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  1. Dear jsarche, thank you very much for the great coins. Quick delivery and the adoption was no problem. Especially the pictures and information were a great help. -flying-dutchman-
  2. Hi @ all, I'm looking for the Best of the Bad Geocoin. The round shaped one and the "Bob wuz here" - Blue edition, or also the whole set of "Bob wuz here" If someone has any coins from Tethys C or C-side Girl, except the Ichiosaurus geocoin, for trade or buy, please contact me via GC -flying-dutchman-
  3. Thanks for the info. Too bad that the Halloween edition have to be purchased in multiples of 10. At least the number 9 suggest, that there has to be an August,September or October Edition. I'm searching for the Wolfmoon Edition, additionally also the Halloween edition and the #7 and #8 (if existing). Should somebody trade/sale it to Germany, feel free to contact me. best regards, -Flying-Dutchman-
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