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  1. Are any other cachers planning to bring a form of water transport along? (i.e. canoe, kayak, water wings, cabin cruiser ) I know there are a couple boat accessable caches that are on my to-do list for the weekend... Also, who else is planning to come along for some night caching? Last year we had a nice sized group driving about grabbing all the caches closest to the park... (hint: save those ones for night time!) I'll be camping out with Filmclips, so give us a shout on Channel 2! TOMTEC
  2. Hmm, looks good to me... Got any free weekends coming up? TOMTEC
  3. A stick-on label or liner notes (if the Mini CD is in a case) would be very helpful in identifying the artists on each of the tracks. I've often been given unlabled mix cd's and have been unable to identify the artist and/or song I liked. TOMTEC


    Here's another vote for the Island. Plus there are a number of other caches close by on the mainland within easy hiking/biking/ttc distance! TOMTEC
  5. Hmm, I'm gonna go out and buy me a hiking stick right now... TOMTEC
  6. With names like these, how could I have not seen them! The other ones look pretty quick too... Ha ha, be careful what you ask for C-A... with all these drive-bys combined, you're gonna have a tough time even matching the hiking distance to one of your shortest caches! TOMTEC
  7. There should be a couple of the "401 Series Service Centre" caches that you can hit while going both directions... Eastbound: GCNHVA (#6 Clarington) & GCPGTP (#7 Trenton) Westbound: GCPGW6 (#5 Trenton) & GCNHW2 (#6 Clarington) I'm not a big fan of drive-bys... growing up in Scarborough and all, but they do make a nice excuse for that quick rest break to go "stretch the legs" even if you can almost touch the cache with your front bumper! TOMTEC
  8. I know a number of caches in the Toronto area that likely did not survive... DUCK! (GCQ2Y7) and Play a Round (GCQ2YA) are definately gone. (The owner is in the process of replacing them) and a number of the caches in the Don Valley likely did not survive as that whole area became a raging river! If you've hidden a cache near water, on a steep slope, under a bridge, or even close to a lower ground area, it's time for a maintenance visit! TOMTEC
  9. Yep, I could teach that Survivor Man a thing or two I tell ya... Hey, remember that really hot day when we were caching down in the gorge and I ran out of water? Had to lick the condensed dew from all those poison ivy leaves to rehydrate! What do you mean my face is all swollen.... Gaaa!! TOMTEC
  10. Well, last year we broke out the drums and other various noise-makers around the camp fire... So you're multi stringed instrument should fit right in! The unfortunate side effect, though, was that all the noise drove away the wildlife so the most interesting sight during the night vision demo was Ian's glowing cigarette embers! TOMTEC
  11. That's gotta be the first time I have ever heard Wilderness and Oakville in the same sentence!
  12. Field Glasses?? Looks more like a portable rocket launcher to me... Atleast one in our group will be well equipped for viewing the "full moon" TOMTEC
  13. Hmm, I do believe C-A has a nice sturdy tow along trailer... I'm sure he would be more than happy to haul you around for the day! He he, that would be a good workout! TOMTEC
  14. Ha ha, if only to see if it's a popular as the nudist resort over near one of my caches... which just happpens to be right in the middle of mosquito country! (Honestly, who's bright idea was that? Lets all run around with no clothes on while being swarmed by mosquitos!) TOMTEC
  15. Hmm, I'll have to reprogram the iPod then... Back to some good old fashioned death metal then... TOMTEC
  16. Well I could, but then I'd probably have to ride all the way back to try and locate the bodies of my riding companions... passed out in a ditch! Plus, I don't think the knobbies would last too long on the road... TOMTEC
  17. Aww, and I was really looking forward to dodging all the dancers along the parade route on my kamikaze downhill rig ... Especially after Keith Watson decided to avoid the city core on the 24 hour run due to the Pride parade! 9 AM should give everyone plenty of time to arrive and gear up. Now to finalize our carpool plans... Whose turn is it to drive this time? he he (or a better question, who can fit all the bikes!) TOMTEC
  18. Nice spray job C-A... Hmm, it might be little warm for the leather, now that I think about it... How about a spandex version? I'll bring the camera! Don't worry Annie, there will be few more cycle cache trips this summer. It's the best way to leave the bugs behind on the trails... Just gotta keep your mouth closed! TOMTEC
  19. I'll be there... oh wait, I'm one of the "three" Should make for a nice tour of the bottom end of town. Sounds like Filmclips will also be joining us at the parking co-ords, so there's another member to our roving cycle gang... Are we taking orders for the custom embroidered leather jackets yet? Hell's Cachers... I think it could work! TOMTEC
  20. Aww, thanks everyone! It's been a great ride (hike, canoe, snowshoe etc...) to get to 600 finds. I've also enjoyed meeting all the cachers behind the caches, both on the trails and at the events! C-A, come caching with me a couple days and you'll be at 300 finds in no time! TOMTEC
  21. Heh, did that 30 minutes after the posts were made... guess the moderators must have weekends off... he he he TOMTEC
  22. TT are you proposing an all-nighter? Guess I had better bring extra batteries for my GPSr and flashlite. I've been known to sit out at a camp-fire till the sun rises but have never tried caching instead. Sounds good to me. Better get a 40 oz'r of Yukon Jack in case of a frost setting in. dadgum! This event is really shaping up to be a gooooooood time! Cheers, Olar Night caching! Well, guess I better come along then! he he... could even bring my canoe for those hard to swim to caches! Olar, you can practice your night caching over at my Midnight Hat Trick (GCHHKA)! he he... TOMTEC
  23. I'll have to agree with you C-A... The Devil's Punchbowl was quite the adventure! I'm just glad we switched the flashlights on when we did, otherwise I may have taken a real "short-cut" down to the cache! TOMTEC
  24. The event cache page has been posted (24 hours ago): Pub at the Jug (The Toby Jug) and it is STILL awaiting approval! Here's the context for all who are wondering: Who? All Geocachers and the people who associate therewith! What? Come for a pint and/or some pub grub and meet other Geocachers! Where? The Toby Jug - Bolton, coordinates: N43 52.367 W79 43.626 When? Tuesday, July 8, 2003 6:30PM 'til whenever Why? Why not! So it's set... now let the drinking contest begin to see who will walk away from the meet with the infamous Pub Bug! TOMTEC
  25. quote:Originally posted by Coupar-Angus:I'm good for all but July 11th! quote:Originally posted by CryptoBlue:I will put the weight of the Pub Bug behind Tuesday, July 8th. Well, looks like the 11th is out, TT is out of the country, and everyone else is good for any day. So let's make it Tuesday, July 8th, as CryptoBlue suggested, so we can all experience the "weight" that is the Pub Bug! I'll submit the event cache now, and hopefully TPTB will have it approved in time for the next Weekly Cache Notification email. quote:Originally posted by TrimblesTrek:Someone take my place as the thorn in Flicks side for the evening! He he, I'm up to that challenge! TOMTEC
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