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  1. You got it! Though now that I think about it, one of the steps is broken, (but functional) so QuigleyJones deserves an honourable mention for his guess of 101.5! TOMTEC
  2. I created a bookmark list of a number of area caches that I consider to be doable by ATV or Dual Sport motorcycle: ADV Ride Caches. It's a work in progress, so if anyone has suggestions let me know. TOMTEC
  3. Ok, I guess... I never said what it was, I only explained how to read it! Here's an easy one... There are a number of caches hidden in Thornton Bales Conservation Area, (near Newmarket, Ontario) know locally as The 99 Steps. The exact number of steps is in perpetual change (due to erosion, vandalism and ongoing maintenance) so, how many steps were there as of last weekend? TOMTEC
  4. Hmm, it could also be a fancy road sign... Maximum Speed 45Mph Minimum Speed 29Mph Divided Highway Ends Keep left and watch for the roundabout in 045 yards. TOMTEC
  5. He he yep, 2 dots, so light rain. I wonder how long it will be until we see the dots replaced by x's? TOMTEC
  6. I believe you are... The pressure reading is actually in millibars, so 045 would equate to 1004.5 mb or 100.45 kPa (convenient eh?) The leg shows that the wind is coming from the SSE, but I'm not sure on the speed. Be sure you pack your umbrella for the rain though... TOMTEC
  7. Not compatible with the Metric system, that's for sure! Now where did I put my Fahrenheit conversion table... TOMTEC
  8. Hey Penguin, try aiming those darts more to the south west... like in the Golden Horseshoe area! TOMTEC
  9. Are you sure you were at the right cache? Maybe you mistakenly entered the coordinates for The Body! TOMTEC
  10. All good points... which is why I decided not to wear my moose costume while caching on Halloween and opted for this: The ball and chain does make good substitute for the bell. TOMTEC
  11. Hmm, how about this? I'm not looking forward to carrying the battery though... TOMTEC
  12. Um, that's not K-W... click the link Dave. TOMTEC
  13. OK, but what about this guy: You better watch out for his car too! TOMTEC
  14. Ha ha, Boot left in hole is bonus points in my book! TOMTEC
  15. Aw, come on! Anyone who has cached in Canada in winter without snowshoes (and often with) must know this! Alternately, it's a pretty good description of the evidence left behind when Fizbot crosses a creek or marsh en-route to a cache! TOMTEC
  16. Weren't you at Quark's? I could have sworn you were the guy with the Spock Ears! If that's not a geo-connection, I don't know what is! TOMTEC
  17. Nice, that's a classic unit. Perhaps you can give us a better idea of what the problem is. Does the unit power up? Can it see any satellites? Do you have current firmware installed? Do you have a data cable to do this? If you can give a rough idea of your location, I'm sure a local cacher would be more than willing to give you a hand! Also, if you don't have one, here is a pdf copy of the owners manual for the Garmin GPS45XL Cheers, TOMTEC
  18. ... Circle, L1, Up, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, Circle, X I believe this is the GPS cheat code for "Perfect Satellite Reception + 20 Bonus Geocoins" TOMTEC
  19. Why not just shoot spike out of a canon? That would save some manpower. Not after thanksgiving.... I think he'd get stuck in the canon after that Turky binge of his... He he, it's a good thing he never reads the forums! TOMTEC
  20. That's great! Be sure to come out to the Pub Night on October 25th GCYJ0X - Sneakers In Barrie where you'll get a chance to meet a number of the local cachers! Also, feel free to drop into the Forums at the Central Ontario Geocachers website where you'll find many of us hanging out. I'm sure we'll be able to organize a Geo-expedition or two! TOMTEC
  21. Maybe... You should go put in your request for www.ihatejuicepig.com before it's too late! TOMTEC
  22. Ah, you're both wrong! It's partially my fault... There are a number of high power spotlights scattered all over the world that are aimed up into the atmosphere to create a gigantic "ceiling-bounce" effect. As most of these lights are HID powered, it creates a Blue tint... See, many years ago the sun was destroyed by an Anonymous Superpower Unit for not sharing it's energy supply. Flashoholics all over the world banded together to recreate the effect of the sun with their powerful beams. Unfortunately, during the GHAGAFAP V event, Fizbot managed to capture evidence of us "playing" with the system, so now the secret was out. So yeah... that's why the sky is blue! Zing! TOMTEC P.S. Due to popular demand, we often add red or orange filters during the power down stage, which people have come to know as a "sunset"
  23. Definately not less expensive... I finally managed to aquire a paper topo map for a remote area, but what I really needed was a Tyvek one. Unfortunately, the government never issued Tyvek maps for this area. After receiving the raw vector image data for this area, I had a print shop produce the map on Tyvek for me. The cost was over $100, when the government issued Tyvek maps only run around $15... How do they keep their prices low? Volume... The Queen's printer does not print single maps, they crank out hundreds at a time! TOMTEC
  24. It's spring, so I turn around and follow my footprints in the mud Unless it's that mud we had at the COG Spring Fling 2 years ago... It would swallow your boots then erase any evidence that you were even there! Definately not your friend... He he TOMTEC
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