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  1. Best of luck Robin & others. We had a great afternoon last year at the Yorks Meet Up -hope you don't get flooded out at this one! Think it may be a bit too far to come this year.
  2. You'll be pleased to know that we haven't really even had a summer in Sydney yet. It rain just about everyday :-( Anyway, my mission this weekend is to rescue a Mars Bars Geocoin that's been stuck in a cache for a long while. Congrats to the Hancocks, my caching record looks really bad since we arrived in September ....
  3. not in windows mobile 5.0 it ain't! Didn't think I'd seen it on my mio before now... surely they haven't dropped the feature? I'll have a nose around microsoft website when i can... Its on Windows for Pocket PC 2003 & 2002 because if the main and back up battery go flat, you loose your data. Windows Mobile 5 devices use a different type of memory that does not loose the data when the battery dies - so the feature is not contained in Win Mobile 5...Hope this helps!
  4. Don't forget that wap.geocaching.com is much better for GPRS operation - data only - no pictures...
  5. just bought a Toyota Hiace Pop-Top Camper with a solar panel sat on top as big as teh pop-up roof. Works great..enough charge through the battery to power the fridge, lights, water pump, etc.... Oh did I mention that I'm in Oz. I don't think it would work 'up north!
  6. This is exactly why I got rid of my Ipaq about 18 months ago. I bought it thinking it would be 1. Better than my paper diary. 2. able to run TomTom. 3. Allow me to do e-mails, albeit offline. 4. Allow me to modify MS-Office docs on the run. 2, 3 & 4 were ok. Trying to flick through a PPC diary is rubbish compared to a standard paper pocket diary. And to top it off, if the battery goes anywhere near flat, or if you dropped it from more than 2 inches, the bloody thing would hard reset. I just got so miffed off with having to restore from my backup. Sorry for the mini-hijack. Agreed - I've got 2 - 6910 and 6340...you sure get used to flicking the reset switch often!
  7. Not really the solution - but have you tried using the web address wap.geocaching.com on the Nokia - if you are paying GPRS data charges, it sure is better to do the main things.
  8. The beer is ready and waiting for you when you arrive! rogerncook - Pomy Cacher now living the good life in Gymea Bay, Sydney, Oz
  9. Well when I realised this was not a thread about Julian Clary I was a bit disappointed. I’m thinking of having one at the campsite near us and calling it “No More Kangaroos”
  10. Last year, I was up on the moors above Skipton - the only person for miles and I was openly walking around with my GPSr in my hand. From a distance a guy came walking up the track trying to hide his GPSr in his hand like a mobile phone and began to start looking not 10 yards from me as if was not there. I quickly found the cache and the called him over - I'm sure that we would have gone on to completely ignore me given the chance. I think a little bit that's a down side to caching, unless you attend events, its a very lonely sport/hobby and not good for meeting friends etc.
  11. Sorry Guys - I am STILL the only UK Cacher to have done 5 Continents !! You're way behind.
  12. Sorry I'm not UK - because I've now been in Sydney 4 weeks now.... But on Friday a woman in the office brought in a funnel web spider in a jam jar - one of teh most posionous spiders in the world sat on my desk.!! BTW - She was taking it to the reptile centre so they could extract its venom for antidote,
  13. I have a Garmin GPSMAP 76C - which has both serial and USB connections on the back. Transfering maps using the USB is miles faster. Note - I'm not taking about using a serial to USB adapter....I mean either USB from PC to Garmin or Serial from PC to Garmin. Serial coms I think are max 9600 bps, whereas USB are much faster.
  14. DD caches were excellent - we had a caravan in Gargrave and visited the area regularly. But now we are living in Sydney!
  15. I use Aquapacs for my GPSr's and PDAs. The clear front on the PDA version appears to be slightly different plastic to the GPS version. This allows the touch screen to work through case. So I think its important to buy correct GPSr/PDA case version. I find that Aquapacs work excellent for waterproofing and general damage protection. I have found that they are totally air tight as well I water tight. When I was in the USA last year, I changed the GPSr batteries at about 6000 ft altitude. When we got to Death Valley (below sea level) the GPSr was sealed tigher than a vacuum packed supermarket chicken!
  16. WOW! I never knew about geocaching.com wap access - for the last two years I've been trying to do it viewing normal geocache website on my GPRS PDA. Excellent...
  17. I love PDA's much to the wife's disgust. The latest one is IPAQ H6910 - Windows Mobile 5, GSM Phone, Wifi, Bluetooth and best of all GPS BUILT IN. Built in GPS works great with Memory Map, CacheMate, etc I was looking at them when I was in Hong Kong - at nearly £400, but managed to get one off e-bay for £150 and about one month old. Got an Aquapac to protect it. Its a serious caching bit of kit.
  18. I got a Geko 201 just recently. It's fairly basic, I suppose, but it's successfully led me to twelve caches thus far, with hopefully many more to come. Lovely little unit. Lee I think it depends on which model of 76 you are talking about. I have GPSMAP76 and GPSMAP76C. Although in the same case, the 76C is VERY different compared to standard 76. Its not just the colour screen and 100MB+ memory (compared to B&W & 8MB in 76) the whole GPS function of the 76C works faster and better. Say I go to my caravan - about 100 miles from home location, 76C gets new position lock in about 30 seconds, 76 can take a few minutes, so obviously there is something different in the receiver. BTW: When I went to Hong Kong & Oz with 76C only, it could not work out where it was without me first pointing it generally in the right direction by using the manual map position.
  19. Yes but what DID the police catch you doing on that car park with Dave Mars in the dark?
  20. Thanks for putting me on the list - finally beat the Mars Bars to something 'eh Dave?
  21. BTW - Where are the records published?
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