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  1. Alrighty, keeping to the Geography theme... What is the largest freshwater lake that does not contain an island. Bonus Points: What is currently the nearest Geocache to this lake? TOMTEC
  2. I've got a lot of weekend activities on the go, so I'm going to be very 'date sensitive'. Still, if I can manage to find a day free - I'd be interested in this one. I get a Friday off every two weeks, so that works just fine for me. Next one is coming up on the 28th. Conveniently, I'm also off on Friday the 28th... Though I'm likely heading North later in the evening. Anyone else free that day? TOMTEC
  3. I believe that is Ishpatina Ridge, the highest point in Ontario... at something like 690 meters (That's a speed bump to you West coasters) It's a great view from the top of the fire tower at the summit though! TOMTEC
  4. High Park and the Islands sounds good to me... I'll have to see if I can play with my schedule to attend. Got any dates in mind yet? TOMTEC
  5. It's gotta be the can of beans! And they are probably still safe to eat... As for the selling price, I have no idea... But it's replacement cost should only be around 99 cents! TOMTEC - Mental Note: Add can of beans to contents of next cache.
  6. Hey, it's a basic math question... you don't need me to confirm that you are, indeed, correct! As far as 47.5km/h being my cruising speed... you're close! That's actually pretty much the average speed we run at for the midweek crit races. Maybe next time I'll get people to guess the highest speed I've obtained during a sprint finish... he he. Over to you... TOMTEC
  7. Alright, let's go for a simple cycling related math question… Haven't had one of these yet. Take a standard 26” wheeled mountain bike with a 42-32-22 toothed crankset and a 11-32 toothed cassette (rear cog). If you were pedaling in the fastest gear at exactly 100rpm, what speed (in km/h) would you be able to maintain? Bonus Points… what is the distance traveled (in inches, rounded to the nearest inch) during one complete pedal revolution in this gear? TOMTEC
  8. That's gotta be John Tuzo Wilson... and for a related cache, check out GC8535 - Every Cache Moves TOMTEC
  9. Right now I'm still around 100km from home, so I don't think I'll be up in time to make the 9am start... Unless I hear otherwise, I should be able to be in the area around 10am and I'll touch base via cell phone. I'm only looking to make 6 or 7 new finds and looking at the list for the Centennial Park parking area that should work out nicely. I check back later this morning to see if there have been any updates to the plan. TOMTEC
  10. Sounds good... we can throw together a quick local ride then... say Kleinburg area or even down the Etobicoke Creek south of the 401 TOMTEC
  11. What you got against parquet floors? They are all the rage in these new trendy condo developements! Now those look-alike Linoleum tiles... don't get me started on them! TOMTEC
  12. Anyone up for a ride this Sunday July 16th? There is a chance I won't be racing, so weather permitting I may try and go cycle caching! TOMTEC
  13. Hmm, good point... now to combine both theories and find the highest point of elevation along the equator! Anyone? Somewhere in Ecuador perhaps? TOMTEC
  14. Mount Everest would be my guess since it's the furthest point from the center of the Earth and hence might have less gravity pulling you down. I'm with Res on this one... The force of gravity you feel at any point on the earth should be related to the distance (radius) you are from the centre of the earth (mass) and the amount of mass enclosed within that radius. Theoretically, if you could get to the exact center of the earth, you would experience zero gravity as the radius would now equal zero, but we're talking "on" earth... not "in" earth. So we increase the radius by 8km or so (~height of everest) above sea level, without adding an equal amount of mass (not much earth up here!) so the effect of gravity will be reduced... but probably not enough to be noticed due to the lack of oxygen! Atleast that's what I seem to remember from all those Physics classes when I wasn't blowing things up! TOMTEC
  15. You are just having way too much fun with that picture... My new goal will be to discover and hide caches in all the poison ivy patches around C-A's house! Seems I must be immune to the stuff... TOMTEC
  16. Ah, but which one? TOMTEC
  17. Well, I guess you could consider it one really, really, really long portage! I much prefer to paddle my boats, not carry them! TOMTEC
  18. Of course there is only one logical explanation... he was collecting a DNA sample from you! But what would I know? (Yes, that is a tin foil hat... not a pot) TOMTEC
  19. Q1: Eeek... uh 12%? Q2: That's gotta be Kermit... he never shuts up! Q3: The one in the Geico commercial... wait, a Gecko is a Lizard right? Q4: Halfway across the road... Q5: Chololate Did I win? I think that's the least correct answers... Oh wait, you wanted the last correct answer. In that case the game is still wide open! I've got nothing.... TOMTEC
  20. He he, yeah, I like to have fun figuring ways to get around those pesky patents... Though that one has been expired for a while now. I was dissapointed when nobody expressed interest in the "Farting" seal I developed. Seems it just wasn't that attractive for the average user! "...no hunny, that wasn't me... it's this darn TOMTECware container again!" TOMTEC
  21. This one good enough for you? He he he TOMTEC
  22. That sounds alright... It looks the there are a few new caches back on the Toronto Islands, so that could be a possible day trip destination. There are a few multi-caches out there designed with the cyclist in mind, so that's something to look at also. TOMTEC
  23. Ooh, this is even better... I wonder if Dr. Clean can rent one of these for the day: It would come in handy for those urban caches. TOMTEC
  24. Yes it was... back in the late 1940's before the "Tupperware Party" became successful. I believe Tupperware's "Burping" seal was patented back in 1947, so that's going to be my best guess! TOMTEC
  25. Yep, they sure are... Just create a vector image out of it and scale it as needed... it's pretty simple. Nope, I'll be off portaging through the wilderness to our old cliff diving spot. With any luck, we may even have time to search for a Geocache... You guys have fun though... TOMTEC
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