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  1. Did anyone try setting up mobipocket on their blackberry 7100 w/ nextel and not get it to install? I have been trying but the .alx file does not work from their website. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried this and gotten it to work on this phone. I was hoping to use this for paperless caching.
  2. hi folks, looking for a used , excellent condition garmin etrex legend for a gift for my brother. Prefer one with original packaging, manual, and cable. Original packaging is not a must, just a preference. Please email me.
  3. I have had my 60Csx for about 2 months and I love it. I have not had any of the trouble some folks have reported. It is great on batteries except that I like to keep the back light on all the time so I go through them quick. I use the energizers and the quick charge and have a spare set with me at all times. I get pretty beat after 10 or 15 caches so 1 spare set is good for me, including time on while driving. I think I'm going to get a micro card with a built in map and a car charger next and then probably a clip of some kind so I don't have to put it in my pockets. It also is perfectly sized for your hand and is very comfortable to carry. I don't anticipate having to replace this GPS for many many years. I love it.
  4. Hi folks, has anyone submitted any caches in the Joliet, IL area to the joliet park district? I did one and am just wondering how long it ususally takes. It was an unusual process. I wasn't expecting to have an email generated when I completed the form online. I'm just curious. thanks -escapethematrix
  5. I have had my 60csx for a couple days now and am very happy with it. The unit is extremely fast compared to my old legend c and i'm very happy I upgraded. I have really enjoyed this thread. Gary
  6. Hi folks, i am trying to remove the garmin auto dash mount and get seem to pry it up. I used the permenant adhesive. I'm wondering if there is a trick to it or not. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I have Tech Plus. Starting to study for General
  8. hi, immaculate garmin etrex legend c for sale including original box, manual, cable. It's in perfect shape. I'm simply upgrading and want this to have a good home. If I don't hear from someone here, I will list it on ebay. I'm also including the car mount (which you'll have to get a new mount pad for because it's mounted in my ford escape) and bike mount. Asking $175 plus insurance for everything. Paypal preferred and pictures are available. Ebay id to check my 100% feedback history: jettatrekk thanks Email me if interested: escapethematrix@gmail.com
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