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  1. We just started last month. We were already outdoors people, but geocaching adds a nice twist to our hikes.
  2. I can't figure out how to do pocket queries. It seems like it would be a lot better than the way I am doing it now. I've managed to put the coords in wrong a couple of times already. Is there a way to get them into an etrex easily?
  3. Why would you log a find if the cache has been muggled? BTW, I'm glad I didn't post a Needs Archival. That doesn't appear to go over very well.
  4. I've already posted the needs maintenance logs which were suggested earlier. Do I really need to post didn't find it logs too? It would seem that the needs maintenance log makes it clear that I didn't find it. The caches in question are http://coord.info/GC1C3TQ and http://coord.info/GC1C3TJ. I didn't see any mention of the caches being missing although it has been a long time since either one has been found. This was one reason we chose to look for them.
  5. I left needs maintenance logs on the 2 caches we found the notes on. What was really weird is that he stated that the land was WMA land but it isn't. There is WMA land close by that we have not cached yet. I think the person leaving the notes is mistaken. If it is WMA land, does that mean that geocaching is not allowed? We've hiked a lot of the area in the past and have never noticed anything restricting the area to hunting and fishing.
  6. I think I like the needs maintenance better. I don't think it was removed by the land manager though. This is on the Nacote Creek Preservation Area. As far as I know the area is supposed to be available the general public and not just hunters. We've hiked the area before we discovered geocaching. This seems to be someone who thinks the area should only be used by those who buy licenses.
  7. My wife and I just started caching a few weeks ago. We've really enjoyed some of the hikes and great scenery. We were out this weekend looking for caches and couldn't find one. Instead, we found a note stating that the cache had been muggled because the land was for hunting and fishing only. I was going to post a needs archived but wasn't sure if that was appropriate since we have only just started. Would it be better to post that we didn't find it and tell the owner about the note?
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