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  1. Either product will work, you just can't load as many maps with City Nav. City Nav is the more recent release and presumably contains updated information. If you have the 60c you have 56 mb map memory which cannot be expanded. Edited to note that this applies to the GPSMAP60c. The GPS60 does not support mapping. There is no GPS60c so I don't know which one you're talking about.
  2. What exactly is the map product you installed? City Select, City Navigator, Metro Guide, Topo?
  3. The closer you get to the cache, the more the bearing pointer will act like a compass at the north pole--It doesn't really know which way to point, but it has to point somewhere. As someone mentioned you could use the map page, or: - Use the "distance to next" field. Just walk around and see which direction makes the number get closer to zero. - Turn off navigation altogether and get the coords on the GPSr to match the cache coords. It helps to write the last three digits (W and N) of the cache coords on your hand before stopping navigation. - No matter which method you use, you have to eventually put away the GPSr and look for the cache.
  4. If your GPS is the Garmin VistaCX mentioned in the topic title, then yes.
  5. 11. Less underbrush, burrs, and stickers. 12. You get to wear long pants so less chance of poison ivy. 13. More FTFs (First to Freeze).
  6. I would recommend removing that shoe before going to the mall or you may have some 'splaining to do to security.
  7. Turn off any power saver settings that shut off hard drives or put the system in standby mode. Right-click on your Windows desktop and select Properties from the pop-up menu. Select the Screensaver tab, then the Power settings. If you don't do this the system may go into standby before the transfer is complete.
  8. GSAK. Not free but extremely reasonable and has a free trial period. Very robust and outstanding support from Clyde, the developer, and forums.
  9. Caches or other waypoints do not take up room on the microSD card unless they are loaded as custom POI. If they show up in the Geocaches list when you do a Find > Geocaches then they are not loaded as POI. The 60CSx can hold 1000 caches. You canload much more than that if you load them on the card as POI. Routes and tracks also have dedicated memory that does not reside on the card. So the anser to your question is that you have room for 910 caches.
  10. Same functionality, same MapSource maps, slightly different means to setup and use. The 60 series has more "dedicated" buttons, such as Mark and Find. The VentureCX often requires an extra button push to do some of the same things as in the 60 series. The price of this convenience is added size, weight, and cost of the 60 series. For specifics, download the product manuals for each unit from Garmin.com.
  11. I have used a 60CS, 60CSx, and VentureCX, which is pretty much the same unit as the LegendCX but ships without the microSD or miniUSB cable. The 60CSx definately acquires faster and seems to hold a lock better under tree cover than the VentureCX, but it still gets squirrelly under cover just like any GPSr. The quad helix does seem to be better than the patch antenna but just how much better, or if the difference really matters, I can't say. I find I am leaving the 60 series units at home more and more and just going with the VentureCX. Take a look at my post here.
  12. Walking around in circles is a waste of time? OMG! I'm going to have to give up caching too!
  13. I like the fast acquisition and ability to hold a lock. I also like the way it draws power and auto-lights the backlight when plugged into USB. Now if they could just make it look more like my etrex VentureCX... Seriously, I started caching with a 60CS about 18 months ago. Since then I have upgraded to a 60CSx and also bought a VentureCX as a backup and for the kids when caching. I find I am using the VentureCX more and more because: - It is smaller and lighter. (It fits in a cell phone case.) - Turn alerts are loud enough to be heard in a moving automobile. - Much easier to get into and out of the RAM mount cradle. (There is a topic thread dedicated to informing people how to file down the 60 series RAM cradle so you can get your GPSr in and out.) - The lanyard attachment is at the bottom of the GPSr and the lanyard is long enough to slip over my head. I can just let it hang when I have a longer walk to a cache site while still being able to grab quick glances at it. the 60 series attachment is on the side and hangs awkwardly even if you get a lanyard long enough. - The thumb stick on the VentureCX, while awkward and annoying at first, is actually faster than the rocker button on the 60 series once you get used to it. - The back of the VentureCX is flat and rubberized. It doesn't tend to roll when you set it down on a round log (or fallen tree). The 60 series has a rounded back. - I don't get psyched out by an un-calibrated compass with the VentrueCX. Add the above features to the fact that: - I find (or fail to find) just as many caches with the VentureCX as the 60CSx. - After using both I am beginning to question whether the 60CSx is really that much more accurate under tree cover, even when it claims to have a stronger lock. The 60CSx is a great unit and has some "nice to have" features, such as drawing power through a USB cable and automatically turning the backlight on when plugged in to USB, but considering the cost difference, if I was buying my first handheld today I'd buy by 2 VentureCX's instead of 1 60CSx.
  14. You cannot do auto routing with MetroGuide no matter which GPSr you are using with it. Edited to note that this is apparently not true if third party software is used. See following posts.
  15. No. To use auto routing you need an auto routing GPSr and auto routing data sent from the mapping application. Metro guide does not send auto routing data to the GPSr so you are left with the sound of one hand clapping.
  16. Does anyone know where I can get an invisible shield in Canada. In particular Alberta. The only place I know to get them is to mail order from shieldzone.
  17. I always have to laugh when someone refers to $3.00/mo as "elitist".
  18. I've heard of this happening and a previous post (last year) stated Garmin will cover this under warranty. I don't have any personal experince with that issue so I can't confirm that it is true. Contact Garmin. Don't open the case or you may void your warranty.
  19. Here are a couple screen shots that might help. This is City Nav v8: DFW and surrounding area 53mb Dallas to Orlando 91mb
  20. When a shield is removed after it has dried it requires a bit of pulling. This can cause the corner of the shield to stretch, leaving a noticable ripple if its reinstalled. I believe shieldzone will replace this under warranty for $2.95 shipping cost only. Warranty requires product registration on their site. Edited to note that removal of the shield will not damage the unit it is installed on. Just use a fingernail only--no tools.
  21. That's a good idea on the attribute PQ. Thanks, I'll try it. BTW I did finally get onto the NGA board.
  22. Q. I want to get a 1 GB micro (correct?) SD card. A. microSD, also known as transflash, correct. Q. Is the Kingston brand reputable? A. Garmin tests with SanDisk and Kingston, and therefore recommends those brands. I've never heard of any trouble with a Kingston vs sanDisk. Q. I was going to go with the SanDisk, but I realized that I then would have to buy a new card reader as the Kingston comes with a "regular SD adapter." A. Either comes with the SD adaptor in the retail package Q. Is $30 a good price for a GB SD card? A. Yes, but consider availability (in stock?) and shipping expenses. I was going to buy a $31.00 Kingston 1gb but then realized the $38.00 SanDisk was cheaper with free shipping. Q. should I go with the Garmin case or the invisible shield? A. I'm a big fan of the shield. Remember a case may also get in the way if you want to mount the GPSr in a car or on a bike, etc. Q. If I were to get the invisible shield, how does it attach? A. Take a look here. Q. Is it like other screen protectors where there are bogus air bubbles? A. Not if you install it properly. The above link has some good install tips. Q. I assume, once you attach the invisible shield, you can't remove it? A. It is easy to remove and reapply if necessary as many times as you need to while it is still wet. Once it dries you can still remove it but you may get stretch marks if you try to reapply it then.
  23. (oops...posted this on the wrong forum...not sure what to do about that.) I have tried posting this on the Nevada Geocaching Association site but I can't seem to get my user account validated there so I'm trying here. A friend of mine and myself will be in Vegas for a few days after Christmas. We are renting a Jeep Wrangler with the thought of exploring and caching along some of the desert and Red Rock back roads. neither of us are experienced off roaders so we are looking more for "high ground clearance" roads rather than "rock crawling". My original plan was to seek some of the back road caches in the Mount Charleston area, but I realize some of these may be closed due to snow. We don't mind cold (born and bred Minnesotans) but would prefer not to do any Jeep-boganning. Also I understand that driving in the washes is now prohibited, cutting off some of the caches in that area. How about the Red Rocks area, such as Willow Creek/Rocky Gap? Open in winter? Suitable for noobs? Does Valley of Fire have any 4X4 roads? Any advice, recommendations, or other info appreciated. Caching as well as non-caching routes. Feel free to email me. Thanks.
  24. Forgive me for wandering off topic a bit, but I just wanted to point out that this is not an issue with the eTrex RAM mount cradle. The eTrex cradle has two tabs at the top that pry apart to slide in the top of the GPSr. Very easy and no "break-in" required. Add this to the fact that the turn alert tones are louder on my VentureCX than my 60CSx and perhaps it becomes evident why I am beginning to prefer it to the 60CSx for all things except use under heavy cover. We now return you to the regularly scheduled topic.
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