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  1. Hi folks, if anyone would like first dibs on my excellent condition colorado 300, please contact me. It's in perfect shape and has all original accessories and box and includes a 1gig sd card. It is of course still under warranty until January 09. It has never experienced any hardware issues and has the latest firmware. Price is $300. Prefer to meet-up for local pickup rather than shipping but if you want it shipped, ok. The only caveat is that I need to keep it until my Oregon ships, i'll take a small deposit (which is refundable) to hold it for you. Paypal, check, cash on pickup, whatever. I'm flexible. I'll post another update when I have the oregon in hand. PM/email/call
  2. GadgetMonster

    Garmin Oregon

    This is great. I always felt like my colorado should have had a touch screen so Garmin continues to improve and update the models. I would love to see them reduce the thickness of the unit and add in a slim rechargable battery. Imagine if Apple releases a 'touch' with GPS? It could seriously hurt the garmin market-share. I know I would buy it and use it for caching & auto-nav instead of my Colorado (Unless there was a monthly fee which I wouldn't put it past Apple to do).
  3. Well, garmin told me that they are keeping part #'s the same from '08 to '09 but if you order city navigator nt now, full dvd, they will give you a free upgrade to '09.......I'm waiting until I'm sure I can get '09.
  4. Well, it still shows 2008 version info on the website & a 30 minute wait to order by phone, i'm not risking the part #, or risk getting the 2008 version until I talk to someone, i'll call them tomorrow....
  5. sorry, my fault: corrected link: http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/citynavnt.jsp
  6. Garmin part #: 010-10816-00 Strange, but i followed their directions to their website and the part # listed is the 2008 version, I will have to call in my order. I'll let y'all know how that goes.
  7. For those waiting. City Navigator NT 2009 Full DVD Version is now available directly from Garmin. They responded to my email asking when it would be available to say it was available: $99. This should make my fellow Colorado owners happy as I have been eagerly awaiting street maps and routing to caches. My Colorado 300 is now perfect! linky: http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/citynav.jsp#
  8. I have had my 300 for months, love it.
  9. Anyone heard anything on when the full version of '09 will be out?
  10. I sold my 60csx a couple weeks ago and now only use my colorado300 for caching. This latest update is great and it's nice to see them coming . Anywho, where would one get that cool auto d/c plug with the 2 usb ports power cable? that is cool!
  11. Item is sold pending receipt of funds. If anything changes, I will post an update. Thanks to all those who expressed interest.
  12. Garmin 60csx with original box. Includes the following: a)preloaded city nav '07 (I think) maps for most of the US. Sorry, don't have the DVD anymore, what it has is what you get. Most of the US is loaded but check with me if your concerned about a particular area. It is loaded onto a 1gig micro-sd card. b)Garmin auto power adapter c)usb cable d)manual e)Has a new battery door......old one had broken. f) bracket, maybe 2 if I can find it. g)Anything else I can find. Unit is in excellent shape. You will not be disappointed. Price: $250 + shipping of your choice. PM me or email: escapethematrix@gmail.com
  13. For sale: New/Sealed Nuvi 300 series auto window mount with 12v adapter charger. Retail $45, asking $25 + $5 shipping, usa only, so you can save $15 and some tax. email: escapethematrix@gmail.com Pay via paypal and it ships tomorow. Garmin part #: 010-10935-00
  14. Hi folks, anyone have a unused copy of city nav nt 2008 they are not going to use? I don't want the upgrade version. Looking for part #:010-10816-00.
  15. hi folks, anyone using the sprint mogul for paper-less caching? If so, what proggie are you using to view .gpx files. thanks!
  16. PSP with medal of honor heroes game for sale. Pretty much brand spankin new. $10 shipping unless you are in the chicago area and can pick it up. Price is $150 firm. Paypal preferred. Selling to pay for Nuvi
  17. hi folks, wondering if anyone is interested in a used garmin C320 streetpilot? Condition is excellent and works great. I'm just upgrading. Asking $150. Prefer local pickup if possible but will ship. Email me for details.
  18. Like new linksys wireless print server $70 +$7 shipping or pick it up locally in this area. WPS54G is the model. Includes original box, accessories, power cable (cd if I can find it but you can easily download the software from linksys.com. Email:escapethematrix@gmail.com
  19. If I were you, i'd wait for the wifi phones. There should be several out this year.
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