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  1. While I'll admit that GAGAFAP was a successful event, (I'd know... I was there!) it wasn't the first... Actually I think it comes in 5th on the list! You're in the right year though... TOMTEC
  2. He he, I thought it was an easy question too... so I tried to leave it for others to answer. Oh well, guess some people aren't up on their Geocaching history! Following that idea... What was Ontario's first successful geocaching "event" cache? (Sorry rest of Canada, I don't have my data for the other provinces handy...) And by successful I mean an event cache that was listed (as an event cache) and attended by cachers. TOMTEC
  3. He he, I'm still waiting for that Don Valley ride! Yeah, there are a couple bicycle designed caches in the surrounding areas... I think some were posted in the last thread. Maybe we can plan some different rides for a couple weekends during summer. TOMTEC
  4. He he, this one is still unanswered?!? Alrighty then... Who is Dave Ulmer? I'll take Geocaching Trivia for 300 Alex... uh, I mean Dano TOMTEC

    gps map 60cx

    So you're saying you can easily find a camouflaged micro cache in the woods, but couldn't locate a much larger, solid coloured shiny object? I guess that explains the custom reflective tape job on the new CSx! TOMTEC
  6. Ah, good questions! As a bonus, let's also see if anyone knows how the second lake was formed! TOMTEC
  7. Last I checked, Lake Superior is not located entirely inside Canada, as it also shares most of its border with the USA. (Gee, that should also rule out most of the other Great Lakes) It's also not the deepest, at only 406m. Though even if we counted just the Canadian portion of Lake Superior, the Canadian portion of Lake Huron is still larger! That's better... Great Bear Lake is the largest at 31,328 square km, and Great Slave Lake is the deepest at 614m. Now if we were to include the lakes that were not located entirely IN Canada, the order from largest down would now be Lake Huron, Great Bear Lake, Lake Superior, Great Slave Lake, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario... Over to you JD TOMTEC
  8. Alrighty then... It's been said that Canada has more lakes than all the rest of the world combined. (Over 2 Million!) Part 1: What is the LARGEST lake in Canada? Part 2: What is the DEEPEST lake in Canada? Winner is first person to answer both parts correctly. TOMTEC
  9. You're really reaching with these questions... Anyways, that's Adam van Koeverden and he went to McMaster University... I don't really foresee anyone actually attempting to reach a cache in a K1 boat though, they are far too fragile, not to mention expensive! TOMTEC
  10. I don't have time to come up with a question right now, so I'll just provide a big hint for others: YGZ He he, try the other end of the island... TOMTEC
  11. Hmm, it's been over 3 days... Dano, you going to ask a question or should we open it up? TOMTEC
  12. I think that only applies if you actually intend to answer the question... Once someone has given up, and wishes to know the answer, I don't think we have to regulate what they do on the internet. I guess it's time for another question... Should we impose a 3 day no answer time limit in the rules? (Uh, that's not the question, that's more of a general survey) TOMTEC
  13. You got it! Now everyone go load it on your cell phone just in case you feel like flying to Iqaluit for a FTF! TOMTEC
  14. Hmm, I like where you're going with this idea... but I don't think there are any letters on this key! TOMTEC
  15. Atleast you're on the right track... everyone else seems to like random number strings. Though HELP and RCMP could work, they are quite complex for speedy dialing. (I know, 867-979-XXXX ain't that quick either, but what can you do?) TOMTEC
  16. He he, they only recently added that area code. I've got some friends stationed at YFB, so it's fairly familiar. Which brings me to my next questions... many cachers carry a cell phone while on the trail to call for help in an emergency. Some people don't realize that not everyone uses 9-1-1 as their central emergency number. Jamacia, for example, uses 1-1-9. Much of Europe uses 1-1-2. You can reach the Police (RCMP) in the Yukon by dialing 867-667-5555. (Not overly convenient...) If you were caching in Iqaluit (formerly Frobisher Bay) and needed to reach the RCMP, what number would you try and dial before the polar bear tears you to shreds? Hint: 867-979-XXXX TOMTEC
  17. I'm betting on 867 TOMTEC
  18. TOMTEC

    Winter Photos

    Not sure, but I'll bet TOMTEC's crew was downtown somewhere that night..... Now that's just funny... I actually ended up downtown that evening prepping a replacement wiring harness for a friend's short-arc HID project. I'm pretty sure that's not the beam in your photo though, as his was only switched on for 10 seconds or so. TOMTEC
  19. I believe that it's the Sifton Bog, but I'll refrain from answering the other parts in hopes that some locals can snag it! TOMTEC
  20. I'd have to agree... it's not the earthquake that kills you, it the side effects! Falling buildings, fires, flooding... they can kill, but just the ground shaking? Besides, I've pestered him about this a couple times, but Earthquake' has yet to admit to killing anyone... TOMTEC
  21. He he, not bad... So, who's got the coveted "FTF" plate? How better to rub it in to everyone else when they see that sitting in the parking lot! TOMTEC
  22. Hey, I found some shiny COG coins in my mailbox today! They look amazing, you're sure all the Gold coins are sold? I should have ordered a second set... Guess I'll settle for another silver. TOMTEC
  23. He he, you seem to like nudist resorts! Might I suggest visiting GCZHRR for a cache (which I placed) right beside one. (Not IN one, as that would require doing it in the buff, but then we'd all require pictures to prove it.) I'm sure naked people will be the least of anyone's problems once they encounter Pottageville's famous mosquito population! Besides, as stated on the Geocaching Disclaimer: "Cache seekers assume all risks involved in seeking a cache." If people choose not to read the information provided, that's not my problem! Since when has "ignoring the issue in hopes it will go away" ever solved things? A person has a heart attack and collapses on a busy street, people look the other way, nobody calls for an ambulance... Who can figure out what happens next? If it's within my ability to assist, even if only to lend support or to bring it to the attention of those properly trained, I will. Maybe it's just the engineer in me, but when I see a problem, I'm always going to try and come up with a solution. If I can't solve it myself, I'll find people who can! There may not be a law requiring me to do this, but as a concerned citizen, I consider it my duty. TOMTEC
  24. I'm familiar with the general location, and can't figure out any good reason why this person should be in the area. I don't believe C-A is actually intending to place the cache anywhere near the hobo camp, (Come on, it's a Coupar-Angus cache... it would be far to easy if a hobo can hike the distance!) but the camp is in a location that could be encountered by geocachers/hikers on their way through the area. At the very least, I would inform the MTRCA of the location of the camp, just so they are aware of the "squatter" on their property, same as I would inform them of other problems. (illegal dumping, severe erosion, mysterious dead animals, blair which, hooligans on atvs, poachers, satanic ritual sites) If they choose to take action against the offender, it's now up to them. Now I also don't see a problem in visiting the camp in person to meet the occupant(s). For all we know it could be some documentary film maker observing the mating habits of the local skunk population. Besides, I'm looking for a good summer cottage... that abandoned camp may just fit the bill! TOMTEC
  25. He he, assembling a goon squad are we? Count me in! Never know, this could become an interesting stage... Speak to the occupant to receive your next coordinates. Bring him a can of beans if you also want the hint! TOMTEC
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