickly when I pick up or drop them in caches. Otherwise I use the GSAK macro to export to the Colorado. Ron
  20. Got rid of the blue arrow just like you said. had a waypoint selected and then went back to compass on short cuts, hit options and there it was. I fixed that but still have the blue line. Will work on that next. Thanks again ron
  21. You have switched the compass to course pointer mode. Goto Others->Compass->Options->Bearing Pointer and this should fix the problem with the additional purple line and remove the blue arrow. If you are interested in what course pointer mode does check out C6 here: GO$Rs I can't find a bearing mode under compass. I went to others and there is not a compass section and then went to compass and found 3 options site n go calibrate and another one for how to set the heading. no bearing pointer. am I missing it someplace? Thanks for all of your help. Ron
  22. Hi, I am having trouble with my 400t. I have had it for a couple of months and was geocaching with it and like it alot. lately I have had problems with the thing. 2 issues. First. When I am going after a cache and select it on the geocache page a heavy purple line goes from me to the cache site. It used to follow along with me to the cache. Now a thin light purple line goes with me and the old purple line stays in place exactly at is was. The thing gets "wacky" when I approach the cache site. Also the compass on the full screen compass (selected on the cache info page) shows both a red arrow and a blue arrow and totally jumps around as I sit still or approach the cache. It seems to track like a heading arrow and an arrow pointing at the cache but it doesn't track that way. I have the track shut off, have the compass turned off. I called Garmin the the tech guy (who didn't know what he was doing from what I could tell as he had to get a unit to look at the basic screens I was talking about) told me that it was normal. Thing is it has degraded to this point from a point that had one red arrow on the compass and the heavy purple line tracked with me like it would on the Vista or the 76CSx. I am also running the Beta 2.51 firmware. Can I zero out the firmware and reload it to try that? another fix? Thanks ron
  23. Don't go out into the woods to try it out. Go out into the back yard or the local park that is wide open so that you can play with the unit and also see what it is doing at the same time. Once you see the unit working and kind of see the big picture it will make more sense. Set a way point with it and then practice finding it and navigating back to it. There is a short steep learning curve to it but once you have it it will be fun. I agree about the LegendHCx. The color screen and better technology for the antenna system is work the extra money in my opinion. Ron
  24. If you are geocaching with the unit I would turn off the compass. I have used 3 units now that have an electronic compass built into them and they all screw up geocaching. Turn it off and the screen will un freeze and will work much better for geocaching. I have a Colorado and the first thing I did was turn it off. Ron
  25. Use GSAK to handle the pocket queries and then run the macro in GSAK to transfer the data to your unit. You will get the description, decoded hint, and a few past logs. Very easy to set up and run. Ron
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