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  1. He he, Northern Penguin's gonna be a So, who's making the T-Shirts? TOMTEC
  2. To quote the guidelines... So, did you use Google or Yahoo? Since Yahoo was not explicitly named, you may be in the clear, though I doubt it... That ruling will have to be left for our illustrious quizmaster to make! TOMTEC Actually, I used a *cough*dictionnary*cough.. I was just trying to get the game going.. Hmm, a dictionary eh? Interesting, that would probably classify as a personal reference device... good for verifying the spelling of words (like *cough*dictionnary*cough* ) I see nothing wrong with that! TOMTEC
  3. To quote the guidelines... So, did you use Google or Yahoo? Since Yahoo was not explicitly named, you may be in the clear, though I doubt it... That ruling will have to be left for our illustrious quizmaster to make! TOMTEC
  4. He he, you mean Cesium... Sesium is the element that causes seizures TOMTEC
  5. July 9th is definitely out for me... July 23rd is the National Cache event August 20th is our cycling club championships September 17th is GHAGAFAP V weekend So those days are out for me... Of the other possible weekends, I have races scheduled, but I'll see what I can do once we have a firm date picked. TOMTEC
  6. Woah... I never metioned an EGG! Do you think I'm crazy or something? TOMTEC
  7. He he, thanks for the plug Dano... I'm still working on that one! I've got a bunch more that still need to be added to it, and I still need to go through each and update their accessibility. Cheers, TOMTEC
  8. It seemes that C-A's covered all the good ...Here comes the bad - Filmclips was unable to attend as his bike was stolen overnight - NorthernPenguin's GPS mount was slightly deformed while patching his tire - TOMTEC almost flipped over the edge of the escarpment - C-A befriended some very friendly deer - Keith Watson survived the long climb back up... in the Big Ring! - Rogue Monkey does not like Posion Ivy... even just the sight of it. - Chris-Mouse was fired from navigation duties after leading us to a "bike trail" that in reality was the Linc! All in all, it was a great day... something in the order of 20 caches were located on the way through, we didn't leave anyone behind (even if we wanted to) and everyone (well, maybe not Keith) is looking forward to the next trip. There should be less of an elevation change this time! TOMTEC
  9. I'd say the Legal term for this behaviour is Reckless Driving and it carries a hefty fine. Though I do believe Keith was referring to the behaviour of the Wheels and not the Driver. In that case, Track would be a term that would describe this behaviour. TOMTEC
  10. Nice work Chris-Mouse! Just looking over the updated waypoint file... I'm pretty sure we can keep GCRNJ5 (Electronix) in the list as it's right beside GC2D6C (Chedoke Trail Treasure) at the bottom of the hill. It should be easy to access. Also, GCMV30 (Tunnel Rat) seems to be floating in the middle of nowhere as I assume we'll be taking Scenic Drive along the power lines to reach the next cluster of caches. That may make it hard to access Filman Road with the Linc in the way, unless we want to ride the Bruce? We may have to drop this one... GCJDGG (The Mini "CLUE" Cache) seems to have some elevation drop and an active rail line in the way of easy access, but we can probably check that out once we're in the area. Looking good... hope everyone has been training! TOMTEC
  11. Well, since C-A started this topic and outlined the rules in the first post: I think he's allowed to pull whatever he wants... Though we'll see how "fast" he really is on the bike Sunday! TOMTEC
  12. TAKOVER the WORLD! Whohohaha! Whoops, wrong forum... Now where did I put that Pinky and the Brain bookmark... TOMTEC
  13. Just going over the waypoints in the file... I noticed that a number of them are currently archived: GCJ81R GCK6CK GCMJWC GCMQJD GCP9XB GCP9XH GCRZ3N GCT2ZW So we can remove them from the list... Plus there are a few of Puzzles in the Tour of Mohawk Series where we need to calculate the coordinates and see if the cache is still on the route. Urban Rollercoaster and any other hikes which require leaving the bikes far behind will also likely be skipped. It looks like a good number though... should be fun! TOMTEC
  14. I've mentioned it to Filmclips the other day... I believe he is interested in attending. Hopefully we'll see him at the pub night to confirm. Anyways, right now I am 70% certain that I'll be there. TOMTEC
  15. Heh, that's one of the reasons people have stopped following me to caches! Was it the 12 foot drop while snowshow caching, or the scaling the cliff along the Bruce that brough you to this conclusion? My best excuse for not finding the cache was when another cacher had it and was making their log as I searched.... that was an interesting meeting! TOMTEC
  16. I didn't know you planned to go after 4.5lb Walleye (GCDFB) Well, count me in if you do! I've got a canoe... My goal is to find more caches by way of water transport. (Canoe or Kayak) And to find all remaining caches that were hidden before I joined Geocaching.com TOMTEC
  17. Ha ha, Couldn't you find a bigger horn C-A? I guess I better not sabotage that claim by upgrading your container to an ammo can! TOMTEC
  18. Yep, it's still on... I don't think Chris-mouse wants to start weight training for the cycle event, but you never know... Rusty is always welcome. I'll bring my steel toed boots. TOMTEC
  19. I'm should be available Wednesday to Friday, with Wednesday as the preference. With any luck, I'll be able to coast down hill all the way to the pub! TOMTEC
  20. Naw, that would be too close to a GeoTea... the Tea Pot coin from Great Britain... TOMTEC
  21. Bolton is always good! I nominate Bolton as the Geopub capital of Canada! What have we had, like 5 pub nights in town? 4 of which were at the Black Bull... Not to mention other unofficial meetings. I think we should get a discount on the next one! TOMTEC
  22. He he, and here I thought coins were supposed to be round... or square in the case of Aruba... I think you should re-name it a GeoNail! From what I hear, there is already a GeoScrew! TOMTEC
  23. That's fine by me... Besides, June 3rd is a long time away! (who plans these pub nights anyhow? he he) Sometime midweek may be better as it won't interfere with anyones weekend caching schedule. Especially if it can be coordinated with a wing night etc... The sooner the better, as it's prime cycling weather out right now! TOMTEC
  24. Ah, the advantage of modern night vision systems is the auto-dimming feature... Similar to a high end welder's mask, it it will instantly compensate for changes in brightness, preventing the user from being blinded by extreme changes in light. Though once you remove them from your head, with dark adapted eyes, a BFL would be killer! Though I doubt you'd find this feature on those $800 specs... TOMTEC
  25. Perhaps you could specify which Toronto area airport you plan to visit... Here are the most common: Lester B Pearson International Airport (YYZ) Address: 3111 Convair Drive Mississauga ON L5P 1B2 Toronto City Centre Airport (YTZ) Address: 60 Harbour Street Toronto ON M5J 1B7 Toronto Buttonville Airport (YKZ) Address: 2833 - 16th Ave Markham ON L3R 0P8 All of these do have caches in the general area... You can use their postal codes to help your search. If you're coming in to Pearson (YYZ) Try and visit GCH31J - Not the Airport Hilton if you're looking to move some Travel Bugs! Hope this helps... TOMTEC
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