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  1. Ha! I've had this one on my to-find list for a while. I've got a couple of caches up in the area, so I'd be happy to adopt it and give it some love.
  2. Are you sure +7 is enough? This IS the Groundspeak forums... TOMTEC
  3. Alright, since none of the cachers who contacted me directly for information posted an update to the forum, I'll just re-post my reply here for all to see: I hope that clears things up. If someone does not agree with my rating system, they are free to assign their own personal rating to any of my caches. TOMTEC
  4. Aww, so much for my micro bailer safety kit idea using a 35mm film can, nylon thread, mini whistle and an LED keychain light. TOMTEC
  5. Yes, along with excessively large A-Pillars too. This is why I'd rather ride my motorcycle. Less distractions and crap blocking your view, more enjoyment of the ride! I also agree that the driving tests are far to easy... Even Spike managed to get a license! That is scary... TOMTEC
  6. Ok, sign me up to help out for Ontario. I've saved most of my old track logs from hiking on the Bruce Trail and Oak Ridges Trail, in addition to a ton of canoe routes through Algonquin Park and other areas. Usually I just compile them into filtered tracks and load them as sets to my GPS whenever I am in the area, but having a transparent map overlay sounds like a great idea. Sounds like I have some reading up to do. For anyone interested, I'll start collecting trail data here: trails@tomtec.ca TOMTEC
  7. Obviously never been to one of MY pubnights.. That's true... who's going to be the special guest at the Mellow-Roast? After meeting David Hasselhoff at your last event, I'm racking my brain to figure out how you plan to top that one! TOMTEC
  8. I wonder if it might be time for a new question to be asked... the last one seems to have lost everyone's interest. TOMTEC
  9. That is part of the answer. If you play the 9th hole what happens? Does it involve border security, chopsticks, body cavity searches, marshmallows, and/or bowling balls? If it's the answer I think you're aiming for, you should clarify what time of the year we're playing at! TOMTEC
  10. First the Rockies... now Mars! My quest to find better burgers is getting very expensive! Then again, I'm glad Piggy chose Mars, as opposed to another planet with a much more humorous name... you know the one... because that would just wreck the slogan! TOMTEC
  11. I'm pretty sure it was built by Alcan, but as to where... I have no idea. TOMTEC
  12. TOMTEC

    screen protectors

    I think the concept here is to have a clear screen protector... you know, so you can still read what's on the screen? Then again, you may have x-ray vision for all I know... he he. TOMTEC
  13. I refuse to answer on the ground I might incriminate myself... I didn't know you were that old, TOMTEC! (It was done in 1919) I have this habit of signing my name whenever I visit a place, (some have spotted me doing it while caching...) so if you know where to look, yeah, you'll find my name there... just not in 1919, only around 80 years later. TOMTEC
  14. I refuse to answer on the ground I might incriminate myself... TOMTEC
  15. 1) I'm guessing it's Gagnon. 2) ?? never bothered to stop... nobody was home! 3) Driving way to fast on the only stretch of paved road for hundreds of km? (Hey, we had a ferry to catch, had to make time somewhere!) TOMTEC
  16. Alright Mr. Smarty Pants, how about we create an exact 1:1 scale model of the CN Tower using M2A1 ammo cans as giant Lego bricks? How many ammo cans now? (Rounding to the nearest 1000 will do) TOMTEC
  17. 3000 Take it away 2happy! TOMTEC
  18. Heh, the reason I didn't include GD was that I didn't want to have to ask the next question... Oh well, here's a quick one off the top of my head. We'll stick to the Ammo Can theme... assuming you have a standard M2A1 ammo can (often referred to as a .50 cal) which measures somewhere in the neighborhood of 7.25" high... How many would you have to stack (round to the nearest 10) to make a pile as tall as the CN Tower? TOMTEC
  19. 1. Industries Valcartier? Incorporated & Canadian Arsenals Limited 2. SNC-Lavalin 3. Uh, I think they only bought SNC Technologies, not the entire company. I'll let someone else take a stab at this one... he he. TOMTEC
  20. Last I heard, that still may not be thick enough to support Juicepig. Even though you could easily drive a light truck across it. TOMTEC
  21. He he, I offered a "muggle proof" replacement back before this was moved to the forums, so of course I'm in... Besides, I ride in the area almost weekly, so carrying a replacement cache would be easy to do. The List Continues to Grow: (1) Tequila (2) moop (3) Swifteroo (4) Juicepig (5) CouparAngus and his companion Mr. Shotgun (6) 2happy2gether (7) TOMTEC Hmm, what time on Tuesday? TOMTEC
  22. Really? And all this time I thought they were a west coast speed metal band! TOMTEC
  23. I'm guessing it's got something to do with the area close to Hawaii where the ocean currents have trapped whole bunch of floating debris creating a highly toxic mess. I haven't got a clue what it's called, so I'll leave it to someone else. TOMTEC
  24. All Hail Lord Juicepig of Lefroy! TOMTEC
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