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  1. Hello all I'd just like to introduce myself, ask a few questions and become acquainted with this forum. I'm a geography teacher in a high school in Norfolk, UK. I only discovered geocaching a couple of weeks ago (through one of my students actually) and I just can't believe that I've been missing out on all the fun over the last 10 years. I also can't quite believe that as a geography teacher I've not come across this magnificent way to spend your time until now! I mean I really thought someone might have mentioned it whilst I was on a training course or something similar. So it was left to a 13 year old girl to introduce me to what I think could be a really important hobby for the rest of my life. I'm hooked, completely addicted and loving every minute so far. I have a family with young children so I can't just go out at the drop of a hat. I have an 8 year old daughter and she normally comes out with me and enjoys it nearly as much as I do Having quickly realised that basic membership simply would not suffice (probably about 3 days in) I'm now a premium member enjoying the ability to build PQ's and search around for caches with google maps as well as giving myself a chance at being FTF some local caches (none so far ) I have an iPhone 3GS and have been successfully finding local caches for a couple of weeks, which brings me on to asking the first of 2 questions that I'd love someone to get back to me on if they feel able... 1) Is an iPhone really that bad at helping to find caches? I completely understand the fact that the accuracy of the GPS on the iPhone is not amazing and I can easily see its limitations when placing a cache, but surely when used in conjunction with the satellite images from the geocaching app its no different to having the coordinates plugged into a GPSr is it? I mean, the green waypoint on the iPhone geocaching app is exactly the same as the location of the green waypoint on geocaching.com. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a lovely GPS unit but hey, I'm not made of money, I'm new to the obsession and I can always invest in one in the future. I'm not about to start placing my own caches just yet (I've only found 11 thus far and would like to get much more of a feel for how they are placed. Maybe I'll celebrate by placing one after my 50th find or something?) 2) Are you 'allowed' to ask the owner of a cache a couple of questions about one of their caches? Let me explain... I've already logged a couple of DNF's and I completely understand the point of logging them. I contacted a cache owner to ask for a further hint as to the location of a cache I couldn't find. I logged a DNF after asking for a hint. To his credit the guy answered my email within about 15 minutes but gave me no further help than previous log entries had. I emailed him again to explain that I had looked at the log entries and please could I have a further hint. He hasn't got back to me. Is that likely to be because I'm being too pushy asking for help? Is it not the done thing to ask a couple of questions about a cache I can't find? Any help on these two issues much appreciated. I'm thrilled to have found this exciting hobby and I'm looking forward to many happy years of caching cheers in anticipation of any reply... topmonkey
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