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  1. I just preordered one on amazon. This may be the first of its kind, but I think its a great idea and I intend to play with it. If i hate it, i'll just return it. It appears to require basecamp for communication, and that probably includes caches. Amazon has a great return policy.

  2. $300, $350 on amazon.com. Includes all original accessories/box. Pickup in chicago area with cash, paypal also accepted, if you need it shipped I will cover that with insurance/tracking. No condition issues that I can see.

  3. Listen man, i told you, shipping parcel post from chicago is very slow. It has NOT been a week. I shipped it on Monday. If you don't get it by next friday, I will issue you a refund through paypal and I will file a claim through the USPS since I shipped it insured.

  4. Garmin Oregon 300 + city nav nt loaded onto microsd card..... $300 including shipping. You can have the dvd also but not sure if you can install or not so i will load entire usa on the microsd for you. Includes original box for the Oregon and condition is excellent. Email for photo. gadgetmonstergar at gmail dot com.

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