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  1. My advice is to get 2 separate units. This is especially true if you have more than 1 car. I have a C320 streetpilot that I got off of ebay for $250 for my wife's car. It goes a long way towards keeping her from yelling at me when she gets lost or needs to find a specific address. No more does she call me at work telling me she is lost and I have to try to use google maps to figure out where she is and help her get home. I have the 60csx and I use it for everything in my car (navigation and geocaching). It works great. I only recently got maps loaded onto it and I'm surprised at how great it is at car navigation also. I think someone already said that in an earlier post and I agree.
  2. The most important thing is to stay out of the woods around dusk and dawn when most of the hunters will be around. If you have to be out during those times, wear orange!!
  3. You wouldn't want to use the 320 for geocaching. I agree with that posting. Get yourself a etrex legend, they are very affordable now. You will often see used ones for around $100 posted here as people upgrade.
  4. I still wouldn't worry, just contact him. I'm sure he'll respond. He was really sick recently so maybe he had to go back to the hospital. I'm sure it will be fine in the end.
  5. Hi folks, i'm looking for anyone who has any extra garmin c-series accessories that they don't need and want to sell: case, extra vehichle window mount, a/c adapter, extra car d/c adapter, faceplates, etc. thanks -Gary
  6. This coin is a great idea...if only our two countries really did work together at everything.
  7. GadgetMonster


    Congrats on the move to paradise! You should post a list of stuff you want to sell before the move, you might get a lot of interest. I know I'm already interested.
  8. Bump. This is now on ebay and I'm accepting offers: GeoCachingMobileForSaleOnEbay
  9. Garmin 60csx for caching, shopping for automotive GPS.
  10. I have a geocaching mobile of sorts for sale. I apologize if this isn't the most appropriate forum. '05 harley davidson 1200c sportster with very low mileage and complete with garmin 60csx handlebar mount. $8,000/BO. Contact me for pictures/questions. thanks escapethematrix aka Gary
  11. I received both my coins today, they are amazing. Chris, these are the best coins I have purchased yet.
  12. I couldn't get gpxsonar to install on my Dell x5. GPXview does work and does display the pages ok so it's at least useful but it appears to be pretty limited. I'll use it for now.
  13. This guy is legit. I received mine and it is working fine. I'm using GPXView for cache pages and it works well.
  14. Great series idea! I'm in for a set.
  15. Hi folks, I'm completely in love with my 60CSx but realize it's not really the best for automotive use plus I would like the wife to have something in her car that we switch over to mine when necessary. The Garmin C320 is really priced right now but was wondering what you all think about units in this price range. thanks Escapethematrix(gary).
  16. congrats! I hit 200 this weekend so I know the feeling!
  17. Rage, no no, that's a great idea. I'm going to check it out on mine for a good workout. Thanks for the tip!
  18. GadgetMonster

    Tom Tom

    Instead of emailing me telling me I 'know nothing about GPS technology' you might want to just chill out. I was just merely commenting on their annoying commercials.
  19. GadgetMonster

    Tom Tom

    I would never buy this thing simply on the basis that I hate their stupid commercials.
  20. GadgetMonster


    great job, as ususal. This coin is beautiful
  21. bump! I'm still looking, email/post here if you have one. thanks a bunch all!
  22. hi folks, anyone trading up on their garmin streetpilot and want to sell their old one? I'm looking for a used i3 for my wife. I'm willing to consider other models that anyone has for sale, prefer garmin streetpilot models.
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