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  1. hi folks, friend of mine is looking for a Garmin 76Cx or Csx. Email if you know of anyonoe selling. Must be in like new condition and include all accessories. thanks!
  2. hi folks, selling my slightly used PS2 system. Includes slimline console, verticle stand, component a/v cable, power cable, 8mb memory card, 2 controllers w/ 2 extension cables, 6 games, instructions, and original box. Asking $100/BO +$20 fedex shipping/insurance. Paypal accepted, checks ok also. Email me for a picture of the setup/questions. Games: splinter cell (double agent), jeopardy, tiger woods golf '06, tiger woods golf '03, puzzle challenge, and harry potter and the goblet of fire.
  3. my geocaching mobile is still for sale: 2002 honda rebel 250cx, only 3500 miles. 1 small dent in tank from previous owner. Price lowered from 2000 to 1800. Title on hand, ready to pickup anytime.
  4. sorry folks, sale pending receipt of check.
  5. For sale: used dell axim x5. Includes leather case, extra leather case, wireless cf card, usb sync cable, desktop cradle w/ a/c adapter. Works fine. No major cosmetic problems. Asking $50+$10 shipping. Paypal preferred.
  6. yeah...i realize after i posted this topic that I must have turned my brain off or something....duh.....a blackberry has a web browser. heh heh. Sorry for the stupidity folks.
  7. Hi folks, I'm looking for a well cared for nextel blackberry 7520 (don't need sim) (hopefully scratch free and undamaged). Willing to trade for a dell axim x5 handheld with all the goodies: unit, leather case, extra case, dock, a/c adapter, wireless cf card, extra cf card, extra sync cable. Based on current prices for both it's a good and fair trade. Email me or post here: escapethematrix@gmail.com
  8. Hi folks, has anyone used their 7500 series or later blackberry for geocaching viewing of .loc and .gpx files? I came across a software program for $50 called SPOT. It looks pretty good and will actually navigate to a gps if you have an external bluetooth receiver. I will probably only use it paperless caching but I wanted to find out if anyone has used it, if it's worth the $50 or if there is something cheaper. -escapethematrix
  9. Is anyone using a treo 700wx with the windows mobile operating system? I'm considering that one.
  10. Has anyone had a problem installing the latest version of the garmin webinstaller? Version 2.4.1? I'm trying to install it on a dell inspiron laptop and it keeps trying to install it in my C:\weird#\program file directory which is a write protected directory on my laptop used for critical windows software installs which is protected so it won't allow it. It won't allow me to change the install directory so I can't get through the update.
  11. How do you like that phone overall? I have heard really good things about it but of course cnet.com is overly harsh.
  12. How do you like that phone overall? I have heard really good things about it but of course cnet.com is overly harsh.
  13. Has anyone used a blackberry with any of the cache proggies? I don't think cachemate is compatable but I'm not sure about gpxview
  14. Great ideas folks! thanks! I'm considering a palm 680 but I heard the blackberry 8800 will be coming out so I'm not sure which I will do. Keep the experiences and ideas coming.
  15. Hi folks, I am looking for your experiences with the combination pda/cell phone and how it works with software like cachemate, gpxview, etc. The reason i'm asking this is while I love the PDA, it's just one more thing to carry. In the summer with shorts on, I'm weighted down by GPS, keys, cellphone, pda, wallet, etc. etc. It's too much to carry and sometimes you don't want to bring a big pack to house it all. I know there is the Treo so i'm just looking for experiences people have had with the palm series phones, windows mobile systems, etc. thanks!
  16. hi folks, I'm helping a friend who is looking for a garmin 76x series. If anyone has one, with or without maps, for sale, contact me. thanks -escapethematrix escapethematrix@gmail.com
  17. That is a great point! and very true. Great picture!! I will throw in a garmin handlebar mount if someone buys this little bike. I really hate to sell it but my cat got sick and now I have a huge medical bill to pay off. My wife was learning to ride on this so I think she'll be ready for her own bike this year. -escapethematrix
  18. hi folks, putting up a small motorcycle for sale. Its a 2002 honda 250 rebel. It has 3500miles on it and is in excellent near mint condition except for 1 small dent on the gas tank from the previous owner. Prefer cash but checks are ok but must wait for it to clear before you pickup. This is a great learners bike and is effortless to maintain. Price is $2000. Email me for details/pictures or to come see it. If you live near plainfield, I can drive it to your house,take the plates off, and leave it also. It will also fit pretty easilty into any pickuptruck if you want to pick it up. My harley davidson is still for sale also: sportster 1200c '05, about 1200miles, asking 8k. -escapethematrix (escapethematrix@gmail.com)
  19. hi folks, thought I would give y'all first dibs on this calculator. It's slightly used and in excellent condition. manuals can be downloaded from the texas instrument website. This is the 2nd highest end unit with USB interface. You can use the same USB cable you have for the garmin units, digi cam, etc. They are selling slightly used on ebay for $95 so I am asking $75 + $8 first class shipping. Paypal accepted. Picture available. It is guaranteed 100% working thanks -escapethematrix escapethematrix@gmail.com
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