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  1. 1. Open your Tristan's World TB page. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=232815 2. Under Trackable Item Options, click Edit this item. 3. In the Bug Image drop-down list, select "Tristan's World on the River". (It is important to select this image because it is the only one that was uploaded by a user other than yourself.) 4. Click Submit Changes.
  2. If you give me the name of a TB you own I can use that as an example.
  3. Summary-- When editing a TB page, all photos in the gallery are available in the Select Image drop-down list, but if you select a photo uploaded by another user, an error is generated on Submit Changes. Procedure-- 1. Open a TB page that has at least one photo uploaded by another user (not the current user). 2. Click the Edit link. 3. In the default image drop-down list, select a photo that was uploaded by another user. 4. Click Submit Changes button. A generic error message is displayed and the changes are not saved.
  4. FWIW--Window suction mounts are illegal in Minnesota and California. I live in MN and have been using a RAM suction mount with a 60CSx for two years. I'm not sure what the penalty is but I'll let you know when I find out.
  5. I doubt if they will replace that, but check your DVD drive. That's where I usually find my "misplaced" discs.
  6. Just to clarify a couple points: You can do this from the map page Menu > Setup map. In Mapsource, select all the map tiles you want from CN and Blue Charts into the same map set, then transfer them all together to the GPS. When you transfer a map set to the GPS, all existing maps on the unit are over written. You are limited to a total of 2025 map tiles (segments) on the GPSr.
  7. Do you know if I can then load topo maps onto the same microSD card? Or do I have to use a different card and switch out cards to access topo maps? Yes you can load topo maps on the same card as CN maps up to total of 2025 map segments. The topo maps have smaller segments. I use a 2gb card and usually hit the map segment limit before filling the card to capacity. Switching between them in the field is a bit clunky but it works.
  8. I like the screenshield solution and have them on all my handheld devices. Whatever you do though, don't use a screenshield along with a case that has a clear plastic window. The screenshield will stick to the plastic.
  9. A virtual keypad pops up and you have to use the thumb button to scroll and select characters. It is clunky but that's the trade off for portability. The good news is you don't usually have to enter the entire street name. The first few characters narrows it down and then you get to select from a list of streets that start with those characters.
  10. That is the only difference. The "S" means sensors for compass and altimeter. You can disable the compass to save battery. I don't think you can disable the barometer, but I don't believe it has significant impact on battery life.
  11. I personally would prefer the non-NT version as it gives you more flexibilty to add custom POI's to the microSD as well as the maps. I've also found that there are some disadvantages to putting the entire US and Canada maps in the GPSr. For example, a search for "nearest containing" can go from 20 seconds for a 5 state search to 10 minutes for the whole enchilada. Although I have a 2 gig card I have less than a gig of maps and POI loaded. The setup you have is about as good as it gets but 2 gig cards are going for less than $25.00 so you might want to go ahead and upgrade there. There's no such thing as too much memory. Now I have a question--where do I find a wife like that?
  12. If I were making this decision for myself, I would prefer the 76Csx on the boat and the etrex Legend HCx on the trail. I generally feel the electronic compass of the 76CSx is an unnecessary expense, but a boat may be one place where it would handy to have. (Hard to do the bee dance in a boat). The buttons of the 76 series are much easier to use when the unit is mounted. I prefer the size and weight of the etrex series on the trail. So, I would be faced with which way I wanted to compromise. I would probably buy the 76Csx now and then buy a Legend HCx when they become available, but that's me.
  13. I don't believe the Edge 205 is a navigation device. It only uses GPS technology to track speed and distance. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). If there is no "Go to" capability it wouldn't work for geocaching. a good choice would be the new Legend HCx. I use a Venture Cx on my bicycle and it works great. saves a little weight over the 60 series, although the 60 series buttons are easier to operate while moving on the bike.
  14. Thank you all for your responses. I ordered one from geocoinshop.
  15. I'm seeking a geocoin with an equestrian, horse racing, wild horse, My Friend Flicka, or general horse theme. New, preferably trackable. Please PM me if you are selling one or know someone who is. Looking to buy, not trade. Thanks.
  16. You definately want the top one, RAM-B-166-GA12U. I've been using one for my 60Csx and VentureCX even though they are illegal here in Minnesota (as well as California). The other one wiggles too much.
  17. Some of the automotive GPS units are not capable of navigating in off-road (bearing or course pointer) mode. I don't know if the Tom Tom is or not, but I would suspect not. Garmin's latest model, the eTrex Legend HCx, looks to be the sweet spot for price/performance.
  18. It means Garmin is no longer producing them. They probably have sold off any remaining inventory of those models, but I can't be sure. Some retailers may have some.
  19. What are you using to transfer the caches to the gps? GSAK? EasyGPS?
  20. When I get within 100' of a cache with my Venture Cx, I ignore the arrow and watch the Distance to Next indicator. If the DTN is decreasing rapidly, I know I'm headed in the right direction. Sometimes you have to do the "bee dance" to zero in.
  21. It will not refresh the waypoints, it will create duplicate entries, as you found out. Use GSAK to refresh and maintain your waypoint databases, then delete all geocaches from the 60 and transfer the new ones from GSAK. http://www.GSAK.net
  22. Do you have it set to "follow road" when in the car? If you do, you need to "Menu > Recalibrate > Off Road" when you get out of the car. Note: this is not the same as "lock on road".
  23. I have an eTrex venture Cx and a 60CSx and both run fine under Win2K. When you disconnect the GPS from the computer are you stopping the "USB mass storage device" on the computer before unplugging it?
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