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  1. I didn't. I wanted a standard 650 but my local warehouse didn't have the 650 instock so I went for the 650t instead at £430, naughty, but nice. The 650 if they had one go for £369.??
  2. Thanks guys, i bought the Montana 650t in the end
  3. I have very recently just bought a Garmin Montana 650t and am just getting a feel for it after a couple of days. I have uploaded some maps from talkytoaster and these seem quite reasonable for free. Ideally I could do with field boundary's which I guess I need more detail or just different maps? A couple of questions 1) Can I get that detail of maps for this device? 2) what maps if any would provide that? 3) Do maps ever come up second hand as at £200 for UK coverage compared to the free ones I am using seems a tad steep. 4) If I had two devices, could I install a single Garmin map to both devices, or would I need to buy maps everytime I changed my device? 5) Are there any better instructions for it than those provided online by Garmin, as my ones didnt even tell me about the file it creates when you log a cache and that you can load that back up online, I only learnt that from here. Thanks in advance Steve
  4. OK, I have been researching a GPS device mainly due to my Android phone going down on the battery within just 5 ish hours use. I am happy(ish) with the accuracy and I love the fact I get the descriptions, hints, logs, a map and a compass all within the one device. Not wishing to lose any convenience I am looking for a FULL paperless GPS device. I have researched a few of these but admit to not understanding how maps are loaded, which companies allow what type of map loading etc. This is my wish lits FULL papaerless caching (including previous log entries) not sure if they all hold the previous log entries? 3 axis compass Waterproof 2 x AA batteries for easy charging Under £400 Can load "tile OS maps" (remembering I dont know how this works) or if this is even correct Its the maps bit I am struggling with, as a base map I have no idea what it covers and my caching tends to be within Cambridge only, but if I go away I could always purchase that set of maps for the area. Or am i better off getting a full UK 1:50000 or even 1:25000? I just dont know. My most practical so far is the Garmin 62S, as I dont need a built in camera or anything. But more than happy to look at other models and makes on good recommendation. This I can get for around £260 I think. Any useful views welcome. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME Yours thanksfully in advance Steve
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